Half-elves Fall in Love

Author:Kamio Geor

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The Latest Chapter:Chapter 280: Sudden Reunion

The spring fountain town of miracle that heals anything, Polka. In the hometown of memories, with my dear parents, there was a figure of a half-elf girl who swore to become my female slave.

Repeating such a memorable talk every time he drinks alcohol, 25 years old Andy Smeyson is a former blacksmith’s apprentice and an innocent crossbow soldier. Andy is surrounded by nice companions and competent and sexy bosses, which is different from what he had thought when he was a child, but this was a cozy life. When the half-elf girl suddenly appeared in front of him, he will jump into a furious destiny. Andy, who is weak but courageous​ and clever will meet a lot of different race ladies such as elves, half elves, dark elves, loli dwarves, dragon girls, beast girls and make them his female slaves one after another. The horny adventure started from a half elf girl who doesn’t stop liking him will eventually become a legend ──.

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Chapter 1: Female slave of the past
Chapter 2: Virgin loss [Selenium]
Chapter 3: 10-man captain Anzeros【Selenium】
Chapter 4: Casualty discovery
Chapter 5: Who are you? [Dianne]
Chapter 6: The truth about the girl from the past 【Selenium】
Chapter 7: The Minister arrived
Chapter 8: Before departure 【Dianne】
Chapter 9: Encounter Bandits
Chapter 10: Ox-Ogre village 【Selenium · Dianne】
Chapter 11: Trip to the labyrinth【Selenium ・ Dianne】
Chapter 12: Dwarf girl’s trial
Chapter 13: Laila´s sexual excitement [Laila]
Chapter 14: Black Dragon
Chapter 15: Shortcut 【Selenium · Dianne】
Chapter 16: Forest capital Klaves
Chapter 17: Redheaded siblings
Chapter 18: Master Knight Lucas
Chapter 19: Man’s nature
Chapter 20: Reunion with a dragon 【Laila Jeanne】
Chapter 21: Self-hatred and temptation of a beauty 【Aurora】
Chapter 22: The female swordsman’s real intention 【Anzeros】
Chapter 23: Magic doctor [Diane Hilda]
Chapter 24: Oasis morning
Chapter 25: Power contract
Chapter 26: Masked Sadism [Laila Jeanne Selenium]
Chapter 27: Love Sex with a married woman [Hilda]
Chapter 28: Dazzling pleasure [Aurora Anzeros Dianne]
Chapter 29: Secret Oasis Outdoor Sex [Jeanne Aurora]
Chapter 30: Cat beasts colony Midnight’s party【Anzeros · Laila · Cat Beast people】
Chapter 31: Old castle rape 【Aurora · Dianne】
Chapter 32: At Trot´s royal capital
Chapter 33: Anzeros´s choice 【Anzeros】
Chapter 34: Bet yourself
Chapter 35: Hometown 【Apple】
Chapter 36: The waiting reality
Chapter 37: Miraculous Spring Recuperation
Chapter 38: Orphan’s hesitation, provocation of beauty 【Aurora】
Chapter 39: Blue Dragon attack 【Aurora · Apple】
Chapter 40: Law and Peace [Selenium · Aurora · Apple]
Chapter 41: Recovery celebration
Chapter 42: Confessions of love and group sex – part 1 [Jeanne · Laila · Dianne]
Chapter 43: Confessions of love and group sex – part 2 【Hilda ・ Selenium ・ Apple】
Chapter 44: Swordsman’s early morning training
Chapter 45: Late confession of love – part 1 [Aurora]
Chapter 46: Late confession of love – part 2 [Anzeros]
Chapter 47: Intermission – The illusion of the Blue Dragon Girl 【???】
Chapter 48: Maia’s first experience [Maia]
Chapter 49: Attack again
Chapter 50: Everlasting spring and house arrest 1 [Anzeros · Aurora]
Chapter 51: Everlasting spring and house arrest 2 [Aurora]
Chapter 52: Everlasting spring and house arrest 3 [Jeanne · Maia · Apple]
Chapter 53: Intermission – Warriors outside the forest
Chapter 54: White and orange
Chapter 55: Clan meeting
Chapter 56: Mansion of the clan head 【Maia · others】
Chapter 57: Holy Beast breakcore
Chapter 58: Diel rescue strategy
Chapter 59: The determination to save
Chapter 60: Battle against the Holy Beast
