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Two years ago, Nina married a man she had never met. She didn’t know his name or his age; she knew nothing about this person she was married to. Their marriage was nothing more than a contract with conditions, and one of the clauses was that she should not sleep with another man.

Yet, Nina lost her virginity to a stranger when she knocked at the wrong door one night.

With the compensation she had to pay weighing her down, she decided to draw up a divorce agreement on her own.

When she finally met her husband to hand over the papers, she was shocked to find that her husband was none other than the man she had “cheated” on him with!

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Chapter 1 How Long Have You Been Doing This
Chapter 2 Married
Chapter 3 Divorce Agreement
Chapter 4 How Dare You Set Me Up
Chapter 5 Is Your Husband A Eunuch
Chapter 6 Something Wrong With The Perfume
Chapter 7 Selling Her Body
Chapter 8 Beat Her Up
Chapter 9 She Is Your Wife
Chapter 10 An International Hacker
Chapter 11 The Song Family Is Defending Her
Chapter 12 So Pitiful
Chapter 13 He Likes Married Women
Chapter 14 You Deserve It
Chapter 15 Lets Run Away
Chapter 16 James
Chapter 17 Uncle John
Chapter 18 A New Friend
Chapter 19 More Slaps
Chapter 20 I Will Never Forget Her
Chapter 21 What Could Have Gone Wrong
Chapter 22 Look What You Have Done
Chapter 23 Aunt Nina
Chapter 24 My Little Girl
Chapter 25 You Scumbag
Chapter 26 I Love My Husband
Chapter 27 You Cant Do It
Chapter 28 Are You Dating James
Chapter 29 My Uncle Likes You
Chapter 30 You Are So Stupid
Chapter 31 Meeting In The Toilet
Chapter 32 You Can Look At Me All You Want
Chapter 33 I Can Be Your Man
Chapter 34 A New Car
Chapter 35 Revenge
Chapter 36 The Dinner Party
Chapter 37 Satisfied With Her Service
Chapter 38 Ill Invest
Chapter 39 Ill Deal With You Later
Chapter 40 Johns Woman
Chapter 41 Throw Herself Into His Arms
Chapter 42 Verbal Gratitude
Chapter 43 It Feels So Good
Chapter 44 Call Him By His Name
Chapter 45 You Get What You Deserve
Chapter 46 Go To Hell
Chapter 47 Passing By
Chapter 48 None Of My Business
Chapter 49 Vivian Ye
Chapter 50 Childhood Sweetheart
Chapter 51 Its Mine
Chapter 52 She Is Jealous
Chapter 53 Are You With Another Man
Chapter 54 Tit For Tat
Chapter 55 A Fatuous Man
Chapter 56 Abuse Of Power
Chapter 57 Self Criticism
Chapter 58 Is John So Weak
Chapter 59 Fiancee
Chapter 60 My Pet Elk Bit It
Chapter 61 Another Suicide Case
Chapter 62 A Calm And Gentle Man
Chapter 63 The Serial Killing
Chapter 64 A Lollipop
Chapter 65 Getting A Divorce
Chapter 66 Beggars Sect
Chapter 67 Clues
Chapter 68 Case Closed
Chapter 69 Miss The Time For Divorce
Chapter 70 Dinner For Three
Chapter 71 Dispose That Car
Chapter 72 Because I Am Your Man
Chapter 73 The First Man And Also The Last
Chapter 74 Pay For It Yourself
Chapter 75 Why Does He Favor Nina
Chapter 76 I Dont Like Him
Chapter 77 Kidnapping
Chapter 78 Help Me
Chapter 79 Help Me
Chapter 80 He Isnt Afraid Of You
Chapter 81 Call Her Mrs. Shi
Chapter 82 Good Flattery
Chapter 83 An Invitation
Chapter 84 Expressing Her Love
Chapter 85 Carry Her Again
Chapter 86 Fit And Strong Enough
Chapter 87 Was She His Downfall
Chapter 88 Meet Noah
Chapter 89 Not A Mistress
Chapter 90 My Wife Is Nina
Chapter 91 The Only One In The Dark
Chapter 92 This Is The Person I Love
Chapter 93 Tear Up The Divorce Agreement
Chapter 94 Punishment
Chapter 95 I Dont Like You
Chapter 96 Vivian Is Not My Fiancee
Chapter 97 He Has Something On Her
Chapter 98 Move In
Chapter 99 Trick John
Chapter 100 A Tibetan Mastiff
Chapter 101 I Dont Like Vivian
Chapter 102 Nina Doesnt Deserve John
Chapter 103 Take One Million And Leave Him
