Chapter 40 - Young Madam

Jiang Ruolan smiled gratefully as she handed over her luggage to the two men who got out of the car. She watched them carry her luggage into the trunk.

One of the men in his early thirties nodded respectfully at her and said, "Please get in the car."

Sensing that Jiang Yijun's gaze was about to pierce her, Jiang Ruolan calmly rubbed her nose. She did not dare to look back and was ready to get into the car when she heard Jiang Yijun's cold voice. "Jiang Ruolan, shouldn't you explain it to me?"

She paused, hesitating. Another middle-aged man beside her said, "Please get in the car first."

Hearing the man's words, Jiang Ruolan remembered Xian Zihao's concept of time and she got into the car without further delay. As the car door closed, Jiang Yijun frowned and wanted to step forward, but the two men blocked his way.

She couldn't hear what the two men were saying to him but as they got into the car, Jiang Yijun did not move forward. He just looked at her as if he didn't know her at all.

The car slowly moved forward. Jiang Ruolan was startled when the phone in her bag rang. She took it out and saw that it was Jiang Yijun.

After a moment of hesitation, she then answered the call and gently placed the phone next to her ear.

"Jiang Ruolan! What has happened? What did they call you, Young Madam? How many secrets are you hiding from me? What does Young Madam mean?! Damn it! Jiang Ruolan, did you get married behind my back?!"

A thunderous voice was heard from the phone, and Jiang Ruolan was immediately stunned.

Young Madam?

She quickly looked at the person driving the car, and the young man sat in the front passenger seat. After thinking for a moment, she said into the phone, "Don't worry, I'll explain everything to you when I have time."

With that, she quickly hung up the phone and carefully looked at the two men sitting in front of her. "Are you the person sent by Xian Zihao?"

If they were sent by Xian Zihao, they would not have called her Young Madam!

"Young Madam, please don't panic. We are General Xian's subordinates. When he found out about the Young Master's marriage, he specifically sent us to bring Young Madam to Xian's Mansion for dinner."

General Xian?

Xian Zihao's grandfather?

Her face was immediately pale. How could General Xian's subordinates invite her? Why did Xian Zihao not explain it clearly to her?

But according to Xian Zihao's usual behavior, he can not be this sloppy!

Jiang Ruolan calmly looked at the two men. She lowered her head and muted her phone. Then, she secretly sent a message to Xian Zihao's personal number, "Why did General Xian send someone to pick me up?"

About a minute after sending the message, she received a reply. She opened it and saw only four words. "I will be there."

It seems that Xian Zihao did not know that his grandfather would interfere with this problem!

Why did General Xian keep his grandson in the dark and bring his new granddaughter-in-law, alone to Xian's Mansion?

The biggest question was, why did he hide it from his grandson and play such a trick on her?


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