Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Author:Chu Yue

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The Latest Chapter:Chapter 840 - 0 What Sort Of Inappropriate Thoughts Were Crossing His Mind Now

Lu Liangwei wakes up to find herself transmigrated as a supporting character in the novel she had been reading a few days ago. According to the novel, this character has everything—beauty, wealth, status—except brains. Before Liangwei had taken over, she even went as far as to hang herself for the male protagonist that she loved: the Crown Prince as well as her sister’s lover. Now that she has become a “brand new” person, it is time for her to turn her life around with charm and wit! She will get everyone to fall in love with her, even the Crown Prince’s uncle—the Emperor! Who needs a prince when you can become the Empress herself?

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Chapter 1: Transmigrated As The Female Supporting Role
Chapter 2: How Desperate
Chapter 3: Was She Playing Hard To Get
Chapter 4: I Need To Do Something
Chapter 5: Can’t Bear To Turn Down His Kind Gesture
Chapter 6: Lu Tingchen’s Soft Heart
Chapter 7: A Look of Defeat
Chapter 8: Truly Heartbroken
Chapter 9: The Man in the Study Room
Chapter 10: Long Yang
Chapter 11: Suffocating Presence
Chapter 12: Sudden Confusion
Chapter 13: I Will Definitely Change
Chapter 14: How Dare You Curse The Emperor
Chapter 15: Where Did She Get Such Gall
Chapter 16: What Did You Eat Growing Up
Chapter 17: Are You Trying To Court Death Here
Chapter 18: Almost Forgotten There Was Such A Person
Chapter 19: Tremendous Brilliance and Dignity
Chapter 20: Perpetually Stiff and Formal
Chapter 21: What Trouble Did She Get Into
Chapter 22: Exceptionally Enraged
Chapter 23: Thanks To You Spoiling Her
Chapter 24: Completely Impactless
Chapter 25: From The Inside Out
Chapter 26: The Kind of Position She Held
Chapter 27: Unforgettable
Chapter 28: I Really Want To Trade Blows With You
Chapter 29: Not Much Of A Ripple
Chapter 30: A Glance Fraught With Meaning
Chapter 31: She Really Knows How To Cause Trouble
Chapter 32: Serving As A Background
Chapter 33: Still Considered Presentable
Chapter 34: She Would Never Allow
Chapter 35: Becoming A Joker For Once
Chapter 36: A Lowly Educated And Unskilled Dimwit
Chapter 37: Filled With Jealousy
Chapter 38: Long Chi Was Livid With Rage
Chapter 39: She Did Not Feel Too Bad
Chapter 40: The Stunning Beauty That’s Difficult To Conceal
Chapter 41: She Had Become The Scenery In Others’ Eyes
Chapter 42: She Was Irreplaceable
Chapter 43: Pretentious
Chapter 44: Low-key Showing Off His Figure
Chapter 45: They Were Nothing More Than Dogs
Chapter 46: A Match Made In Heaven
Chapter 47: A Trace Of Astonishment Flashed Through Long Yang’s Black Eyes
Chapter 48: Lift Your Head
Chapter 49: It Had Quite A Story
Chapter 50: It Was Indeed A Treasure
Chapter 51: This Was A Trap Laid For Her
Chapter 52: Long Yang’s Strangeness
Chapter 53: Was The Emperor Doing This On Purpose
Chapter 54: What Sort Of Dumb Luck Did Lu Liangwei Possess
Chapter 55: Her Face Turned Green With Fury
Chapter 56: Long Yang Was Watching Her Every Move
Chapter 57: Worried That The Emperor Would Take A Fancy To Her
Chapter 58: Hold Her Close To His Heart
Chapter 59: It Was Probably Because Of Second Miss Lu
Chapter 60: Her Efforts Had Eventually Gone To Waste
Chapter 61: She Was Nothing But A Child
Chapter 62: How Is Your Face So Big
Chapter 63: I’m The One To Blame For Being Too Blind In The Past
Chapter 64: It Would Mean For Him To Wait Until Death Comes For Him
Chapter 65: Equivalent To A City
Chapter 66: He Won’t Make A Good Husband
Chapter 67: All She Hoped, Was That She Had Overthought This
Chapter 68: Without Hinder
Chapter 69: Bumping Into Long Yang
Chapter 70: There Was Nothing She Could Do
Chapter 71: I’m Quite Timid
Chapter 72: The Consequences Would Have Been Unimaginable
Chapter 73: I Would Like To Draw A Little Blood
Chapter 74: I’ve Overstepped
Chapter 75: Lifting The Emperor’s Eyelids Without Hesitation
Chapter 76: Allow Lu Liangwei To Toy With Him
Chapter 77: She Could Not Let Long Yang Die
Chapter 78: Fighting For A Chance To Attract Attention
Chapter 79: He Had Overestimated It
Chapter 80: We May Not Be The Best, But We Can’t Lose Out So Easily Either
Chapter 81: Willingness To Accept The Sad Situation
Chapter 82: How Shameless
Chapter 83: Notorious Reputation
Chapter 84: Adding Something To It
Chapter 85: It Was Necessary To Suffer Some Consequences
Chapter 86: Arousing An Inexplicable Sense Of Uneasiness
Chapter 87: A Little Annoyed
Chapter 88: Long Yang Was The Only Exception
Chapter 89: Wanted Nothing More Than To Glue Her Eyes To Him
Chapter 90: Was It To Attract His Attention
Chapter 91: Definitely Be Able To Produce An Heir
Chapter 92: Are You Threatening Me
Chapter 93: Could Not Wait To Take The Journey
Chapter 94: There Was Something Not Quite Right About His Master
Chapter 95: The Emperor Wants To Give Me A Warning
Chapter 96: She Almost Ended Up With Internal Injuries
Chapter 97: Big Brother Will Carry You
Chapter 98: His Face Actually Burned
Chapter 99: Contrary To His Normal Behavior
Chapter 100: Blaming Long Yang
Chapter 101: Grant One Of My Requests Too
Chapter 102: Lu Liangwei Was Dismayed
Chapter 103: Then I Should Have A Taste
Chapter 104: Pricked Her All Over Uncomfortably
Chapter 105: His Handsome Face Paled
Chapter 106: A Suspicious Puddle
Chapter 107: Second Miss Lu Is Too Ruthless
Chapter 108: Was His Health Not Doing Well?