Chapter 104 Get Upset
Chapter 105 I Like John
Chapter 106 You Are Cuckolded
Chapter 107 A Good Girl
Chapter 108 Why Are You Jealous
Chapter 109 You Beat Me All The Way
Chapter 110 John Fools His Wife
Chapter 111 What A Coincidence
Chapter 112 Orders
Chapter 113 Forty Million
Chapter 114 Helen Of Troy
Chapter 115 Your Bodyguard
Chapter 116 Im Not A Little Girl
Chapter 117 You Little Liar
Chapter 118 Call Her Mrs. Shi
Chapter 119 Shut Up
Chapter 120 Stop It
Chapter 121 Marriage Licenses
Chapter 122 The Shi Family
Chapter 123 She Is After Your Money
Chapter 124 I Wont Go Bankrupt
Chapter 125 The Photo
Chapter 126 Only Medicine Cures Diseases
Chapter 127 Bags Can Cure All Diseases
Chapter 128 Vivians Birthday
Chapter 129 Attend The Party
Chapter 130 Different Generations
Chapter 131 Who Gave It To You
Chapter 132 Call Me Aunt
Chapter 133 Friendship
Chapter 134 Kristina Likes Nina
Chapter 135 A Slap
Chapter 136 Harrison Is Someone Elses Fiance
Chapter 137 Beat Him Until He Agrees To Divorce
Chapter 138 You Have Bad Taste
Chapter 139 The Marriage License
Chapter 140 Official Announcement
Chapter 141 You Are So Ugly
Chapter 142 Everyone Was Stunned
Chapter 143 Run Away
Chapter 144 Treat Me As Your Brother
Chapter 145 How Shameless
Chapter 146 Find A Place To Hide
Chapter 147 Threaten Her To Go Home
Chapter 148 Take Them Off
Chapter 149 I Love You
Chapter 150 Its My Fault
Chapter 151 Nina And Jessica
Chapter 152 Romantic
Chapter 153 Made An Agreement
Chapter 154 Murder A Person With A Borrowed Knife
Chapter 155 Enemys Enemy Was A Friend
Chapter 156 Scheming
Chapter 157 Easy To Make Money
Chapter 158 Narcissistic Genes
Chapter 159 Overwhelmed By His Stamina
Chapter 160 I Will Protect You
Chapter 161 A Micro Bug
Chapter 162 Meeting Johns Family
Chapter 163 Are You Blaming Me
Chapter 164 A Target Of Public Criticism
Chapter 165 Jessicas Fit
Chapter 166 Dont Mess With A Girl On Her Period
Chapter 167 Ninas Identity
Chapter 168 The Princess Of C Island
Chapter 169 A Critical Moment
Chapter 170 She Is A Hacker
Chapter 171 The Traitor
Chapter 172 Intimate Distance
Chapter 173 Who Are You
Chapter 174 Choose To Believe Her
Chapter 175 Win His Heart
Chapter 176 I Dont Know Him
Chapter 177 She Doesnt Get You
Chapter 178 What John Likes
Chapter 179 A Pearl Sent By Kristina
Chapter 180 Isabellas Scheme
Chapter 181 Save Nina
Chapter 182 A Koala Hug
Chapter 183 A Husband Sings His Wifes Tune
Chapter 184 Acting Shamelessly
Chapter 185 Love Without Hiding
Chapter 186 The Punishment
Chapter 187 Love Me, Love My Dog
Chapter 188 It Will Only Cause Problems
Chapter 189 Get Angry So Easily
Chapter 190 I Am Your Feet And You Are My Hands
Chapter 191 Youll Marry Me
Chapter 192 Plea
Chapter 193 Dont Want To Doubt Nina
Chapter 194 John Was Away
Chapter 195 Kristinas Dead
Chapter 196 Not A Suicide
Chapter 197 John Was Suspected
Chapter 198 Prove John Innocent
Chapter 199 Misunderstanding
Chapter 200 Is She A Spy
Chapter 201 Tit For Tat
Chapter 202 Imprisonment
Chapter 203 Escape
Chapter 204 Nine Found Her
Chapter 205 Locked In For A Whole Day
Chapter 206 Im Dying
Chapter 207 Find Something
Chapter 208 Kristinas Boyfriend
Chapter 209 Kristina And Albert (Part One)
Chapter 210 Kristina And Albert (Part Two)
Chapter 211 Kristina And Albert (Part Three)
Chapter 212 Kristina And Albert (Part Four)
Chapter 213 Kristina And Albert (Part Five)
Chapter 214 Danger Is Approaching
Chapter 215 The Underground Laboratory
Chapter 216 She Doesnt Want To Stay With You
Chapter 217 Imprisoned
Chapter 218 Albert killed Kristina
Chapter 219 Why Did You Kill Her
Chapter 220 Trapped
Chapter 221 John Finally Came
Chapter 222 Im Sorry
Chapter 223 Ask For Trouble
Chapter 224 You Bastard
Chapter 225 Nina Took M.C.
