Extraordinary Genius Chapter 40 – An even more arrogant boss

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Chapter 40 – An even more arrogant boss

“Manager Feng, now everyone is saying that the Wind and Rain fans belong to the Motor Factory. You should come out and clarify this. Director Li said. These type of plastic fans is considered inferior products and will affect the factory’s reputation.

“Sorry. There were some problems in the communication with the newspaper regarding the advertisement. They had used a photograph which we did not approve. I will clarify with them.” Feng Yu said.

Feng Yu is laughing inside but he still apologized to Director Li. The salary levels are still not high for the majority of the people. Although the price of his electric fans was cheaper by 20 to 30% compared to other brands, it is still considered a big-ticket item.

Even if the electric fans are made of steel, will someone bear to throw or drop such expensive item on the floor? It is just like the introduction of Apple phones in the future. Nokia was ridiculing Apple: “How can Apple introduce a phone without doing any drop test. Who is going to buy?”

But what happened in the end? Who is willing to throw a five thousand to six thousand RMB mobile phone? of the mobile phone? Apple's sales kept increasing and Nokia, from being the market leader became a loss-making company. Eventually, Nokia’s mobile phone division was sold by the parent company.

The reason is the same. Director Li is currently having the same mindset as the management of Nokia. Not all things that are strong and durable is good!

In fact, for Feng Yu, there is also another benefit for producing plastic fans. Plastic fans are more fragile and easily broken. Isn’t that better? If the fans are still in working condition, who is willing to buy more fans? In two years’ time, China’s economy will get better and the people will become wealthier. There will be many who are willing to spend on electric fans.

“Director Li. I had come here today to tell you two things. First, I will collect all the remaining fans within the next two days. Second, I want another batch of electric fans. Are you still interested to continue to manufacture these fans?” Feng Yu said.

Director Li’s eyes shine. Still, want another batch? If Feng Yu ordered another 20,000 units, the factory can earn money again. This way, the factory will be able to pay back part of the salaries owed to the workers!

“Of course. It will be the same condition. We will not use the Motor Factory’s brand for these fans. We guarantee that we will produce 20,000 units in five days, no, three days!”

All workshops will have to focus on the production of these electric fans. It includes the workshops that are doing the production of military products. Anyway, the order for Military products can be completed within a few days if the workshops are doing overtime.

“Three days, 20,000 units? Then I want 100,000 units. Can you finish it in half a month?” Feng Yu asked.

“Of cour... What did you say? How many units do you want?” Director Li had wanted to say “of course”, but he noticed that the quantity he heard seems to be a bit wrong.

“100,000 units. The same conditions. 10% deposit will be transferred to the Factory’s bank account.” Feng Yu said.

Feng Yu had said 100,000 units casually as if it is like 100 or 1000 units.

“15 days. No, it will be completed in 14 days! There will absolutely be no problem with the quality and quantity!” Director Li replied excitedly. Director Li really wanted to ask Feng Yu, “You sell this kind of inferior electric fans, you are not afraid of people coming after you?"

But for the factory’s sake, he kept quiet. The more units they produce, the lower their cost will be. The profits for 100,000 units, is about 850,000 RMB. This amount can cover the arrears salaries of the workers and also the medical reimbursement owed to the workers.

Feng Yu took out the prepared contract. Director Li read through the contract and signed it. After signing the contract, he immediately called all the workshop directors to a meeting. This batch of fans must be ready in two weeks’ time!

The workshop directors almost jumped with joy when they heard that the owner of the electric fans placed another order, and this time the order is 100,000 units.

The workshop directors that were not involved with the production of the electric fans previously, began to jostle for the job. The Military’s orders can wait. They want to get a slice of this pie first. The more fans the workshop produce, the more money the workshop gets.

Of course, the workshop assigned with the most number of the fans is still Director Zhao’s Second workshop. The rest of the workshop directors did not protest against this decision as it was Director Zhao who introduced this big client to the factory. But, if anything goes wrong with these fans, they will brush off any relationship with Director Zhao and Director Zhao will have to bear the biggest responsibility!

Feng Yu was awakened by the sound of knocking at eight in the morning. This is the bad thing about the warehouse. The big iron gate amplifies the sound of knocking throughout the warehouse.

“Manager Feng. There are more than 10 people standing outside the door. They seem to be yesterday's customers.” Wu Zhigang reported to Feng Yu while Feng Yu is eating breakfast.

“Who is the one who knocked on the gate?” Feng Yu frowned. The one who knocked on the gate must be chased away for disturbing his sleep.

“No one knocked on the gate. There were some people who had heard the news and came on their own accord. Those people that we asked them to come were unhappy and there were some arguments and pushing between the two parties. During the pushing, someone accidentally knocked on the gate.” Wu Zhigang explained.

Wu Zhigang is also speechless. Early in the morning, there were people fighting at their doorsteps. But he dares not to be angry with them as these people are here to buy their fans.

“Go to the door and ask them to wait quietly. Those who are not willing to wait can get lost! Last night, I had told you all that there will be a lot of people coming today and you all have to be alert. Chase those who tried to come in early, away!” Feng Yu said.

Wu Zhigang went down and stood at the gate. When he opened the gate, someone rushed in. Wu Zhigang and his other colleagues pinned him down.

“I remembered you. Xing Sheng Company, right? Who let you in? Our company will not do business with you. Get lost!” Wu Zhigang shouted.

“What do you mean?” The representative from Xing Sheng Company asked.

“It is our boss's rules! Our boss said we will not do business with people who do not follow rules. You are now listed on our company’s blacklist. Blacklisted, you understand? Now get lost. It is no use staying here!” Wu Zhigang said.

When the representative from Xing Sheng Company left, Wu Zhigang said loudly to others: “All of you listen well. Those we had asked to come at 10 o’clock will come in first. Those who had come here on your own accord will come in after 10.30. If anyone of you tried to come in early, talk loudly or unhappy with our arrangements can leave now.”

With the example of the representative from Xing Sheng Company, everyone obediently obeyed the rules. However, this is not the most irritating part. The door of the warehouse was opened wide and these people can see Wu Zhigang and several people inside, playing poker.

As the temperature rose, these people can only wait patiently in the sun. They dare not walk to the shade. Who knows when the company’s boss will suddenly allow them to enter.

At 10 o'clock, the first group of people went in. Wu Zhigang and the rest of the staff checked the identity of these people to make sure these people were the ones who had come yesterday. In the warehouse, the first group of people looked left and right and did not see any boss. They only saw a teenager sitting there.

“Hey boy, where is your boss?” Someone asked.

Feng Yu got angry. Which company is this? Can't you see everyone is standing and I am the only sitting?

“You. Get out. Our company will not do business with you!” Feng Yu said angrily.

After Feng Yu spoke, Wu Zhigang introduced Feng Yu to the rest: “This is Manager Feng. He is the one you all are looking for.”

That man is dumbfounded. This boy is the boss? Is he even 20 years old? But before he can say anything, Wu Zhigang and the other staffs chased him out.

The other people were shocked. They knew that the staffs of this company were very arrogant. Now they understood why the staff behaved this way. The staff had learned from their boss! This boss is even more arrogant!

Someone got thrown out because of saying something that offended the boss. But in order to earn money, they have to endure!

Author’s notes: That era, the more arrogant one is, the more likely they will be viewed as capable.

Translator note: That era, China have really weird cultures. Being arrogant are viewed as capable will no longer work now.

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