Chapter 40

His words fell on deaf ears. She had already accompanied her son to sleep. Now, she would sleep wherever she wanted to sleep.

She then slipped into her shoes and strode out of the master bedroom.

Choosing a guest bedroom that was right next door, she pushed open the door and went to bed, not forgetting to lock the door first. This was still Gong Yexiao’s territory. She had to take the necessary precautions.

That night, Gong Yexiao stayed in the room, keeping the little boy company while Cheng Liyue slept in the guest bedroom.

Even though it was already the middle of the night, Gong Yexiao still could not fall asleep. There was a new addition to his home – a son and an alluring woman. How could he possibly fall asleep?

But Cheng Liyue had long fallen asleep, and had even slept soundly until dawn.

Early morning

Cheng Liyue was roused by her son’s laughter from outside. Pushing the window open, she caught sight of the little boy and Gong Yexiao tossing a ball on the lawn right outside her window. The little fellow was doing it quite skillfully. Gong Yexiao was dressed in black sportswear. While coaching the little boy, Gong Yexiao would pick him up from time to time. He even taught the little fellow to do sit-ups. Holding onto his small calves, Gong Yexiao saw that the little boy was diligent in his exercise.

After seven or eight times, the little boy was exhausted. Gong Yexiao lifted him up. He lay on the grass and wrapped the little boy in his arms. He let out a hearty laugh and the little boy giggled along with him.

The father-and-son pair looked very affectionate.

Leaning against the windowsill, Cheng Liyue exhaled a sigh. This sort of happiness was what her son had lacked since childhood. In the past, she would take her son to a nearby field. Looking at the scene of fathers playing football with their sons, the little boy would refuse to leave. Blinking his big eyes, he would look on in envy. When she had looked at him back then, she had felt the urge to cry. But at this moment, there was no need for her son to be envious of others because he now has a great father.

Cheng Liyue had to go to work today. Glancing at the clock, she realized it was almost half past eight. She was about to be late.

Without much thought she opened the closet and saw that there were rows and rows of women’s clothes. And they were all new. There was even a row filled with nightwear. Darn it. Yesterday, the man had purposely chose those skimpy nightgowns when there were clearly many types of nightwear.

She felt as if she had been fooled.

Selecting an elegant outfit, she put it on. Dressed in a white blouse and a body-hugging skirt, her figure was displayed to its best advantage.

While walking down the stairs, Cheng Liyue happened to meet the little boy whose hand was held in Gong Yexiao’s larger one as they came in. Cheng Liyue carried her bag and said to the little fellow, “Xiao Ze, you will be playing here today. Mommy will be going to work. You must be obedient, okay?”

“En! Mommy, don’t worry! I’ll be very good.”

Cheng Liyue then thought of the road leading to this place. It was impossible to hail a cab from here. She said to the man, “Hey, can I borrow one of your cars?”

“The cars are in the basement garage. Take your pick.” Gong Yexiao answered.

Zhang De, the steward, walked over. “Ms Cheng, allow me to guide you there.”

After that, he walked to the elevator and pushed the button to go down. Cheng Liyue followed the steward into the elevator.

The little boy was waving happily at her. Cheng Liyue smiled and blew him a kiss before the elevator door closed.

Arriving at the basement garage, Cheng Liyue figured that any car handed to her would be good enough. Who would have known that there would be more than fifty cars neatly lined up in the basement garage, and they were either top-of-the-line sports cars, or cars that were worth tens of millions of dollars.

Cheng Liyue was dumbstruck.

“Ms Cheng, please choose any one of them. The keys are in the car.”

Cheng Liyue took in a deep breath. Standing in front of all these cars, she had difficulty selecting one.

“So, which car is the cheapest?” Cheng Liyue’s brain was burning up as she asked.

Chapter 40: His Wealth

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