Chapter 109: He Must Have Been Patiently Tolerating For Quite A While
Chapter 110: Her Face Burned
Chapter 111: Looked Down Upon By Second Miss Lu
Chapter 112: You Took Me By Surprise
Chapter 113: She Vaguely Heard The Man Give A Muffled Grunt
Chapter 114: Your Majesty, Please Remove Your Clothes
Chapter 115: Long Yang Harbored The Faintest Of Expectations
Chapter 116: Would It be Disrespectful If She Put Her Mouth On It Directly
Chapter 117: As If She Had Touched A Hot Potato
Chapter 118: Is There Something Dirty On My Face
Chapter 119: I Shouldn’t Have Disturbed Second Miss Lu’s Slumber
Chapter 120: Suggestive
Chapter 121: None Other Than You, Lu Liangwei
Chapter 122: Suddenly Dazed
Chapter 123: Engrossed In His Reverie
Chapter 124: Life Being Complete With A Daughter
Chapter 125: You’ll Probably Never Be Able To Get Yourself A Wife
Chapter 126: Our Family Will Find You An Adopted Son-In-Law
Chapter 127: His Handsome Face Turned Red From Embarrassment
Chapter 128: She Was Still Being Kept In The Dark
Chapter 129: It Was So Red It Might Drip Blood
Chapter 130: Difficult To Bear
Chapter 131: The Uneasiness In Her Heart
Chapter 132: Did She Know No Shame
Chapter 133: Without Leaving A Single Trace
Chapter 134: Suddenly Had An Idea
Chapter 135: She Would Not Be The Only Woman
Chapter 136: Like I Did Something Terrible To You
Chapter 137: You’ve Already Experienced It Last Night
Chapter 138: Long Yang Dramatically Appeared
Chapter 139: Allow Me to Ask Something Highly Disrespectful
Chapter 140: I Will Bear This In Mind
Chapter 141: In The End, He Practiced Some Self-Control
Chapter 142: No Mistaking The Questioning Tone
Chapter 143: A Cover-Up Only Makes Things Worse
Chapter 144: They Could Not Take The Torment
Chapter 145: It Won’t Affect My Attending The Imperial Court Tomorrow
Chapter 146: Really Clueless
Chapter 147: So Tired That You’re Hallucinating
Chapter 148: Thought That He Was A Girl
Chapter 149: Danger In The Alley
Chapter 150: I Would Rather Touch A Pig
Chapter 151: Accidentally Discovered Someone’s Secret
Chapter 152: Actions Under The Table
Chapter 153: Naturally, I Can Only Follow You
Chapter 154: Suddenly Felt A Slight Chill
Chapter 155: I Would Rather Marry A Pig Or A Dog Than Marry Him
Chapter 156: In For A Penny, In For A Pound
Chapter 157: He Could Not Wait To Have Her Killed
Chapter 158: Would She Smack Him In Exasperation
Chapter 159: Loved To The Very Marrow
Chapter 160: I Might Need Your Sister To Personally Conduct A Diagnosis On Me
Chapter 161: He Felt A Little Uncomfortable
Chapter 162: Felt That His Master Was Harboring A Deeper Intention
Chapter 163: A Gorgeous, Ethereal Little Face
Chapter 164: Come Talk A Walk With Me
Chapter 165: Did This Fellow Know No Shame
Chapter 166: Gazed At Her With Deep Eyes
Chapter 167: Win The Girl Over
Chapter 168: His Heart Fluttered Slightly Without Warning
Chapter 169: Long Yang Was Standing Right Behind
Chapter 170: Unable To Withstand Such Torture
Chapter 171: They Are Not Capable Of Creating Any Trouble
Chapter 172: He Will Definitely Be Able To Withstand It
Chapter 173: It Was Now Revealed Openly
Chapter 174: Your Majesty, Are You Planning On Stuffing Me To Death
Chapter 175: She Could Take It No Longer
Chapter 176: His Gaze Became Frighteningly Clouded
Chapter 177: A Lingering Trace Of A Certain Someone’s Warmth
Chapter 178: Her Heart Started Racing All Of A Sudden
Chapter 179: He Would Not Let Master Sleep Either
Chapter 180: The Body Always Tells The Truth
Chapter 181: How Would I Have That Much Strength
Chapter 182: Carried On His Shoulders
Chapter 183: Emanating A Sense Of Lethal Attraction
Chapter 184: Stealing Every Breath From Her In a Whirlwind Of a Moment
Chapter 185:
Chapter 186: How Is It That You’re Done This Quickly
Chapter 187: She Felt As If She Might Catch Fire
Chapter 188: Intermingled Breathing
Chapter 189: It Was The First Time He Had Felt An Uncontrollable Urge
Chapter 190: Her Breathing Slowed Down
Chapter 191: Suited His Tastes Very Much
Chapter 192: Entering The Palace
Chapter 193: Threw A Punch At Lu Liangwei
Chapter 194: Still Quite Likable
Chapter 195: Missed Each Other
Chapter 196: Lu Liangwei, You Don’t Mean What You Say
Chapter 197: Lu Liangwei Staggered
Chapter 198: What Were The Two Of Them Doing Spending A Long Time Together Alone
Chapter 199: Second Miss Lu, Please Explain This
Chapter 200: A Hint of Subtlety In The Air
Chapter 201: What Other Reasons Could There Be For A Man Treating A Woman With Concern
Chapter 202: Lu Tingchen Was Slightly Helpless
Chapter 203: Selecting An Adopted Son-in-law
Chapter 204: It Was Slightly Ticklish, and His Heart Throbbed in Excitement
Chapter 205: I’m Here To Follow Up On My Condition
Chapter 206: Be My Empress
Chapter 207: You’ve Already Gotten Physically Intimate With Me
Chapter 208: Broke Into Second Miss Lu’s Maiden Room At Night
Chapter 209: Select An Adopted Son-In-Law
Chapter 210: Set Up An Arena To Select A Groom
Chapter 211: Am I Very Old
Chapter 212: You Should Speak Louder, Your Majesty
Chapter 213: I Only Want You
Chapter 214: Just You Wait
Chapter 215: The Shudder That Came With It
Chapter 216: They Were Burning Up Terribly As Expected
Chapter 217: Did She Not Seem Too Young For Him
Chapter 218: He Looked Like He Was Here As Per Someone’s Wishes
Chapter 219: It Made Her Lose Prestige And Disgusted Her
Chapter 220: Suffering From Some Secret Illness
Chapter 221: Suppressed For Too Long
Chapter 222: Together With Second Miss Lu
Chapter 223: I Would Like To Visit Him
Chapter 224: Deliberately Ignored His Intimate Gesture
Chapter 225: Danger In The Peach Orchard
Chapter 226: Her Face Was Pressed Forcefully Against His Chest
Chapter 227: Long Yang’s Ruse Of Self-Injury
Chapter 228: Cunning Long Yang
Chapter 229: She Had Already Taken A Bite Out Of That
Chapter 230: Was He Allowed To Hold A Girl’s Hand So Casually Just Because He Was The Emperor?
