Shen Qiao lies back on her bed and takes out her mobile phone to look at the time.

It was almost time for Mo to go to bed at night. She would wait a little longer.

As a result, Shen Qiao was probably mad and fell asleep when she lay down. When she woke up, it was already the next morning.

When Shen Qiao gets up, the bed in the night is already empty. She grabs her mobile phone and finds it's almost time to go to work.

Think of what, Shen Qiao quickly turned out of bed, in the night deep bedside lying down.

Fortunately, the delicate button was still lying there quietly.

Detective Shen Qiao tried to catch the button. It was far away. Shen Qiao's fingertips just touched it. Instead of catching the button back, he pushed the button out.

Seeing the button rolling forward, Shen Qiao almost fainted when she was far away from her.

Now this position is her limit, and she can't get it if she goes in.

Shen Qiao can only get up to the other side to try to get it, but not to the other side farther.

"What are you doing?"

A cold voice suddenly rang out.

Shen Qiao was so scared that she almost got out of her body.

This is the voice of the night, he Isn't it time to go to work in the company? How did you come back all of a sudden? Shen Qiao is lying there motionless, because she doesn't know how to react. How to deal with Wan's body?

She was lying there motionless, more suspicious, night Mo deep micro squint eyes, turning the wheelchair under her to her direction, nearly to her side, Shen Qiao just got up, and grabbed an ear nail in his hand.

"I've lost my earring, so I've come to look for it."

Night Mo deep eyes look, see her hand took a shiny earring.

"You seem nervous?"

Hearing this, Shen Qiao breathed, "No."

"No?" Ye Mo Shen picked her eyebrows and continued to slide in the wheelchair. The strong masculine breath came slowly towards her: "that Why do you look at your forehead

Shen Qiao took a big step back and withdrew from the encirclement of yemoshen's powerful aura: "I just went back and forth to my earrings. It's a little hot. I've been looking for it for a long time, so it's a little hot."

Finish saying, Shen Qiao turns to walk toward bathroom direction, she should go to wash gargle.

The reason why he didn't worry about yemoshen's discovery was that he was sitting in a wheelchair. If no one helped him, he would not have a chance to see what was lost under the bed, so the button should be safe there.

So she can go to work today.

Before Shen Qiaolin went to work, the night old man called her to the study and told her to go to find time today to go to Lu's group and talk about this cooperation. He also told her not to Tell ye Moshen about it.

Since Shen Qiao arrived at the company, she has been having a headache.

These two grandsons have different ideas. It's really difficult for her to be a person in the middle.

She didn't dare to disobey the orders of the old man.

So Shen Qiao thought for a moment. She got up and went out. After getting on the bus, she said to the taxi driver, "Hello, please go to this address..."

Shen Qiao reported the location of Lu's company to the driver.

After arriving at the Lu family, Shen Qiao goes directly to the front desk and finds out that she has no appointment at all.

"I'm sorry, miss. I can't see Mr. Lu without an appointment. What can I do for you?" The front desk stares at her suspiciously, and her eyes fall on her dress.

Shen Qiao's face flushed with her gaze, remembering what yemoshen said last night and what happened when she went to Yeshi group for the first time.

It seems that she has to change some clothes.

"I'll make an appointment to come back this afternoon."

After that, Shen Qiao left Lu's group. When she came out, she didn't ask ye Moshen for leave. For the past two days, Moshen regarded her as a transparent person in the company and didn't need her help at all. In addition, master ye said that ye Moshen couldn't know about it, so she didn't say so.

So Shen Qiao secretly returned to her post and sat for a while. Nothing happened. She was relieved.

After calming down, Shen qiaocai called Lu's side to show his intention and identity. However, Shen Qiao was so stunned that he had to dial again.

This time, the people over there said sarcastically, "this lady, if you call me again to harass you, don't blame us for our impoliteness."

Then he hung up the phone again.

Shen Qiao put down the phone helplessly.

The other side's attitude seems to be very tough. It should be Lu Pingxiang's explanation after he goes back.

There is no way to make an appointment. I can only wait until I get off work in the evening and tell the night master.

Near the end of work, Han Xueyou called Shen Qiao and asked her to meet.

Shen Qiao agreed.

After finishing packing up, Shen Qiao goes to the elevator door, just as Xiao Su also pushes ye Moshen out of the office. Seeing him, Shen Qiao moves his eyes away with some guilty heart.He didn't pay attention to himself recently. He should not know what he went out in the morning?

"Assistant Shen."

Xiao Su changed her address from Miss Shen to assistant Shen, naturally.

In the face of Xiao Su, Shen Qiao is grateful. After all, it is he who let himself move that small bed, which has solved many problems for her.

So Shen Qiao looked at Xiao Su, a gentle smile appeared naturally on his face, and nodded to him.

That smile is very dazzling, shaking night Mo deep, eyes uncomfortable, frown.

Xiao Su has been following the night for a long time. He wants to do something. He moves his finger and immediately understands it. Now the breath on his body is cold. Xiao Su responds immediately.

Yeshao recently Something's wrong, isn't it?

Ding -

when the elevator came, Shen Qiao and other night Mo Shen went in, but also stood still.

"Assistant Shen, won't you come in?" Xiao Su couldn't help asking.

Shen Qiao regained consciousness and laughed: "I forgot that my computer didn't turn off. I'll check it again. You go first."

Finish saying, Shen Qiao steps to want to leave, don't want night Mo deep but at this time mouth way: "come in."

Shen Qiao steps a meal, look back at him: "but the night is little, my computer..."

"The computer is off."

"How do you know?"

"I saw it."

Shen Qiao:

He said that. What else could she say? I just stepped in.

After entering, the elevator door closed slowly.

The small elevator is covered by the indifference of the whole body at night. Shen Qiao has no place to hide.

"Did you go out in the morning?"

Shen Qiao's heart was pounding.

"No, No

She remembered what the old man said to himself that this matter could not be known by Yemo.

"No?" Night Mo deep pick eyebrow, the voice obviously more a wipe sharp.

Shen Qiao's eyes jumped.

"Not to tell the truth?"

"I I did go out for a while in the morning

"What are you doing?"

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