Chapter 226 Kristina Committed Suicide
Chapter 227 No Misunderstanding
Chapter 228 Well Be Together
Chapter 229 Isabella Wants Revenge
Chapter 230 Slap Yourself
Chapter 231 Weigh The Pros And Cons
Chapter 232 Falling Off The Building
Chapter 233 You Are My Hero
Chapter 234 Lets Have A Baby
Chapter 235 No One To Blame
Chapter 236 The Spy
Chapter 237 Alberts Will
Chapter 238 Legacy Crisis
Chapter 239 Give Up Inheriting Ye Group
Chapter 240 Nightmare
Chapter 241 They Should Have A Child
Chapter 242 Real Genius
Chapter 243 This Is My Family Matter
Chapter 244 Take A Fancy To Your Body
Chapter 245 Your Future Daughter-in-law
Chapter 246 Emma
Chapter 247 Playing Hard To Get
Chapter 248 Lets Use The Study Tonight
Chapter 249 The Kitchen Was In A Mess
Chapter 250 Were Getting Divorce
Chapter 251 Punish Isabella
Chapter 252 Death Struggle
Chapter 253 A Life Was Taken
Chapter 254 Get Away With It
Chapter 255 Spare None
Chapter 256 Imprisoned In The Psychiatric Hospital
Chapter 257 Just Sleep
Chapter 258 Leon Is Coming
Chapter 259 Too Young To Have Got Married
Chapter 260 The CEOs Wife
Chapter 261 The Reunion Of The Siblings
Chapter 262 Youre So Good-looking
Chapter 263 The Princess Of C Island
Chapter 264 Stay Up All Night
Chapter 265 Eager To See You
Chapter 266 Bantering
Chapter 267 What An Interesting Girl
Chapter 268 Take Leon Away
Chapter 269 A Loose Woman
Chapter 270 Catch Nina Cheating
Chapter 271 Torn Into Pieces
Chapter 272 We Got It Wrong
Chapter 273 A Handmade Dress
Chapter 274 They Look Exactly The Same
Chapter 275 You Cannot Kiss
Chapter 276 Too Fraudulent
Chapter 277 A False Rejoice
Chapter 278 Find The Ring
Chapter 279 Be Responsible For Her
Chapter 280 Before The Dinner Party
Chapter 281 At The Party
Chapter 282 A Trap
Chapter 283 The Other Woman
Chapter 284 Flattery Before The Fall
Chapter 285 The Battle
Chapter 286 Johns Pride
Chapter 287 Her Identity
Chapter 288 This Is Not Over
Chapter 289 A Slave For His Sister
Chapter 290 My Wife Is Leaving
Chapter 291 Is This You
Chapter 292 Youre Welcome
Chapter 293 Take My Wife Home
Chapter 294 Nina Got Drunk Again
Chapter 295 Hot For You
Chapter 296 You Cant Stand It
Chapter 297 Jessicas Punishment
Chapter 298 Cast Pearls Before Swine
Chapter 299 The Surprise
Chapter 300 The Banyan Tree
Chapter 301 I Know Its You
Chapter 302 Tearing-resistant
Chapter 303 Thinking About Another Man
Chapter 304 Unwrap This Gift Yourself
Chapter 305 Big Boy And Little Girl
Chapter 306 Noahs Invitation
Chapter 307 Only Belong To You
Chapter 308 Call Someone Else Honey
Chapter 309 Buy Him A Flower
Chapter 310 I Dont Like Roses
Chapter 311 You Were Jealous
Chapter 312 Poke The Condoms With A Needle At Midnight
Chapter 313 Michelles Cooking
Chapter 314 Campus Romance
Chapter 315 Exceedingly Handsome
Chapter 316 Let Me Touch It
Chapter 317 Dont Touch It Anymore
Chapter 318 Adrian Came To Visit
Chapter 319 I Want Both
Chapter 320 Just A Dream
Chapter 321 A Couple Of Idiots
Chapter 322 Draw Her Attention
Chapter 323 I Have A Lot Of Money
Chapter 324 You Are Getting Better And Better
Chapter 325 The World Is Dangerous
Chapter 326 Too Fast
Chapter 327 An Opportunity
Chapter 328 My Husband Is Hotter Than You
Chapter 329 Youre A Murderer
Chapter 330 She Ended A Life
Chapter 331 I Cant Redeem Myself
Chapter 332 Nina Pushed Me
Chapter 333 Avenge Our Childs Death
Chapter 334 Death And Dismemberment
Chapter 335 The Truth Of Julies Miscarriage
Chapter 336 Always Alone
Chapter 337 Ill Break Your Legs
Chapter 338 Rainy Days
Chapter 339 All In Vain
Chapter 340 Her Husband Is A Good Man
Chapter 341 Henrys Secret
Chapter 342 Youve Hidden It Well
Chapter 343 The Tacit Understanding Between Brothers
Chapter 344 Be More Confident
Chapter 345 This Wasnt Noahs Style At All
Chapter 346 Het Him Definitely
Chapter 347 A Joke
Chapter 348 Preparing For Pregnancy
Chapter 349 Are You Impotent
Chapter 350 Morning Exercise
Chapter 351 An Earthquake
Chapter 352 Her True Colors
Chapter 353 Look For Emma
Chapter 354 I Miss You
Chapter 355 Blush
Chapter 356 I Cant Afford to Offend Nina
Chapter 357 A Dog In The Manger
Chapter 358 Shes So Smart
Chapter 359 Robbery
Chapter 360 Good Sound Insulation Effect
Chapter 361 My Love
Chapter 362 Follow Her
Chapter 363 The Engagement Party
Chapter 364 An Elaborate Plan (Part One)
Chapter 365 An Elaborate Plan (Part Two)
Chapter 366 Sleeping With Another Woman
Chapter 367 Something Is Wrong
Chapter 368 Be Busy Having Sex
Chapter 369 Evidence Pointing To Jessica
Chapter 370 The Thief Is Mr. John
Chapter 371 He Wont Hurt His Sister
Chapter 372 Turn Over The Balcony To Find His Wife
Chapter 373 John Will Accept The Punishment Of Kneel Down
Chapter 374 John Ate Up All The Noodles
Chapter 375 In The Same Boat Of Glory And Loss
Chapter 376 Take Nina Back To C Island
Chapter 377 Struggle Before Giving Up
Chapter 378 Kiss You Many Times
Chapter 379 Its Warm
Chapter 380 Drew A Story Of Them
Chapter 381 I Want To Make A Bet With You
Chapter 382 He Didnt Save Her. He Lied To Her.