Chapter 231: He Carried Her In His Arms
Chapter 232: Been Alone For Too Long
Chapter 233: Forbearance, Control
Chapter 234: No Intention Of Hiding Anything
Chapter 235: His Intentions Were Self-evident
Chapter 236: Proposing Marriage
Chapter 237: If Everything Goes Well, You Will Be My Future Wife
Chapter 238: Young Girls Need More Wooing
Chapter 239: Broke Out In A Cold Sweat
Chapter 240: How Dare He Go After Such A Young Girl
Chapter 241: Even Had The Intention To Rebel
Chapter 242: Regarded Him As A Scourge
Chapter 243: The Dowager Duchess Versus Long Yang
Chapter 244: I Would Like To Marry Second Miss Lu As My Empress
Chapter 245: An Emperor’s Anger Was Capable Of Laying Waste To Human Lives Within Hundreds Of Miles
Chapter 246: Weiwei Is Already My Woman
Chapter 247: A Dark Cloud Appeared Over Long Yang’s Handsome Face
Chapter 248: The Dowager Duchess Returned in Low Spirits
Chapter 249: I’ve Taken Weiwei With Me
Chapter 250: He Had Even Compromised Her Innocence
Chapter 251: Be A Good Girl. Don’t Be Troublesome.
Chapter 252: Was He Particularly…
Chapter 253: We Can Talk About Having Children In Another Two Years
Chapter 254: Your Majesty Is Such A Well-Preserved Vintage
Chapter 255: Extremely Aggressive
Chapter 256: The Emperor Was Not Old, Just Very Manly
Chapter 257: Long Yang Was Reluctant
Chapter 258: Long Yang’s Germaphobia
Chapter 259: There Was No Way She Would Not Feel Anything
Chapter 260: A Strange, Electrifying, and Numb Sensation
Chapter 261: Lu Liangwei Was the Recipient of His Good Temper
Chapter 262: Do Not Doubt My Words
Chapter 263: Who Were You Trying to Seduce
Chapter 264: No Time To Even See To Herself
Chapter 265: This Was Just Far Too Shocking and Utterly Shameful
Chapter 266: You Are Immensely Suited To Becoming Eunuchs
Chapter 267: The Ice-Cold Sensation Gliding Across Their Faces
Chapter 268: The Most Heart-Crushing
Chapter 269: Her Feral Gaze
Chapter 270: A Hint Of Resentment
Chapter 271: For Fear Of Defiling His Ears
Chapter 272: Who Would Win, Master Or The Crown Prince?
Chapter 273: You Pretend To Be So Innocent
Chapter 274: Settled The Marriage Negotiation
Chapter 275: He Had Not Expected The Emperor To Be Such A Flippant Person
Chapter 276: That Animal, Long Yang
Chapter 277: Betrothal Gifts For An Empress
Chapter 278: She Was Too Ashamed To Say This
Chapter 279: The Emperor Was Truly Cunning
Chapter 280: The Emperor’s Plans
Chapter 281: Weiwei Was His Life
Chapter 282: Long Yang Always Liked To Barge Into Her Room At Night
Chapter 283: The Emperor’s Service
Chapter 284: She Proved Highly Addictive
Chapter 285: She Realized Long Yang Had Quite Many Good Qualities
Chapter 286: The Woman Who Was Discarded By The Crown Prince
Chapter 287: His Majesty Was The Better Man
Chapter 288: She Wanted To Throw Up Blood In Her Heart
Chapter 289: Did You Use Some Slutty Underhanded Tactic
Chapter 290: Was He Bewitched By That Slut, Lu Liangwei
Chapter 291: Lu Liangwei, You’re Such A Savage
Chapter 292: I’m Your Dear Aunt
Chapter 293: Would Master Be Cheated On
Chapter 294: She Had Already Blown Out The Candles, Why Had He Still Come In
Chapter 295: He Was Amused By Her
Chapter 296: A Numbing Sensation
Chapter 297: Your Majesty, Your Body Is Too Weak
Chapter 298: Good Night, Your Majesty
Chapter 299: Don’t Move, Let Me Have A Hug
Chapter 300: You’re Taking A Yard After I Gave You An Inch
Chapter 301: It Was Now Too Late
Chapter 302: Intimidating The Future Empress
Chapter 303: Determined To Prove Their Existence
Chapter 304: He Worked Me Up So Much
Chapter 305: His Majesty Was Attracted By Her Beauty
Chapter 306: Make Lu Liangwei Uncomfortable
Chapter 307: Long Yang Came To Greet Her In Person
Chapter 308: Her Heart Beat Rapidly
Chapter 309: Letting Go Of Her Reluctantly
Chapter 310: Subverted Their Expectations
Chapter 311: Banished To The Cold Palace Right Away
Chapter 312: Long Yang’s Violence
Chapter 313: Giving Lu Liangwei A Deathly Stare
Chapter 314: If He Really Wanted A Child, Weiwei Could Bear Him One
Chapter 315: Long Yang’s Level-Headedness
Chapter 316: Why Was His Majesty So Obedient Toward Lu Liangwei
Chapter 317: The Emperor’s Subtle Act Of Adoration
Chapter 318: Could Lust Have Blurred His Judgment
Chapter 319: Maligning Us Of Being Cohorts
Chapter 320: Addressing Her in Such an Affectionate Manner
Chapter 321: Lu Liangwei Was Still Destined To Be His
Chapter 322: The Emperor’s Immense Fondness For Second Miss Lu
Chapter 323: Second Miss Lu Was Dissatisfied
Chapter 324: Break The Bank
Chapter 325: The Emperor Was Also Her Treasure
Chapter 326: Long Yang Leaned Closer
Chapter 327: Your Majesty’s Legs Are Really Long Indeed
Chapter 328: As If It Had Been Branded, Burning Hot With a Clear Sensation
Chapter 329: Distant Water Could Not Quench A Nearby Fire
Chapter 330: He Felt Fortunate To Have Washed His Hair Yesterday
Chapter 331: If You Say You Like It, It Must Mean You Do Like It
Chapter 332: Pledge Marriage
Chapter 333: Eavesdropping Them In Bed
Chapter 334: Don’t Push It, Lu Liangwei
