Stealing The Heavens

Author:Blood Red,

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The Latest Chapter:Chapter 240: The Demonization of Xiang Yu

An unexpected discovery in Machu Picchu has transported a young professional thief from Earth to a world filled with mystical powers and evil plots. With his beloved teacher and best friend killed during the calamity, his only goal is to become stronger, so that he can take revenge for them.This is a novel filled with politics, the struggle for power, evil beauties, and of course, Divine Immortals.

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Stealing The Heavens Full catalogue of Novels
Chapter 1: Prologue
Chapter 2: Punishment Court
Chapter 3: Historical Relic
Chapter 4: The Daoist
Chapter 5: Ancient Portal
Chapter 6: Inheritance
Chapter 7: The Villagers
Chapter 8: The Evil Barbarians
Chapter 9: The Alliance
Chapter 10: Barbarian Hunter
Chapter 11: Stealing Blood
Chapter 12: The Night Ride
Chapter 13: The Traveler
Chapter 14: Strike
Chapter 15: Recruitment
Chapter 16: The Mayor
Chapter 17: Provocation
Chapter 18: Magical Item
Chapter 19: The Burglary
Chapter 20: Establishing Authority
Chapter 21: Tough Responsibility
Chapter 22: Night Walk
Chapter 23: Expel
Chapter 24: Tough Situation
Chapter 25: Partner In Crime
Chapter 26: Rush In
Chapter 27: Steal Again
Chapter 28: Impeach
Chapter 29: Night Assassin
Chapter 30: The Array to Kill
Chapter 31: Slaughter
Chapter 32: Beheaded
Chapter 33: Marquis
Chapter 34: Ruthless
Chapter 35: Brothers
Chapter 36: Malice
Chapter 37: Cultivator
Chapter 38: Sudden News
Chapter 39: Travel Together
Chapter 40: The Forest
Chapter 41: Beast Warrior
Chapter 42: Seizing Souls
Chapter 43: The Ritual
Chapter 44: Merging Soul
Chapter 45: Serpent Pearl
Chapter 46: Got it
Chapter 47: Run for Lives
Chapter 48: Killing the Marquis
Chapter 49: Furious
Chapter 50: Kill Everyone
Chapter 51: Aftermath
Chapter 52: Scholar and Military
Chapter 53: Confrontation
Chapter 54: The Last Assassins
Chapter 55: Shocking News
Chapter 56: City Under Siege
Chapter 57: The City is Breached
Chapter 58: Barbarian Tide
Chapter 59: The Assault of Bolts and Arrows
Chapter 60: Reinforcements
Chapter 61: Decision
Chapter 62: The Journey
Chapter 63: Forced Surrender
Chapter 64: Trap and Kill
Chapter 65: Grandmaster of Imperial Family Court
Chapter 66: Counter Attack
Chapter 67: Demon Ghost
Chapter 68: Taking Advantage
Chapter 69: Counter Framing
Chapter 70: A Heavy Bribe
Chapter 71: Blood Paternity Test
Chapter 72: Candidates
Chapter 73: Visitor
Chapter 74: Ferocious
Chapter 75: Fight and Kill
Chapter 76: Swear a Poison Oath
Chapter 77: Denounce
Chapter 78: Zhang Le
Chapter 79: Intimacy
Chapter 80: Gift
Chapter 81: A Duel
Chapter 82: Sword Talisman
Chapter 83: Sword Sect
Chapter 84: Apprentice
Chapter 85: Obstructions
Chapter 86: The Sect
Chapter 87: Bone Structure
Chapter 88: Offend
Chapter 89: Deprive
Chapter 90: Confrontation
Chapter 91: Arrogant
Chapter 92: Yan Li
Chapter 93: Husband and Wife
Chapter 94: Greedy Wolf
Chapter 95: The Mightiness
Chapter 96: Private Secret
Chapter 97: Wei Clan
Chapter 98: Gold Core Tribulation
Chapter 99: Yan Dan
Chapter 100: Palace Banquet
Chapter 101: The Grandmaster of Zither
Chapter 102: Yue Tan
Chapter 103: Three Questions
Chapter 104: Three Answers
Chapter 105: Story
Chapter 106: Cultivation Pill
Chapter 107: Acknowledge the Master
Chapter 108: Entering the Cave
Chapter 109: Spirit Objects
Chapter 110: Spirit Lamp
Chapter 111: Invitation
Chapter 112: A Meeting of Wine
Chapter 113: Xiong Qing
Chapter 114: Steal the Lamp
Chapter 115: Human Head
Chapter 116: Ying Chuan
Chapter 117: Secret Meeting
Chapter 118: The Great Sun
Chapter 119: Cunning
Chapter 120: Countermeasure
Chapter 121: The Challenger
Chapter 122: Unexpected Finding
Chapter 123: The Master of Martial Club
Chapter 124: Evidence