Chapter 383 Nina Is Pregnant
Chapter 384 Sam Is In Critical Condition
Chapter 385 Agree To Marry Vivian
Chapter 386 Plan To Divorce
Chapter 387 Being Too Ashamed To Face Nina
Chapter 388 Day After Day
Chapter 389 The Death Certificate
Chapter 390 Things Are Not That Simple
Chapter 391 Wait For John To Take The Initiative
Chapter 392 The Castle In The Mountain
Chapter 393 Supervision
Chapter 394 I Would Rather Give Up My Identity As A Princess
Chapter 395 Get Fathers Support
Chapter 396 A Quarrel Between Husband And Wife
Chapter 397 I Want Nini
Chapter 398 Become Thinner
Chapter 399 Appear In Johns Dream
Chapter 400 Mother, I Beg You
Chapter 401 James Was Scared By A Ghost
Chapter 402 The Love Affair Of Michelle
Chapter 403 The Deal Between Mother And Daughter
Chapter 404 Im Bound to Marry You
Chapter 405 Princess Jumped Into The Sea To Kill Herself
Chapter 406 Nina Knew Her Pregnancy
Chapter 407 I Really Doubt If You Are A Man
Chapter 408 Mad Mrs. Nangong
Chapter 409 Dress Up As A Man
Chapter 410 I Like You So Much
Chapter 411 Nina, Marry Me
Chapter 412 The Ring Is Back
Chapter 413 Vicente And Ninas CP Fans Fantasizing Their Wedding On The Lunar July 7th
Chapter 414 Misjudge You
Chapter 415 Oppress Others With Identity
Chapter 416 Break The Fingers One By One
Chapter 417 Twins
Chapter 418 The Numbness Of Vicente
Chapter 419 Shackles
Chapter 420 I Want To Marry Vivian
Chapter 421 Wedding Day Was The New Years Eve
Chapter 422 Suspicion
Chapter 423 I Can Finally Marry John
Chapter 424 A Long Delay May Cause Trouble
Chapter 425 Found Out The Secret Of Henry
Chapter 426 John Wont Come To Choose The Wedding Dress
Chapter 427 Gorgeous Wedding Gown Shinning More Brightly Than Starry River
Chapter 428 The Wedding Dress Reflected Johns Missing
Chapter 429 Black Wedding Dress
Chapter 430 Was It Really A Coincidence
Chapter 431 Loving A Person To The Extreme Was A Sin
Chapter 432 Whats Wrong With You, Vivian
Chapter 433 A Frightened Bird
Chapter 434 What I Was Worried About Finally Happened
Chapter 435 James Doesnt Want His Sister Anymore
Chapter 436 What Are You Doing Behind Our Back
Chapter 437 Something More Important Than His Life
Chapter 438 Mimi Was So Cool
Chapter 439 Perish Together
Chapter 440 A Black Wedding
Chapter 441 Fortunately, I Got You
Chapter 442 Mr. John Had A Car Accident
Chapter 443 Cancel The Wedding
Chapter 444 The Micro Listener in the Necklace Was Exposed
Chapter 445 Denial
Chapter 446 Insisted On Denying
Chapter 447 A Slap
Chapter 448 A Little Impatience Would Spoil A Great Plan
Chapter 449 Fell Into A Trap
Chapter 450 A Chick To Be Slaughtered
Chapter 451 Didnt Find Him
Chapter 452 Noah Arrived At C Island
Chapter 453 Take Off The Clothes In Front Of Him
Chapter 454 Of Course I Like Men
Chapter 455 The Man Who Came Here For You
Chapter 456 This Woman Betrayed Her Teammates
Chapter 457 Being Jealous Because Of The Babies
Chapter 458 She Can Only Be My Little Girl
Chapter 459 Use Violence To Solve Problems
Chapter 460 Punish Vivian (Part one)
Chapter 461 Punish Vivian (2)
Chapter 462 Punishing Vivian (Part Three)
Chapter 463 Discredited
Chapter 464 John Come
Chapter 465 Watch A Movie
Chapter 466 Honey, Im Here
Chapter 467 Eager To Hug Her
Chapter 468 You Are Finally Back In My Arms
Chapter 469 Theyre Watched
Chapter 470 You Are Pregnant With Vicentes Child
Chapter 471 Another Car Accident
Chapter 472 Twin Boys
Chapter 473 I Suspect That The Childs Father Is Mr. Shi
Chapter 474 John Was Jealous
Chapter 475 The Nicknames
Chapter 476 Nina Hasnt Woken Up Yet
Chapter 477 She Forgot Him When She Woke Up
Chapter 478 What I Was Worried About Finally Happened
Chapter 479 Memory Confusion
Chapter 480 Still Remember Him
Chapter 481 Not Even A Glance
Chapter 482 I Was Offended
Chapter 483 Pregnant Women Will Be A Fool In Three Years
Chapter 484 The One Month Birthday Party
Chapter 485 Appoint To Fight
Chapter 486 Sneak Attack
Chapter 487 Lie
Chapter 488 I Really Cant Stand It
Chapter 489 Memory Loss
Chapter 490 Choose To Be Selfish
Chapter 491 He Hid His Affection
Chapter 492 Do You Like Me
Chapter 493 Please Behave Yourself
Chapter 494 Curious About The Face Under The Mask
Chapter 495 Kabe-don
Chapter 496 Kiss Me
Chapter 497 Kneel Down
Chapter 498 Im Going To Take You Away From Him
Chapter 499 Irritated Again
Chapter 500 Nonsense Seemed To Be True
Chapter 501 Heaven Never Seals Off All The Exits
Chapter 502 You Are Not Him
Chapter 503 John, Hug Me
Chapter 504 Get On The Wrong Car
Chapter 505 Cali Found Out That Demi Was A Spy
Chapter 506 Avoiding The Pursuit
Chapter 507 Search For Cali
Chapter 508 Survive On The Forest Island
Chapter 509 Act Together
Chapter 510 Noah Blocked The Knife For Him
Chapter 511 Order Him Well
Chapter 512 Im Afraid I Cant Help It
Chapter 513 Change A Posture
Chapter 514 Please Be Specific To The Second
Chapter 515 A Lot Of Strawberries
Chapter 516 John, Go And Save Cali
Chapter 517 Explode Her Eyes With One Needle
Chapter 518 Cali Wants To Marry John
Chapter 519 I Would Rather Be Bitten By A Dog Than Let You Kiss Me!