Chapter 335: Long Yang Asked, What Was A Woman’s Most Troublesome Moment
Chapter 336: He Felt A Little Itchy And Hot Around The Ears
Chapter 337: Long Yang’s Worry
Chapter 338: I’m Going To Let The Dog Loose On You
Chapter 339: Promised Certain Privileges
Chapter 340: The Radiant Beauty Under The Veil
Chapter 341: Is She Really Dead
Chapter 342: What A Perfect Match
Chapter 343: Extremely Tormenting
Chapter 344: Master Must Be Furious
Chapter 345: He Had Not Known That The Little Minx Could Be So Vindictive
Chapter 346: Lu Tingchen Was Threatened By Long Yang
Chapter 347: There Are Other Beauties With Wonderful Colors
Chapter 348: How Divinely Accurate Was Second Miss Lu
Chapter 349: Malicious Intentions
Chapter 350: Long Yang Planned to Head Toward Tianzhu Mountain
Chapter 351: His Future Father-in-Law Might Be Unhappy With Him
Chapter 352: It’s My Blessing To Take Second Miss Lu As My Wife
Chapter 353: What A Sly Fox Master Was
Chapter 354: The Emperor Had This Staged For Him
Chapter 355: You’re the Only One He Wants to Marry
Chapter 356: No Matter How Hard She Struggled, It Was No Use
Chapter 357: Running With Her In Her Arms
Chapter 358: Examined Her From Head To Toe
Chapter 359: She Was Suddenly Unable To Continue Walking
Chapter 360: I Will Never Get Blindly Infatuated By A Handsome Face
Chapter 361: A Major Villain
Chapter 362: If You Cooperate Obediently
Chapter 363: A Beauty That Balanced Between Masculinity And Femininity
Chapter 364: Second Miss Lu… You Hooligan
Chapter 365: Put An End To All Future Problems
Chapter 366: Suddenly Broke Out In Cold Sweat In Fright
Chapter 367: Long Yang’s Handsome Face Flushed Crimson
Chapter 368: Long Yang Is Here
Chapter 369: What If The Emperor Could Not Contain Himself
Chapter 370: How Many Children Are You Going To Bear For Me
Chapter 371: A Sheen Of Sweat Could Be Faintly Seen
Chapter 372: Wasn’t He Getting A Little Too Close
Chapter 373: Long Yang Was Pranked
Chapter 374: Personal Possession
Chapter 375: This Girl Just Would Not Say What She Truly Felt
Chapter 376: She Would Be Angry
Chapter 377: My Hand Slipped
Chapter 378: It Was Such A Rush
Chapter 379: Beg For Mercy In A Subdued Voice
Chapter 380: Master Brought Second Miss Lu Into The Little Forest
Chapter 381: Sudden Love Confession
Chapter 382: Might Not Have That Kind Of Self-Control
Chapter 383: Suffered A Lot
Chapter 384: What Was That Look In Her Eyes
Chapter 385: A Little Jealous
Chapter 386: You’d Better Not Become An Uxorious Man
Chapter 387: Obsessed With Her Recently
Chapter 388: Let Her Enjoy Her Moment While It Lasts
Chapter 389: Engulfed With A Sense Of Helplessness
Chapter 390: An Illness That Was Difficult To Explain
Chapter 391: This Was Weiwei’s Personal Possession
Chapter 392: Something Within Him Stirred
Chapter 393: No Intention Of Stopping
Chapter 394: Lu Liangwei Felt Goosebumps All Over
Chapter 395: Could Not Help Reaching Out Toward Her
Chapter 396: The Sweet Devotion In Those Eyes
Chapter 397: Clung To Him Too Tightly
Chapter 398: An Attack Out Of Nowhere
Chapter 399: So That He Could Stand On His Own Feet
Chapter 400: Also A Boss
Chapter 401: Why Are You Here
Chapter 402: It Takes A Great Price
Chapter 403: You’re So Worried About The Emperor
Chapter 404: Did He Have No Idea
Chapter 405: Could They Be Connected to Each Other
Chapter 406: If Anything Happens To Her, All Of You Will Pay With Your Lives
Chapter 407: The Connection Between Them
Chapter 408: Almost Threw Up A Mouthful Of Blood
Chapter 409: Master Had Recently Developed A New Hobby
Chapter 410: I Was The One Who Wooed Second Miss Lu
Chapter 411: Some Things Should Not Cross The Line
Chapter 412: The Emperor Has Always Been A Man of Unpredictable Depths
Chapter 413: The Honor Should Have Been Hers
Chapter 414: Impressions Were Distinct At Once
Chapter 415: Lu Liangwei managed to beat her again
Chapter 416: Long Yang Claimed Himself To Be Grandson-in-Law
Chapter 417: How Much Did He Hunger For The Touch Of A Woman
Chapter 418: Long Yang Fell Asleep In Her Room
Chapter 419: Long Yang Was A Little Too Much This Time
Chapter 420: Lu Liangwei Felt Like She Was About To Self-Combust
Chapter 421: Felt Herself Being Carried
Chapter 422: Long Yang Was Very Gentle With Her
Chapter 423: Why Would I Dislike Them
Chapter 424: Indeed Not To Be Blamed On Her
Chapter 425: Had Probably Gotten Bored
Chapter 426: Why Did They Close The Doors During The Daytime
Chapter 427: He Didn’t Interrupt Master’s Moment, Did He
Chapter 428: A Hearty Meal
Chapter 429: There Might Be Our Children Too
Chapter 430: Long Yang Was Enraged
Chapter 431: Are You Feeling Bad For Him
Chapter 432: Long Yang’s Jealousy
Chapter 433: Lie Down On Her Bed As Instructed
Chapter 434: There Was A Sense Of Nervousness That Was Almost Suffocating
Chapter 435: Caught Red-handed
Chapter 436: Conducted The Extremely Shameless Act Of Barging Into A Girl’s Private Room
Chapter 437: Even She Could Feel How Dirty She Was
Chapter 438: She Felt Cold All Over
Chapter 439: There Was A Resolute Look On Her Face
Chapter 440: Incredible Stamina