Chapter 61: Triumphal return to Polka
Chapter 62: Andy’s power-up strategy [Selenium Apple]
Chapter 63: Tortoise shell bondage ace knight [Anzeros]
Chapter 64: Three-way miraculous spring party [Jeanne Hilda Laila]
Chapter 65: Morning waist training 【Dianne ・ Aurora】
Chapter 66: Contract with Maia 【Maia】
Chapter 67: Sir Bonaparte´s family
Chapter 68: Return to Basson
Chapter 69: Flag of revolt
Chapter 70: Rebellious Sword Saint brigade
Chapter 71: King’s scenario
Chapter 72: Night in the capital
Chapter 73: Andy’s fight, Dianne’s fight
Chapter 74: Children’s answers
Chapter 75: Part 1 Epilogue Everyone laughs in that town
Chapter 76: Black dragon’s fall in love syndrome [Laila]
Chapter 77: Dark elf´s fall in love syndrome [Dianne]
Chapter 78: Half elf´s fall in love syndrome × 3 [Anzeros Apple Selenium]
Chapter 79: Special circumstances half elf, first part [Maia ・ Selenium]
Chapter 80: Special circumstances half-elf, second part
Chapter 81: Special circumstances half-elf, last part
Chapter 82: Obstinate paladin [Almeida]
Chapter 83: Everybody laughing, spring festival
Chapter 84: Pervert dwarf ・ first part [Jeanne]
Chapter 85: Abnormal dwarf second part [Jeanne]
Chapter 86: Conceive (half) elf [Anzeros Aurora]
Chapter 87: The bath situation of the crossbow corps [Maia Dianne]
Chapter 88: Weekend hot spring trip [Jeanne ・ Apple ・ Selenium ・ Maia]
Chapter 89: Foreign elf ・ first part
Chapter 90: Foreign elf – second part
Chapter 91: Half Elves on the verge of success in life – Part 1
Chapter 92: Half Elves on the verge of success in life – Part 2 [Anzeros Aurora]
Chapter 93: Dark elf who came back [Maia]
Chapter 94: The poor developed elf – first part
Chapter 95: The poor developed elf – second part [Irina]
Chapter 96: There is a bride who comes from afar
Chapter 97: Again to be delighted, huh? [Apple Anzeros Luna Lina Yuna]
Chapter 98: Fall in love with an elf and protecting armor
Chapter 99: Elven circumstances of the southern country 【Jeanne Irina】
Chapter 100: Formation ・ “Dianne Special Duty Corps”
Chapter 101: The Melancholy of Sword Princess Aurora
Chapter 102: Resurrection of Sword Princess Aurora
Chapter 103: Retroactive Sword Princess Aurora [Aurora]
Chapter 104: The circumstances of Sword Princess Sharon
Chapter 105: Party time, first part
Chapter 106: Party time, second part [Apple Selenium Irina etc.]
Chapter 107: Bikini Armor Rhapsody
Chapter 108: The value of moving forward and the meaning of advancing [Irina Apple Jeanne]
Chapter 109: Fortress city Rennesto
Chapter 110: Kalwin´s hero
Chapter 111: Castle / Fantasia [Apple Selenium Anzeros Aurora]
Chapter 112: Dragon power
Chapter 113: Castle / Fantasia 2 [Dianne Laila, etc.]
Chapter 114: Full moon return
Chapter 115: Cats Livin [Luna Anzeros Aurora, etc.]
Chapter 116: Plus one
Chapter 117: Your name is [Jeanne Luna Irina]
Chapter 118: Polka´s miraculous spring and Proof of the Hero [Irina Maia Luna Apple]
Chapter 119: Next Form 1 [Irina]
Chapter 120: Next Form 2
Chapter 121: Next Form 3 [Breakcore Maia Irina Dianne]
Chapter 122: Next Form 4 [Laila Breakcore]
Chapter 123: Weapons, Tactics, Men and Women [Anzeros Luna]
Chapter 124: Family Talk [Irina]
Chapter 125: Royal Academy Story
Chapter 126: Fortress City Rennesto 2
Chapter 127: Fortress City Rennesto 3
Chapter 128: Fortress City Rennesto 4 [Almeida]
Chapter 129: Fortress City Rennesto 5 [Luna Apple]
Chapter 130: Fortress City Rennesto 6
Chapter 131: Dragons Dance
Chapter 132: Armored Girls [Anzeros]
Chapter 133: White, black and cat collar [Luna Irina Hilda]
Chapter 134: Before the Storm [Dianne Apple]
Chapter 135: Opening Fanfare
Chapter 136: The Front Line of the Dark Night
Chapter 137: Breath You
Chapter 138: Feast of the Strong
Chapter 139: Night of return
Chapter 140: Happy Birthday of delayed season [Anzeros, etc.]