Chapter 520 Can I Bite Now
Chapter 521 Sorry, I Let Go Of Your Hand
Chapter 522 People Are Afraid Of Fame
Chapter 523 You Are Not Ruthless Enough
Chapter 524 Bite Every Part Once
Chapter 525 Demi Attempted Suicide But Failed
Chapter 526 There Is Something Wrong With Nina
Chapter 527 How To Get Rid Of Calis Idea
Chapter 528 How To Please An Unkind Mother-in-law
Chapter 529 I Love Morning More
Chapter 530 Show Off Love
Chapter 531 Just A Guess
Chapter 532 Demi Has Excellent Psychological Quality
Chapter 533 Half-true And Half-fake Past
Chapter 534 Run Away After Flirting
Chapter 535 Deal
Chapter 536 Reach An Agreement!
Chapter 537 What Does It Mean To Enter A Mans Room
Chapter 538 The Real Demi Was Dead!
Chapter 539 The Best In The World!
Chapter 540 Ninas Amazing Memory
Chapter 541 Im Fine As Long As You Are Fine
Chapter 542 John Discovered Shocking Secret
Chapter 543 How To Express Love
Chapter 544 Im Here, I Wont Let You Be Punished!
Chapter 545 Noah And Leon Left
Chapter 546 Compared With A Beauty, I Want Career More!
Chapter 547 No Soundproofing, Dont Make A Sound
Chapter 548 Was You Born In The Year Of The Dog Yes
Chapter 549 Cali Confessed Her Love To John That He Was Frustrated
Chapter 550 I Catch You, Little Girl
Chapter 551 I Am Going To Carry You Now
Chapter 552 Can You Refuse Me
Chapter 553 John Returning Home
Chapter 554 James Turned Over
Chapter 555 The Whole Family Gave Him A Cold Shoulder!
Chapter 556 I Have Two Younger Cousins
Chapter 557 A Powerful Man That Others Couldnt Offend Easily Appeared In The Lexingport City
Chapter 558 Mr. Shi, Your Wife Have Taught You Well
Chapter 559 Something Affecting Sleep
Chapter 560 Meet With Tim In The Nightclub!
Chapter 561 Where Is He
Chapter 562 John, Kiss Me
Chapter 563 You, A Freak
Chapter 564 Nina Secretly Appeared In The Lexingport City
Chapter 565 Enough Instant Noodles At Home
Chapter 566 Dont Let Uncle John Have An Affair With Other!
Chapter 567 Business Is Business
Chapter 568 Drag Vivian Into An Alley To Beat Her Up
Chapter 569 Old Rascal And Young Rascal
Chapter 570 Cali Saw Everything
Chapter 571 Hesitation
Chapter 572 Recording
Chapter 573 Being Exposed To Have An Affair In Marriage
Chapter 574 Punish One As A Warning To Others!
Chapter 575 Punish Him To Stand In The Scorching Sun!
Chapter 576 John Is The Most Talented Man In The World!
Chapter 577 Had To Wait For Another Three Years
Chapter 578 Mom, Guess Who I Am
Chapter 579 Want To Be An Elder Brother!
Chapter 580 Call Him Elder Brother If Need Help
Chapter 581 Be My Bride When You Grew Up
Chapter 582 Went To J Entertainment Company For Boss
Chapter 583 Van And Don Were Scalded
Chapter 584 He Was Bragging
Chapter 585 Ban
Chapter 586 Serene Investigation Firm
Chapter 587 She Was The Gift
Chapter 588 He Was No Longer The Most Handsome Man In The World
Chapter 589 I Feel Flustered As Soon As You Call My Name
Chapter 590 Superman, Daddy, Carried One On His Back And The Other In His Arms!
Chapter 591 The Uncle And His Nephew Took Action Secretly In The Midnight!
Chapter 592 Group Up To Hold Their Own Wife Back Secretly
Chapter 593 Children Coax Their Father
Chapter 594 The Household Register Was Stolen!
Chapter 595 Mr. Shi Was Anxious And Nervous!
Chapter 596 Look, Im A Wise Leader
Chapter 597 Live Streaming Of Eating Computer
Chapter 598 Flatter Him Again
Chapter 599 Michelle Is Back
Chapter 600 Accosting
Chapter 601 Master Tims Longing For Love
Chapter 602 The Deal Between Two Gentlemen
Chapter 603 Vivian Was Arrested
Chapter 604 Arrest Her With Several Crimes At The Same Time!
Chapter 605 Vivian And Her Mother Asked For Help!
Chapter 606 Threatening Others In Front Of Policeman
Chapter 607 A Tragic Ending
Chapter 608 Will Ye Family Have No Descendants
Chapter 609 Brother Seemed To Be Bent
Chapter 610 Candidates Of Bridesmaid And Groomsman
Chapter 611 Telling The Truth After Drinking
Chapter 612 Make Her Life A Living Hell!