Chapter 441: She Seemed To Have Caught On To Something
Chapter 442: What Thick Skin The Emperor Had
Chapter 443: The Emperor And Her Father Were Both Lying
Chapter 444: Long Yang Did Not Want To Hold Back
Chapter 445: The Emperor Would Probably Summon Her
Chapter 446: Ascend The Throne When The Time Comes
Chapter 447: Was She Such A Glutton
Chapter 448: Your Majesty, What Kind of Sorcery Are You Practicing
Chapter 449: I Have to Make Arrangements for You Now
Chapter 450: I Really Do Treat You Like A Father
Chapter 451: What Was Long Yang Scheming With This
Chapter 452: She Felt So Comfortable In His Majesty’s Arms
Chapter 453: He Was Willing To Do Anything For Her
Chapter 454: Making Impertinent Remarks To The Future Empress
Chapter 455: It Was Filthy To Even Take Another Glance At Her
Chapter 456: As Long As She Was Not Still Harboring Feelings For Him
Chapter 457: You’re Becoming Even More Brutal Now
Chapter 458: His Heart Turned Colder At This Discovery
Chapter 459: The Emperor Bristled
Chapter 460: He Had Not Even Experienced It Yet
Chapter 461: Spat Out A Mouthful Of Blood
Chapter 462: Act More Humbly
Chapter 463: Shuddered Under His Gaze
Chapter 464: No Matter How Much He Wanted Her To Stay, He Could Only Steel His Heart
Chapter 465: Lu Liangwei Could Not Quite Withstand It
Chapter 466: What Would She Even Be Doing In His Sleeping Quarters
Chapter 467: It Would Be Worth It Even If It Cost Her Life
Chapter 468: With His Majesty’s Love For You
Chapter 469: It Would Alert The Emperor For Sure
Chapter 470: She Could Only Tolerate It No Matter How Unhappy She Was
Chapter 471: An Unusual Friendliness
Chapter 472: She Just Had A Strong Feeling About It
Chapter 473: Everyone Has Their Own Secrets
Chapter 474: The Emperor Refused To Give Up His Wicked Intentions
Chapter 475: What Should He Do If He Could Not Stand It
Chapter 476: Long Yang Held Himself Back
Chapter 477: React Violently
Chapter 478: Scorned The Emperor All Over
Chapter 479: If He Doesn’t Rob The Cradle, Should He Rob The Grave Instead
Chapter 480: An Undefiable Authoritativeness
Chapter 481: I’m A Lightweight Drinker
Chapter 482: You Act Like A Drunkard When You Drink Too Much, Your Majesty
Chapter 483: That Would Be Just Like Sending A Lamb To The Mouth Of A Tiger
Chapter 484: Did Not Want To Experience Again
Chapter 485: It Would Tarnish His Reputation
Chapter 486: These Two Were A Little Too Much
Chapter 487: His Majesty Seems To Be Going To Bed Earlier Than Usual Recently
Chapter 488 - Lu Liangwei Had Crossed The Line
Chapter 489 - Rather Apathetic Toward Her
Chapter 490 - The Empress Should Be Forgiving And Generous
Chapter 491 - : Nervous For No Apparent Reason
Chapter 492 - Can I Hug You
Chapter 493 - We Can Live Together, Just The Two Of Us
Chapter 494 - Even Her Death Could Not Atone For Her Mistake
Chapter 495 - Long Yang’s Anxiety
Chapter 496 - Long Yang Versus Weiwei’s Mother
Chapter 497 - Long Yang’s Thin Lips Pursed, Hiding The Unhappiness Behind It
Chapter 498 - Dyed The Front Of His Shirt Red
Chapter 499 - His Majesty Was Feeling Overjoyed Right Now
Chapter 500 - His Majesty Would Never Betray Me
Chapter 501 - Her Mother Was Actually The Big Boss Behind House Of Swallow Snow
Chapter 502 - If Master Bullies Second Miss Lu In The Future
Chapter 503 - Long Yang Suddenly Realized That These Few Members Of The Lu Family
Chapter 504 - Guarded As If There Was A Thief
Chapter 505 - Long Yang Was Delighted
Chapter 506 - He Descended Into Madness
Chapter 507 - I’ll Definitely Obey The Empress
Chapter 508 - How Could He Be So Cunning And Wicked
Chapter 509 - Mother And Father’s Past
Chapter 510 - Replace Lu Liangwei
Chapter 511 - Hurt Her Deeply
Chapter 512 - Get Her Drunk So She Would Not Be Able To Get Married Tomorrow
Chapter 513 - Carried Lu Tingchen Up
Chapter 514 - Once She Got Nearer, She Could Smell The Alcohol On Miss
Chapter 515 - Given Her Such A Dangerous Thought
Chapter 516 - There Are Some Things You Would Have To Go Through
Chapter 517 - Weiwei, There’s No Need To Be Nervous
Chapter 518 - This Should Not Be Their Ending
Chapter 519 - Transitioned Into A New Phase Of Life
Chapter 520 - A Hint Of Joy And Urgency
Chapter 521 - Wasn’t He A Little Too Impatient
Chapter 522 - The Emperor Would Probably… Not Hold Back
Chapter 523 - Hopefully Give Birth To An Heir Sooner
Chapter 524 - You Can Read Up On It First
Chapter 525 - The Wedding Night
Chapter 526 - The Wedding Night
Chapter 527 - The Wedding Night
Chapter 528 - The Wedding Night
Chapter 529 - The Wedding Night
Chapter 530 - She Was A Wild Kitty Cat
Chapter 531 - You Are The Only One
Chapter 532 - His Majesty Kept It Close To Himself
Chapter 533 - The Empress Had Tired Herself Out Yesterday
Chapter 534 - Long Yang’s Royal Heart Was Absolutely Delighted
Chapter 535 - What A Good Thing It Was To Be The Empress
Chapter 536 - His Majesty Was A Pretty Bad Boy
Chapter 537 - He Has Lost All Sense Of Reason Now That He Has His Empress
Chapter 538 - Don’t Spoil Him
Chapter 539 - Blushed After Listening To Her
Chapter 540 - The Emperor Was A Mature Man