Chapter 141: Inner Stomach [Irina]
Chapter 142: Bath situation in the city of Catalina
Chapter 143: Bath love affair in the city of Catalina [Hilda Maia Dianne Apple Laila]
Chapter 144: Tetes’s suspicion, Part 1
Chapter 145: Tetes’s suspicion, Part 2
Chapter 146: Tetes´s decision
Chapter 147: Glory Princess, introducing [Almeida]
Chapter 148: Preparation of the Dark Elf
Chapter 149: Unexpected Dark Elf [Aurora Hilda]
Chapter 150: Almeida’s passion [Almeida]
Chapter 151: Elf Box [Anzeros Aurora Irina Almeida]
Chapter 152: Strong People´s Rest [Dianne Laila Maia]
Chapter 153: To the Hometown in the snow
Chapter 154: To the Everlasting Spring [Selenium Jeanne Laila]
Chapter 155: Holy Grasslands
Chapter 156: Illusions in the Moonlight [Jeanne Irina Breakcore]
Chapter 157: Morning Mist Contract
Chapter 158: Christie’s Melancholy
Chapter 159: Christie’s Counterattack [Christie Sharon]
Chapter 160: Renfangas Kingdom, Severe Earthquake
Chapter 161: Intermission – A long night in the fortress city
Chapter 162: Intermission – Intruders in the Fortress City
Chapter 163: Hero’s sword
Chapter 164: Hero’s Sword 2
Chapter 165: Intermission – Recapture of the Fortress City
Chapter 166: Intermission – Strategy of the Fortress City
Chapter 167: Hero dying a glorious death
Chapter 168: Hero´s fierce fighting
Chapter 169: Intermission – Hidden People in the Fortress City
Chapter 170: Intermission – Saviour of the Fortress City
Chapter 171: Night of Reunion
Chapter 172: Busty Princess Ecstasy [Sharon]
Chapter 173: Cat and Princess Service [Luna Sharon]
Chapter 174: Dragon and Maid Service Technique 1
Chapter 175: Dragon and Maid Service Technique 2 [Aurora Anzeros Maia]
Chapter 176: Black and White Service 1
Chapter 177: Black and White Service 2 [Hilda Apple Irina]
Chapter 178: Mountains, Hunting and Late Autumn Taste 1
Chapter 179: Mountains, Hunting and Late Autumn Taste 2 [Dianne Laila Luna]
Chapter 180: Mountains, Hunting and Late Autumn Taste 3 [Dianne Laila]
Chapter 181: Catalina Holiday 1
Chapter 182: Catalina Holiday 2
Chapter 183: Catalina Holiday 3
Chapter 184: Catalina Holiday 4 [Sharon]
Chapter 185: Naris x Blade
Chapter 186: Memories of the City of Catalina
Chapter 187: Ace Knight Corps, Arrival
Chapter 188: To my hometown through the snow, again
Chapter 189: Snow, Moon and Chestnut Flower 1 [Irina Dianne Laila]
Chapter 190: Snow, Moon and Chestnut Flower 2 [Laurier Savory Fennel Oregano]
Chapter 191: Skin-colored Harmony [Jeanne Selenium]
Chapter 192: Moonlight, Beauties and a little more than usual
Chapter 193: Misty Palace Masters, Part 1 [Maia Asti]
Chapter 194: Misty Palace Masters, Part 2 [Julienne Airi Michela]
Chapter 195: A Small House in the Great Ice Field, Part 1
Chapter 196: A small house on the Great Ice Field, Part 2 [Savory, Oregano, Fennel, Christie, Laurier]
Chapter 197: Let’s start the sacred festival, Part 1
Chapter 198: Let’s start the sacred festival, Part 2 [Breakcore Irina Laila]
Chapter 199: Mother, come
Chapter 200: Three thousand miles visit by mother [Anzeros]
Chapter 201: Male Andy’s sense of responsibility
Chapter 202: Swordsman’s Secret Special Training [Aurora Almeida Oregano Fennel Laurier Savory]
Chapter 203: To the south. [Selenium – Apple]
Chapter 204: Cats Kingdom 1
Chapter 205: Cats Kingdom 2
Chapter 206: Cats Kingdom 3
Chapter 207: Cats Kingdom 4 [Lina Yuna]