Chapter 613 Mimi Is Seriously Ill
Chapter 614 Can Leon Like Me
Chapter 615 Secret Love Was Like Making A Jar Of Wine
Chapter 616 The Wedding Part One
Chapter 617 The Wedding Part Two
Chapter 618 The Wedding Part Three
Chapter 619 The Wedding Part Four
Chapter 620 The Wedding Part Five
Chapter 621 The Wedding Part Six
Chapter 622 Michelle
Chapter 623 Happiness Knocked On Door
Chapter 624 Three Years Ago
Chapter 625 Leon, Ill Cook You A Bowl Of Noodles
Chapter 626 Leon, I Support You
Chapter 627 Good Night, Brother
Chapter 631 Brothers Legs Are So Long
Chapter 632 Recognized His Identity
Chapter 628 I Dont Know Which Man Will Marry Her
Chapter 629 Are You Michelles Boyfriend
Chapter 630 Brother, Im A Good Girl
Chapter 633 Gave Him A Suggestion
Chapter 634 He Is Really Raised
Chapter 635 Unbearable Memories
Chapter 636 They Can Make It
Chapter 637 Is It Really Small
Chapter 638 Change The WeChat Nickname
Chapter 639 Dont Judge People By Their Looks
Chapter 640 I Can Get Pregnant After A Few More Sleep
Chapter 641 Heart Thumping
Chapter 642 Climb On My Brothers Back
Chapter 643 Sisters Peach Blossom
Chapter 644 A Gift For Childrens Day
Chapter 645 Brother Has A Gun With Him
Chapter 646 The New Michelle
Chapter 647 Ill Take Her Away
Chapter 648 Brother Is Handsome And Unparalleled
Chapter 649 Michelles Words Sent Him To The Heaven
Chapter 650 I Want To Bite My Brothers Mouth
Chapter 651 Wrenches In The Mortal World
Chapter 652 I Want to take My Date With Me
Chapter 653 Michelle Was Dreaming To Be Rich Every Day
Chapter 654 Something Is Wrong With My Brain
Chapter 655 Brother Could Do Magic
Chapter 656 Displayed Gallantry
Chapter 657 Ghost House
Chapter 658 Dont Be Afraid. Im Here
Chapter 659 Naughty Girl
Chapter 660 An Evil Intention
Chapter 661 Money Is Everything
Chapter 662 Big Adventure, Brother
Chapter 663 What Kind Of Person Do You Like
Chapter 664 Left Secretly
Chapter 665 This Girl Is So Delicate
Chapter 666 So Sour
Chapter 667 She Liked Her Brother
Chapter 668 Being Honest Without Any Ambiguity
Chapter 669 Mistake
Chapter 670 Leon, What A Rogue You Are!
Chapter 671 You Wont Be Able To See Or Contact Her For The Recent One Or Two Months.
Chapter 672 I Like My Brother, That Kind Of Love
Chapter 673 Cant Wait To See Leon
Chapter 674 Pretend To Be Poor
Chapter 675 Coax Michelle With Strawberries In The Fridge
Chapter 676 She Still Had A Chance
Chapter 677 So Greedy
Chapter 678 The Past
Chapter 679 The Past (Part Two)
Chapter 680 The Air Conditioning Doesnt Work.
Chapter 681 Enjoy The Air Conditioner In Her Room
Chapter 682 Seniority
Chapter 683 You Are My Bird Of Good News
Chapter 684 Sharing A Bed
Chapter 685 She Kissed Leon In Secret!
Chapter 686 Secret
Chapter 687 Use
Chapter 688 Atonement
Chapter 689 Dont Like A Person Secretly
Chapter 690 Stunned
Chapter 691 I Will Help Her Promote Her Seniority
Chapter 692 He Likes To Be Raised By Michelle
Chapter 693 He Called Her Intimately
Chapter 694 Leon Is A temptress
Chapter 695 Passionate
Chapter 696 Overbearing
Chapter 697 Find Women In The Club!
Chapter 698 Valerie Is Back
Chapter 699 I Will Support You For A Lifetime!
Chapter 700 Dont Like Him. He Is Not As Good-looking As Me
Chapter 701 Michelles Too Young To Fall In Love!
Chapter 702 Watching The Fight On The Mountain
Chapter 703 Chase Her By Their Own Abilities
Chapter 704 Mid-Autumn Festival
Chapter 705 Leon, I Miss You
Chapter 706 Come On, Girl
Chapter 707 He Insisted On Staying Here Overnight
Chapter 708 Nervous Because Of Love
Chapter 709 Hiding Something From Each Other
Chapter 710 Happy Birthday, Sister
Chapter 711 A Gentle Man
Chapter 712 I Will Never Dislike You
Chapter 713 We Can Do Something If We Want
Chapter 714 Give Himself To Her.
Chapter 715 Poor Taste
Chapter 716 Express Her Love In A High-profile Way!
Chapter 717 Love Should Be Fought For By Oneself
Chapter 718 Tie Is Like A Girlfriend, A Restriction!
Chapter 719 Competing For A Tie
Chapter 720 A Bracelet Worth Eight Figures!
Chapter 721 Met Valerie Again
Chapter 722 Bring Out The Crucial Point By Saying My Name Is Valerie !
Chapter 723 Keep Silent
Chapter 724 He Was Afraid Of Scaring Her Away
Chapter 725 It Turned Out That Leon Is A Rich Man!
Chapter 726 Crossed In Love Before Starting Dating!
Chapter 727 Leon Is A Secret That She Cant Tell Anyone Else!
Chapter 728 Leon Bastard
Chapter 729 Watch The Play!
Chapter 730 Same Perfume As Leons
Chapter 731 She Thinks Valerie Is A Kind And Beautiful Girl!