Chapter 541 - Master Asked For Cold Water Three Times Last Night
Chapter 542 - Otherwise She’s Going To Lose Sleep
Chapter 543 - His Majesty Didn’t Bully Me
Chapter 544 - If She Conceived, She Would Give Birth To The Child
Chapter 545 - The Fate Of My Happiness Is In Your Hands
Chapter 546 - She Was Like A Rat That Had Spotted A Cat Whenever She Saw Long Yang
Chapter 547 - Yet Now You Aren’t Afraid Of Me Disliking It
Chapter 548 - Cannot Help Wanting To Have a Taste
Chapter 549 - Would She Have A Drunken Fit
Chapter 550 - Your Majesty, You Can Really Drink
Chapter 551 - Can You Not Sound Like Sour Grapes With Your Tone
Chapter 552 - Suppressed That Burning Sensation
Chapter 553 - He Was Probably Going To Have A Nosebleed At Night
Chapter 554 - I Drank Too Much, I Want To Go To The Bathroom
Chapter 555 - If I Can Still Hold You, It Means That I’m Fine
Chapter 556 - Weiwei, My Legs Have Gone Numb
Chapter 557 - Cornered Her
Chapter 558 - Let Me Undress You, My Empress
Chapter 559 - A Loveliness Worthy Of A Kingdom’s Riches
Chapter 560 - Provoke without Batting an Eyelid
Chapter 561 - Remove It With Force
Chapter 562 - There You Go Again, Your Majesty
Chapter 563 - Lu Liangwei’s Calves Trembled a Little
Chapter 564 - Be Good And Lie Still
Chapter 565 - This Was Playing With Fire
Chapter 566 - Long Yang’s Embarrassment
Chapter 567 - His Majesty Must Never Find Out About This
Chapter 568 - Pressed Against Her Forehead
Chapter 569 - How Could His Majesty Go Ahead With What He Wanted
Chapter 570 - I’d Like Weiwei To Make The First Move
Chapter 571 - Weiwei, Stop Moving About
Chapter 572 - It Gets Chilly At Night, But It’s Warm In My Arms
Chapter 573 - She Never Knew That The Emperor Was So Vain
Chapter 574 - Eager To Go Back And See The Empress
Chapter 575 - The Emperor’s Mind Has Become Even More Unpredictable
Chapter 576 - Pierced Him To The Point That His Breathing Hurt
Chapter 577 - Eating Away At His Heart And Bones
Chapter 578 - A Single Betrayal Is Enough To Lose A Lifetime Of Trust
Chapter 579 - Pushing Her Entire Weight Against His Body
Chapter 580 - The Emperor And Empress’ Public Display Of Affection
Chapter 581 - Shared The Same Pants
Chapter 582 - His Royal Uncle, Who Was Supposed To Be A Righteous Gentleman
Chapter 583 - His Gaze Dimmed Slightly
Chapter 584 - Upon Closer Look, It Was More Of A Performance Than Real Concern
Chapter 585 - Please Don’t Be Angry After I Share It With You
Chapter 586 - She Produced An Intimate Item Of His
Chapter 587 - His Majesty Can Go With Me
Chapter 588 - I’m Afraid Her Time Is Running Out
Chapter 589 - She Got Weaker And Weaker
Chapter 590 - What’s Yours Is Mine, Your Majesty
Chapter 591 - The Emperor’s Voice Was Slightly Husky
Chapter 592 - Use Moderate Force
Chapter 593 - I’m A Ghost, And I’ve Come To Claim Your Life
Chapter 594 - The Truth From All Those Years Ago
Chapter 595 - Does His Majesty Know What A Sweet Talker You Are
Chapter 596 - That Problem Has Been Taken Care Of
Chapter 597 - Master Could Not Satisfy The Empress
Chapter 598 - That Girl Had Stood Him Up
Chapter 599 - Could Not Help But Feel A Little Jealous
Chapter 600 - There Were Serious Consequence For Angering His Majesty
Chapter 601 - More Happy Than Sad
Chapter 602 - His Majesty Is Going To Get Snatched By Someone Else
Chapter 603 - A Lingering Trace Of His Scent
Chapter 604 - As If Scorched By Fire
Chapter 605 - Lost All Ambition
Chapter 606 - Can’t Bear It
Chapter 607 - The Last Straw That Broke Her Back
Chapter 608 - She’ll Think That I’m Mistreating You
Chapter 609 - She Had No Idea Of The Desire She Evoked Within Him
Chapter 610 - Who Else Could I Be Mean To But You
Chapter 611 - I Feel Happy To Know That I’m On Your Mind
Chapter 612 - Even If She Harbored Such Thoughts, She Would Never Allow Herself To Act Upon Them
Chapter 613 - The Tomboy And The Sissy
Chapter 614 - It Was Clear They Were Here To Witness Her Humiliation
Chapter 615 - She Was a Little Eager
Chapter 616 - Lu Liangwei Had Lost Her Standing
Chapter 617 - Fingers Interlaced
Chapter 618 - Here’s Your Reward, Your Majesty
Chapter 619 - Lying In The Emperor’s Bed
Chapter 620 - Trodden Over His Body
Chapter 621 - Gotten Drunk On Purpose
Chapter 622 - So What If I’m Groping You, What’re You Going To Do About It
Chapter 623 - Dispelled All Her Ardent Yearning For A Blissful Love Life
Chapter 624 - Long Yang’s Handsome Face Turned Grim
Chapter 625 - How Is Weiwei Prepared To Punish Herself
Chapter 626 - A Great Spectacle
Chapter 627 - I Will Be Waiting Here For All Of You To Return Victorious
Chapter 628 - Lu Tingchen Being Pulled Off The Horse By Chu Jiu
Chapter 629 - He Must Have Been The One To Upset Her First
Chapter 630 - Long Yang Felt Slightly Unhappy
Chapter 631 - He Was Not Entirely Innocent
Chapter 632 - Lu Liangwei Almost Threw Up
Chapter 633 - Unhappy With Long Yang’s Decision
Chapter 634 - Unwilling To Let Go
Chapter 635 - Harbor Inappropriate Thoughts
Chapter 636 - He Felt That He Had Instantly Become Younger
Chapter 637 - Spent Every Night With Lu Liangwei In The Same Bed