Chapter 208: Cats Kingdom 5 [Tanya Anys and other cat beasts]
Chapter 209: Earth Bearer Part 1
Chapter 210: Earth Bearer, Part 2
Chapter 211: Desert Spring Water 1
Chapter 212: Desert Spring Water 2
Chapter 213: Desert Spring Water 3
Chapter 214: Desert Spring Water 4
Chapter 215: Desert Spring Water 5 [Luna Aurora]
Chapter 216: Until after midnight 1 [Laila Jeanne]
Chapter 217: Until after midnight 2 [Luna Aurora Dianne Nord]
Chapter 218: A town worshipping a dragon
Chapter 219: Deep Forest City 1
Chapter 220: Deep Forest City 2
Chapter 221: Deep Forest City 3
Chapter 222: To the north
Chapter 223: Good Morning [Maia Sharon Hilda]
Chapter 224: Polka Town, old year goes, new year comes 1
Chapter 225: Polka Town, old year goes, new year comes 2 [Irina]
Chapter 226: Polka Town, old year goes, new year comes 3
Chapter 227: Between the Peaks
Chapter 228: Holy Beast Secret Festival 1
Chapter 229: Holy Beast Secret Festival 2
Chapter 230: Holy Beast Secret Festival 3
Chapter 231: Holy Beast Secret Festival 4
Chapter 232: Holy Beast Secret Festival 5 [Anzeros Almeida]
Chapter 233: Holy Beast Secret Festival 6 [Breakcore]
Chapter 234: Holy Beast Secret Festival 7 [Breakcore Oregano Savory]
Chapter 235: Princess, knight and hero armor
Chapter 236: Revisit the ancient city 1 [Laila]
Chapter 237: Revisit the ancient city 2
Chapter 238: Revisit the ancient city 3 [Dianne Laila Jeanne]
Chapter 239: Revisit the ancient city 4 [Naris]
Chapter 240: Lord of Night
Chapter 241: Glory afterglow
Chapter 242: Pilgrimage 1
Chapter 243: Pilgrimage 2
Chapter 244: Pilgrimage 3 [Laila – Dianne]
Chapter 245: Pilgrimage 4
Chapter 246: Pilgrimage 5
Chapter 247: Pilgrimage 6 [Naris]
Chapter 248: Crossbow Corps, to the east
Chapter 249: If tomorrow follows today 1
Chapter 250: If tomorrow follows today 2 [Anzeros Sharon]
Chapter 251: If tomorrow follows today 3 [Almeida – Hilda – Dianne – Sharon – Anzeros – Aurora]
Chapter 252: Snow Country Harem Life 1 [Maia]
Chapter 253: Snow Country Harem Life 2
Chapter 254: White charge [Irina - Maia - Sharon]
Chapter 255: Red Gauntlet and New Armor
Chapter 256: Four elf girl´s house 1 [Laurier - Oregano - Fennel - Savory]
Chapter 257: Four elf girls´s house 2 [Laurier – Oregano – Fennel – Savory]
Chapter 258: Solution of dissonance 1
Chapter 259: Solution of dissonance 2
Chapter 260: Sex Timetable 1 [Dianne – Naris]
Chapter 261: Sex Timetable 2 [Savory Aurora]
Chapter 262: Sex Timetable 3 [Maia – Almeida]
Chapter 263: Sex Timetable 4 [Laurier – Jeanne]
Chapter 264: Sex Timetable 5 [Anzeros – Irina]
Chapter 265: Sex Timetable 6 [Laila – Sharon]
Chapter 266: Sex Timetable 7 [Oregano – Luna]
Chapter 267: Sex Timetable 8 [Fennel – Apple – Hilda – Christie]
Chapter 268: Nightmare debris [Anzeros – Savory]
Chapter 269: Surprise ceremony [Laurier]
Chapter 270: Oral Relay [Laila – Maia – Luna – Others]
Chapter 271: Naked Country Naris [Aurora Naris]
Chapter 272: Private Paradise 1 [Laila Hilda Christie]
Chapter 273: Private Paradise 2 [Asti Julene Maia]
Chapter 274: Tree Spirit Yell [Azel Rizel Luna]
Chapter 275: Knight’s Shame [Savory Almeida]
Chapter 276: Lined up buttocks and rehabilitation [Anzeros Irina etc]
Chapter 277: Secret Curse Propagation 1
Chapter 278: Secret Curse Propagation 2 [Laila Cristie Breakcore]
Chapter 279: Preparation for inspection trip
Chapter 280: Sudden Reunion