Chapter 732 Leave, Memory Ended!
Chapter 733 No Way
Chapter 734 Fall Into Leons Arms
Chapter 735 Want To Know If She Has A Boyfriend
Chapter 736 Valerie Approached Nina On Purpose
Chapter 737 Growing Flowers
Chapter 738 Leon Is Single
Chapter 739 Attempt
Chapter 740 Where Is Aunt
Chapter 741 Uncle Leon And Aunt Michelle Seem To Be Kissing!
Chapter 742 Take The Front Passenger Seat From Now On!
Chapter 743 Endless Fate
Chapter 744 Im Your Fan
Chapter 745 Other Mens Coats
Chapter 746 Are You Doing So To See Me
Chapter 747 Does He Also Like Me
Chapter 748 Get Sick
Chapter 749 He Is So Important To Michelle
Chapter 750 Cover Her Eyes And Dont Let Her See Any Bloody Scene
Chapter 751 Master-hands Fight By Speaking
Chapter 752 Neighbors
Chapter 753 Share My Snacks And Happiness With You
Chapter 754 Plant Strawberry
Chapter 755 Confess To Each Other
Chapter 756 Be In Love
Chapter 757 No One Was Willing To Turn Over A New Leaf After Being A Bastard!
Chapter 758 I Am More Like A Freak
Chapter 759 Valerie Appointed Her
Chapter 760 Emotional Harm
Chapter 761 Leon, Be Quick
Chapter 762 Three Months Time Limit
Chapter 763 Delegate Power
Chapter 764 The Knife On Her Neck
Chapter 765 Fight In The Kindergarten
Chapter 766 Van Are So Considerate
Chapter 767 Be On Call At Any Time
Chapter 768 Is Uncle Blind Or Not
Chapter 769 Where Is The Bracelet I Gave You
Chapter 770 She Can Only Be His Woman All Her Life
Chapter 771 Love Her Innocence
Chapter 772 Its A Waste Not To Do Anything In This Intimate Position
Chapter 773 Even If It Is Destroyed, It Cant Be Given To Others
Chapter 774 I hope you like me more
Chapter 775 Use Other As Tool
Chapter 776 Climbed To The Eighteenth Floor
Chapter 777 She Broke Her Knees And Sprained Her Feet!
Chapter 778 The One Who Was Dedicated Was A Shiner!
Chapter 779 Rescue
Chapter 780 She Was The Only One That Leon Liked
Chapter 781 Expose The Dark History Of Valerie!
Chapter 782 Help Me
Chapter 783 Nina Suspected That She Didnt Fall By Accident
Chapter 784 I Felt Like You Are Protecting Girlfriend!
Chapter 785 No Sense Of Security
Chapter 786 Did I Do Anything Wrong
Chapter 787 Im Sorry That I Failed To Pull You Back In Time!
Chapter 788 You Pushed Me
Chapter 789 Keep The Truth To Yourself
Chapter 790 They Are Innocent
Chapter 791 I Fell In Love With You Three Years Ago
Chapter 792 Blame
Chapter 793 Do You Want To Be Laughingstock
Chapter 794 All Abandoned Her
Chapter 795 Fatal Attraction
Chapter 796 Temptress
Chapter 797 Felt Humiliated
Chapter 798 He Is My Boyfriend
Chapter 799 Smashed Her Car But Gave Her Money!
Chapter 800 Dont You Want To Do Something Else
Chapter 801 Discharging From Hospital
Chapter 802 The North Yard Is So Lively Today
Chapter 803 Off Spring
Chapter 804 You Can Only Drink A Little
Chapter 805 Official Declaration After Getting Drunk
Chapter 806 She Is My Girlfriend
Chapter 807 The Forgotten Tie
Chapter 808 We Are Going To Be Together Until Our Hairs Turn White
Chapter 809 Do You Want To Have A Baby With Me
Chapter 810 A Girl Who Looks Like Michelle
Chapter 811 Entering The Manor
Chapter 812 Ill Heat You Up When You Are Cold
Chapter 813 You Cant See Your Ex-girlfriend
Chapter 814 Happiness
Chapter 815 Objection
Chapter 816 Its Okay To Fall In Love, But Not To Get Married
Chapter 817 Its Not A Good Omen
Chapter 818 Tim Wants To Be Her Family
Chapter 819 Have A Good Time With Leon
Chapter 820 Only For Her
Chapter 821 Boss And His Wife
Chapter 822 I Really Like His Legs
Chapter 823 He Doesnt Want To Torture You, So He Could Only Torture Himself
Chapter 824 Michelle, You Are So Attractive
Chapter 825 Warm Drink Up With Body Temperature
Chapter 826 I Love You, Michelle
Chapter 827 Leon, I Suspect That You Are Flirting
Chapter 828 Secretary Barbie
Chapter 829 I Will Respond To You call At Any Time
Chapter 830 Love Carefully
Chapter 831 Once A Person Feels Sorry For Someone, It Meant That He Or She Had Fallen In Love
Chapter 832 You Have To Become Leons Wife
Chapter 833 Looking For Aunt
Chapter 834 Cant Hurt Johns Children
Chapter 835 You Will Be Greedier After Hugging Me Once
Chapter 836 But Im Willing To Do That
Chapter 837 Michelle, Lets Work Together
Chapter 838 Old Fox
Chapter 839 Bump Into Austin
Chapter 840 She Saved My Life
Chapter 841 Who Let You Ask Me
Chapter 842 Ill Give You My Life, Okay