Chapter 125: Captured Alive
Chapter 126: Extraordinary Treasure
Chapter 127: Death of the Accomplice
Chapter 128: Summon
Chapter 129: Mo Sect
Chapter 130: Mo Di
Chapter 131: Warning
Chapter 132: Benefactor
Chapter 133: The Clue
Chapter 134: Five Ghosts
Chapter 135: Preparation
Chapter 136: Exchange
Chapter 137: Boundless Hospitality
Chapter 138: A Poetry Meeting
Chapter 139: Trap
Chapter 140: Counter Slaughter
Chapter 141: Poem and Drawing
Chapter 142: Attend the Meeting
Chapter 143: Shocking
Chapter 144: Thunderstruck
Chapter 145: Escape From The City
Chapter 146: Intercept
Chapter 147: Escaped
Chapter 148: Tracked Down
Chapter 149: An Extraordinary Object
Chapter 150: An Extraordinary Formation
Chapter 151: Splitting the Cores
Chapter 152: Slaughter the Immortals
Chapter 153: The Yield
Chapter 154: A Great Merit
Chapter 155: Depart
Chapter 156: Seeking the Land
Chapter 157: Constructing the Immortal’s Cave
Chapter 158: Absorb
Chapter 159: Talisman Master
Chapter 160: Outsiders
Chapter 161: Attack by Force
Chapter 162: Are You Not Battle-dressed?
Chapter 163: Li Si
Chapter 164: Dharma Words
Chapter 165: Field Headquarter
Chapter 166: Infiltrate
Chapter 167: Xu Fu
Chapter 168: Book of Talismans
Chapter 169: A Robber
Chapter 170: Catfish Flood Dragon
Chapter 171: Upheaval
Chapter 172: Death Formation
Chapter 173: Breaking the Formation
Chapter 174: Underwater Cave
Chapter 175: Dragon King
Chapter 176: Captured
Chapter 177: The Army of Demons
Chapter 178: The Qin Formation!
Chapter 179: The Cry of Dragon
Chapter 180: The Cauldron of Yu!
Chapter 181: Leave The Mountains
Chapter 182: The People of Lu Clan
Chapter 183: The Destruction of Gao Ling Kingdom
Chapter 184: Myriad Dao Alliance
Chapter 185: Duke of Tianyun
Chapter 186: The Silver Flood Dragon of Yue Clan
Chapter 187: Unity of Sword Energies Script
Chapter 188: The Opening of the Event
Chapter 189: The People From the Long Bo Kingdom
Chapter 190: Acquired Spirit Pearls
Chapter 191: Innate Spirit Item
Chapter 192: Disciples of Guigu
Chapter 193: Su Qin and Zhang Yi
Chapter 194: The Spirit Ring of Black Dragon!
Chapter 195: Provoking on the Street
Chapter 196: Resolve to Fight
Chapter 197: Stealing The Spirit Pearl at Night
Chapter 198: Gold Core Thunder Tribulation
Chapter 199: The Formation of the Gold Core
Chapter 200: The Gamble of Drill Ground
Chapter 201: The Duel of Drill Ground
Chapter 202: Killed On The Spot!
Chapter 203: Invited by Su Qin
Chapter 204: The Remains of the Queen
Chapter 205: The Terms of Exchange
Chapter 206: The Imperial Banquet
Chapter 207: Imperial Advisors of Great Yan
Chapter 208: The Changes in the Political Situation
Chapter 209: The Return of Yue Yi
Chapter 210: The Capricious Yin and Yang
Chapter 211: The Terror in the Night
Chapter 212: The Night Visitor
Chapter 213: Official Recognition
Chapter 214: Earth Element Dragon Scales
Chapter 215: Subdue the Eight Horses
Chapter 216: The Beginning of the War
Chapter 217: Meeting Catfish-flood-dragon Again
Chapter 218: Scouts From Qin Army
Chapter 219: Engaged
Chapter 220: The Inner Sect of Heaven Breaking Sword Sect
Chapter 221: Su Qin Deploying Forces
Chapter 222: Persuade The Dragon King
Chapter 223: The Dragon King’s Answer
Chapter 224: The Arrival of Flood
Chapter 225: The Plague of Spirit Tapeworms
Chapter 226: Ten-thousand Corpses Death Formation
Chapter 227: The Palm That Flipped The Sky!
Chapter 228: The Demon Figurine of Great Qin
Chapter 229: The Mighty Army of Xiang Yu
Chapter 230: Guigu’zi Appears!
Chapter 231: The Towering Deity and Ghost
Chapter 232: You Do Not Qualify!
Chapter 233: A Painful Spear Attack!
Chapter 234: Sheathed the Swords
Chapter 235: I Want To Stab You
Chapter 236: Wild Birthday Celebration
Chapter 237: The Meeting of Three Ladies
Chapter 238: Zhang Le’s First Kiss?
Chapter 239: Wrath of Xiang Yu
Chapter 240: The Demonization of Xiang Yu