Chapter 638 - Not Turned On At All
Chapter 639 - Please Don’t Do Anything Like This Again In The Future, Your Majesty
Chapter 640 - If You Don’t Like It, I’ll Let You Go
Chapter 641 - Weiwei, Remember, You Were The One That Came On To Me
Chapter 642 - It Was Because She Had Received His Majesty’s Favor Until Late Into The Night
Chapter 643 - He Had Only Stayed For One Night
Chapter 644 - Infertility Incense
Chapter 645 - Yearned For Someone To Cherish Her
Chapter 646 - Discovered His Secret
Chapter 647 - A Matter Of Course
Chapter 648 - Lock Your Doors And Windows When You Go To Bed At Night
Chapter 649 - Suddenly Felt A Warmth In Her Nose
Chapter 650 - Long Yang’s Handsome Face Flushed
Chapter 651 - Call Me Husband Again
Chapter 652 - The Emperor Was Almost Crippled By Lu Liangwei
Chapter 653 - I Wouldn’t Be Able To Face You
Chapter 654 - There Was No Way That Lu Liangwei Would Not Feel Bothered
Chapter 655 - Glanced At Her Belly With Some Regret
Chapter 656 - It Would Be Nothing But An Accident
Chapter 657 - That Would Mean He Would Be Without An Heir
Chapter 658 - Your Highness Is In An Aesthetic Mood
Chapter 659 - Lu Liangwei Took Over Her Place
Chapter 660 - The Situation Has Escalated To Such A Point, And You’re Still Adamant About Dragging Me
Chapter 661 - I’ll Give You One Last Chance
Chapter 662 - Who Allowed You To Come Near
Chapter 663 - What A Clever Tongue Lu Liangwei Had
Chapter 664 - You’re A Man, Your Majesty
Chapter 665 - I’m Hungry Too
Chapter 666 - Mistook My Mouth For Food
Chapter 667 - Did He Just Witness Master “Assaulting” The Empress
Chapter 668 - Gave Herself Up As A Retainer Sacrifice
Chapter 669 - This Girl Was Always Full Of Surprises
Chapter 670 - There’s A Mature Soul Living Inside My Body
Chapter 671 - Aren’t You Going To Sleep, Your Majesty
Chapter 672 - Could His Master Be In A Frisky Mood Right Now
Chapter 673 - Fallen Out
Chapter 674 - One Should Never Ever Cross A Woman
Chapter 675 - Slowly Win His Love Back
Chapter 676 - It Would Be Difficult For The Empress To Maintain A Righteous Front
Chapter 677 - Did Not Dare To Touch Her Again
Chapter 678 - Master Had Achieved His Goal
Chapter 679 - Walked Into The Emperor’s Trap
Chapter 680 - Even Standing Next To Him Was A Great Insult
Chapter 681 - The Perfect Opportunity’s Right In Front Of You, But You Refuse It
Chapter 682 - All She Felt Were Chills
Chapter 683 - Win The Emperor’s Attention
Chapter 684 - If She Had Contracted Some Filthy Disease
Chapter 685 - She Was Completely Stunned
Chapter 686 - Long Yang’s True Target
Chapter 687 - Long Yang Was A Wily Old Fox
Chapter 688 - Seized
Chapter 689 - The Long Night
Chapter 690 - What Were The Emperor And Empress Doing
Chapter 691 - His Majesty Had Poked Fun At Himself Too
Chapter 692 - Unpowdered Yet Absolutely Stunning
Chapter 693 - You Want Me To Dissolve The Harem
Chapter 694 - A Little Anxious And Uncomfortable
Chapter 695 - I’ll Definitely Castrate Him
Chapter 696 - Ruined Someone Else’s Passionate Moment
Chapter 697 - It’s Such An Eyesore
Chapter 698 - Waited For Mayhem To Ensue
Chapter 699 - What Was His Majesty Planning To Do
Chapter 700 - Scooped Her In His Arms And Walked Toward The Forest
Chapter 701 - Is Your Majesty Admitting To Suffering From Kidney Deficiency
Chapter 702 - His Son Might Be Already Living In Weiwei’s Womb
Chapter 703 - This Was A Pretty Serious Conversation
Chapter 704 - His Majesty Lost
Chapter 705 - It Would Not Be As
Chapter 706 - A Hearty Meal
Chapter 707 - Make The Emperor Perish In The Cool Mountains
Chapter 708 - The Kind That Had Never Seen Women Before
Chapter 709 - Really Knew How To Torture Him
Chapter 710 - Execute Secretly
Chapter 711 - She Would Rightfully Become Empress Dowager
Chapter 712 - I Finally Got To See You For Who You Are Today
Chapter 713 - Frequency Of Sleeping With The Crown Prince
Chapter 714 - Such Determination
Chapter 715 - How Could Someone So Thick-skinned Exist In This World
Chapter 716
Chapter 717 - An Ulterior Motive
Chapter 718 - Not Appropriate To Watching Eyes
Chapter 719 - Who Is The True Wicked Person Here
Chapter 720 - You’re Afraid His Majesty Would Be Attracted To Me
Chapter 721 - Attacked By A Wild Boar
Chapter 722 - Trembling Legs? What A Lie
Chapter 723 - The Emperor’s Focus Was So Peculiar
Chapter 724 - I’m Worried That You Can’t Stand It
Chapter 725 - How Dare He Trick Master, Was He Signing His Own Death Warrant
Chapter 726 - He Wished Lethargy On His Master
Chapter 727 - What A Relief That The Emperor Was Shy
Chapter 728 - Tickled Her Senses Repeatedly
Chapter 729 - His Majesty Was So Naughty
Chapter 730 - Was It That Hot When He Was Massaging Her
Chapter 731 - His Majesty Was Not One To Spout Nonsense
Chapter 732 - Weiwei, You Possess Whatever That I Desire
Chapter 733 - His Majesty’s Mood Lightened From The Grim Atmosphere
Chapter 734 - Long Yang Insistent On Getting Her To Drink
Chapter 735 - Someone Was Finally Here To Stir Up Trouble
Chapter 736 - Engraved Onto His Heart
Chapter 737 - Do You Know Who Royal Uncle’s With Right Now