Chapter 843 Crazy Thoughts
Chapter 844 Does Your Hand Hurt After Slap
Chapter 845 Pay A New Years Visit, The Story Of Grandparents
Chapter 846 On A Business Trip To C Island
Chapter 847 Why Doesnt My Good Friend Have A Brother
Chapter 848 There Is Only One Person Named Leon Lu
Chapter 849 You Look Like Berry
Chapter 850 I Wanted To Do It Secretly
Chapter 851 Jealousy
Chapter 852 Lets Get The Marriage Certificate
Chapter 853 Increase The Intensity Of Exercise
Chapter 854 My Honey Mrs. Lu
Chapter 855 Leon Was Punished
Chapter 856 The Statue Of The Countess
Chapter 857 I Know Your Secret
Chapter 858 Be Together For A Lifetime
Chapter 859 She Deserves Him
Chapter 860 The Marriage Certificate Was Found
Chapter 861 A Heart-To-Heart Talk Between Father And Daughter
Chapter 862 Be Drugged
Chapter 863 Lock Him Up
Chapter 864 The Island She Couldnt Left
Chapter 865 There Were Many Signal Shield On The Island
Chapter 866 The Fake World
Chapter 867 Being Shut Out
Chapter 868 Like His Deceased Relative
Chapter 869 I Didnt Expect That She Would Smile
Chapter 870 Drove There Immediately To Look For Her
Chapter 871 Suspicion
Chapter 872 The Details Revealed Her
Chapter 873 Everyone Was Acting
Chapter 874 Interrogation
Chapter 875 Located The Private Island
Chapter 876 I Wont Let You Touch Me
Chapter 877 Can I Have You
Chapter 878 Locked Herself In The Bathroom And Soaked Herself In Cold Water
Chapter 879 Im Here To Save you. Dont Be Afraid
Chapter 880 A Clingy Child
Chapter 881 Psychological Shadow
Chapter 882 The Ambiguous Marks On Michelle
Chapter 883 The Road To Happiness Is Strewn With Setbacks
Chapter 884 Adams And Elaine Agreed To The Marriage
Chapter 885 Renewing The Bridal Bouquet, Renewing Happiness
Chapter 886 Acting (Part one)
Chapter 887 Acting (Part Two)
Chapter 888 Disillusioned Tim
Chapter 889 They Are All Helping Leon To Persuade Him
Chapter 890 Gossip Behind Michelle
Chapter 891 Official Declaration
Chapter 892 Official Declaration
Chapter 893 Official Declaration
Chapter 894 Follow Them All The Way
Chapter 895 A Desire
Chapter 896 Turned Out To Be Her Daughter
Chapter 897 Little Rascal
Chapter 898 Obedient Husband
Chapter 899 The Wedding Invitation
Chapter 900 Michelle And Leons First Wedding
Chapter 901 John Has A Mistress
Chapter 902 Nina Is Pregnant
Chapter 903 Secret Base Tree Hole
Chapter 904 Giving Sugar To Don In Secret
Chapter 905 The Baby Is Clapping For You
Chapter 906 Sound Shi
Chapter 907 Sampson Ye
Chapter 908 Good Friends
Chapter 909 Waiting In Expectation
Chapter 910 Pissed Off
Chapter 911 Mom Doesnt Know Him
Chapter 912 Michelle And Leons Second Wedding
Chapter 913 Extra Story The Transfer Student
Chapter 914 Sampsons Famous Name
Chapter 915 Braking Up
Chapter 916 Unfriend Him
Chapter 917 Donald Is A Tyrant
Chapter 918 Refuse To Be His Desk Mate
Chapter 919 Amuse Her
Chapter 920 Sound Is So Cool!
Chapter 921 I Will Be Ugly If I Wear So Much
Chapter 922 Onyx
Chapter 923 Shes Not My Sister, But My Friend
Chapter 924 Change Seats
Chapter 925 Do They Hold A Grudge
Chapter 926 Friends
Chapter 927 Who Bought The Medicine
Chapter 928 Sampson Was Really Abnormal Recently
Chapter 929 Can You Add Me Again
Chapter 930 No Way
Chapter 931 How To Give In To Girls
Chapter 932 How Should I Pacify Her
Chapter 933 Dont Try To Get Close To Sound
Chapter 934 Give Me Money
Chapter 935 They Are About To Fight
Chapter 936 Be Punished For Being Late
Chapter 937 Got The Wrong Shampoo
Chapter 938 Sampson, Are You Insane
Chapter 939 Lying
Chapter 940 Get Him Away
Chapter 941 Being Bullied
Chapter 942 Ending
Chapter 943 Thank You Note
Chapter 921 I Will Be Ugly If I Wear So Much
Chapter 922 Onyx
Chapter 923 Shes Not My Sister, But My Friend
Chapter 924 Change Seats
Chapter 925 Do They Hold A Grudge
Chapter 926 Friends
Chapter 927 Who Bought The Medicine
Chapter 928 Sampson Was Really Abnormal Recently
Chapter 929 Can You Add Me Again
Chapter 930 No Way
Chapter 931 How To Give In To Girls
Chapter 932 How Should I Pacify Her
Chapter 933 Dont Try To Get Close To Sound
Chapter 934 Give Me Money
Chapter 935 They Are About To Fight
Chapter 936 Be Punished For Being Late
Chapter 937 Got The Wrong Shampoo
Chapter 938 Sampson, Are You Insane
Chapter 939 Lying
Chapter 940 Get Him Away
Chapter 941 Being Bullied
Chapter 942 Ending
Chapter 943 Thank You Note