Chapter 738 - It Seemed That He Would Have To Do It The Hard Way
Chapter 739 - Executed
Chapter 740 - Jealous
Chapter 741 - Weiwei Had Already Lost All Her Sanity
Chapter 742 - Pitted With Peril
Chapter 743 - Solidified Long Chi’s Crime Of Rebellion
Chapter 744 - His Majesty Threw Up Blood And Was Unconscious
Chapter 745 - He Was As Ruthless As His Master
Chapter 746 - Deposed
Chapter 747 - Long Chi’s Time Had Passed
Chapter 748 - There Is A Good Opportunity Now That The Imperial Harem Is Empty
Chapter 749 - Lu Liangwei Breathed In Sharply
Chapter 750 - Long Yang Wanted To Weed Them All Out
Chapter 751 - Lu Yunshuang Was Not Lu Hetian’s Daughter
Chapter 752 - The Story Of That Fateful Year
Chapter 753 - The Emperor Was So Childish
Chapter 754 - Brazenly Intervened
Chapter 755 - It Was All A Ploy
Chapter 756 - The Truth Has Been Revealed
Chapter 757 - He Would Never Have An Affair With Another Woman
Chapter 758 - Give Poisoned Wine
Chapter 759 - Vile Long Yang
Chapter 760 - Integrity That He Still Possessed
Chapter 761 - Offering Of Beauties
Chapter 762 - She Blushed At Being Caught Red-Handed
Chapter 763 - His Majesty Is Not That Sort Of Person
Chapter 764 - What Am I In Your Eyes
Chapter 765 - Erecting A Chastity Archway
Chapter 766 - It Felt Like She Was Seeing Her For The First Time
Chapter 767 - Could Not Wait To Rub Salt Onto Her Wound
Chapter 768 - Why Didn’t It Just Penetrate His Heart
Chapter 769 - The Demon Physician’s Apprentice
Chapter 770 - It’s Time To Give Them Back
Chapter 771 - An Onslaught Of Bad News
Chapter 772 - Exiled A Thousand Li
Chapter 773 - Brooding Over The Matter
Chapter 774 - Don’t Think Too Highly Of Yourself
Chapter 775 - You Need To Come To Your Senses
Chapter 776 - So Adept At Assuming An Air Of Importance
Chapter 777 - If You Can Bear To See Lu Liangwei Die At My Hands
Chapter 778 - The Life Of The Country’s Noble Empress
Chapter 779 - You Owe Me This Much
Chapter 780 - A Hidden Threat In The Future
Chapter 781 - Lu Liangwei Could Feel The Back Of Her Head Tingling
Chapter 782 - Weiwei Did Not Need Him At All
Chapter 783 - In His Eyes, He Was Already A Dead Person
Chapter 784 - What If I Need To Go To The Lavatory
Chapter 785 - He Rarely Missed
Chapter 786 - Is There Anything Special About Her Body
Chapter 787 - A Palace Draft
Chapter 788 - Fill Up The Imperial Harem
Chapter 789 - She Was Not Going To Fight With The Emperor
Chapter 790 - There Was Always A Price To Pay
Chapter 791 - Have An Affair?
Chapter 792 - Adultery Had Already Been Committed Against Him
Chapter 793 - For Some Reason, A Chill Came From Somewhere
Chapter 794 - It Was A Look Familiar to Long Yang
Chapter 795 - Long Yang Lost His Calm
Chapter 796 - The Empress Was Pregnant
Chapter 797 - His Majesty Needed To Abstain From The Bedroom For Three Months
Chapter 798 - Water Sprayed All Over Long Yang’s Face
Chapter 799 - Adding Some Spice To Our Marriage
Chapter 800 - Green With Envy
Chapter 801 - You’re So Shameless
Chapter 802 - One Could Imagine How Overwhelming The Smell Would Be
Chapter 803 - You Shouldn’t Overwork Yourself
Chapter 804 - Throw Herself Into His Arms
Chapter 805 - Who Do You Think I’m Doing This For
Chapter 806 - Wanyan Jin Is Interested In My Father?
Chapter 807 - He Is Old Enough To Be Her Father
Chapter 808 - Wary Of Her Antics
Chapter 809 - Shivered From The Chill
Chapter 810 - You Should Go On And Serve Him In The Bath
Chapter 811 - What Are You Being So Nervous About
Chapter 812 - Whisper Words Into His Majesty’s Ears
Chapter 813 - My Emperor Son-In-Law’s Going To Give Me A Hard Time
Chapter 814 - Men Are Always Fond Of Young Women
Chapter 815 - Eyeing Long Yang As If There Was No One Else Present
Chapter 816 - A Glimpse Of That Breathtaking Beauty
Chapter 817 - She Was Pleased By What The Emperor Said
Chapter 818 - Fulfilled All His Fantasies Of Women
Chapter 819 - Felt A Little Bitter
Chapter 820 - Getting Into A Fight
Chapter 821 - The Uncomfortable Atmosphere In The Audience Hall
Chapter 822 - Did He Require Lu Liangwei’s Permission
Chapter 823 - Long Yang Grunted Very Very Quietly
Chapter 824 - They Could Only Watch, But Could Not Enjoy Them
Chapter 825 - His Majesty’s Heart Would Never Change, Would It
Chapter 826 - You Can Even Keep One To Warm Your Bed
Chapter 827 - Was He Talking About The Person Or The Wine
Chapter 828 - Angering The Empress Was Worse Than Angering The Emperor
Chapter 829 - Could Not Help Feeling A Little Guilty
Chapter 830 - You Might End Up Serving Her
Chapter 831 - Learn How To Please
Chapter 832 - You Reek Of Alcohol, Your Majesty
Chapter 833 - Long Yang Was Immensely Restrained
Chapter 834 - Lu Liangwei’s Little Habit Pleased Long Yang
Chapter 835 - The Same Effect Can Be Achieved By Bathing In Ice Water
Chapter 836 - It Was A Feeling That He was Unable To Control
Chapter 837 - It Was Almost Like An Obsession
Chapter 838 - That’s The Water I Had Just Washed My Feet In
Chapter 839 - The Blush On Her Face Betrayed Her
Chapter 840 - 0 What Sort Of Inappropriate Thoughts Were Crossing His Mind Now