Mama's Princess is Daddy's Beloved Chapter 40 - All the preparations is for Lady Bosss arrival.

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Chapter 40 - All the preparations is for Lady Boss's arrival.

At Feng Internationals,

It wasn't any normal day to begin with. Every employee was busy in preparing their best for the foreign client meeting scheduled for the day. Though this meeting was nothing special, as such foreign collaborations have always been an easy piece for the big tyrant giant.

But for some unknown reasons, everyone is making out a big deal out of it. "Hey, have you checked if these presentations are all perfect and error free? We can't let the President get on his worst due to this", one of the employees who was in – charge of the paper works asked his friend colleague with a slight urgency in his tone.

"Don't worry it was perfect. I have already checked it twice to confirm it", his friend said with assurance. He paused for some time and then turned to ask again. "By the way, do you know why the President is getting so peculiar for this meeting? Isn't foreign clients have always been treated normally around us. Then what's so important with this team"

This was the question that has been in each employee's thought but no one has dared to ask it. Gossips are particularly forbidden under company premises. But still there were some here and there every now and then. Employees have to just make sure that those gossips do not reach the ears of higher ups. And everything else will be fit, healthy and fine.

"Umm no one is sure about why President Feng has such high attention to this client that he has almost created a welcoming event for them. We have heard that after they sign the collaboration papers, he has particularly asked different chefs to come and prepare a good gourmet lunch for them. This has been the first time that our company will be welcoming someone with such high honor", some other employee said from their desk.

Their voices were even lower than a whisper yet everyone can hear and understand each word. It was hard to tell if their hearing skills were supernatural or their chemistry among each other has made this skill develop between them.

"Hey I think it is a different story" another gossiping cat entered in the group with her hushed voice. And the moment her voice reached the ears of other members of this gossip group, instantly they got alerted. All eyes turned to her asking her to elaborate.

"I have heard that the foreign clients which are coming today has a beautiful daughter on their side. She has been considered as a very top beauty back in their country and is also very talented. We can think that our President is just making this memorable for her. I have heard that there has been some kind of good spark between them when President Feng last visited them in Europe", the employee informed with all attention so that she does not miss anything in the middle.

At the end of her words, every mouth was open wide in shock. So at the end, this was all for welcoming Lady Boss! Every eyes beamed with some intentions as they thought what benefits they can get on arrival of that particular Lady Beauty. No one raised a doubt on the information, all believed it like it was the most truthful words they have ever heard in their lives.

At this moment someone informed that the team of chefs have arrived and they would be moving to the canteen area to get done the required preparations from their sides.

Li Xue who was also with the team of the chefs entered the office building with all elegant and professional aura. She was in her chef attire and looked very different unlike the look she always carries around in her casual life.

Since she was new in the team, no one cared to put their attention on them. They seemed to behave like they had not noticed her with them. It's not like their behavior bothered the woman but it still felt a little weird. She could feel that they were all looking down on her because she was new and lacked experience in comparison to them.

She followed everyone towards the kitchen while keeping her eyes around. The company looked different from the way she had imagined it. Or maybe it was like this because they were having a special meeting today.

Reaching the kitchen, she too got the details running in the air of employees about the importance of the meeting and why the Boss was so particular about it. Not paying that information any heed, she got on her work. It was not like she will be coming to this office again and again or above all most importantly, the President's private life doesn't concern her so, why would she bother about it.

Her job was only to get her work done in her best way, so that no question can be raised on her work and skills. Since she was a newly appointed head dessert chef, she has to be more careful.

At the same time in the CEO's office, Gao Fan entered after giving a polite knock at the office door. "President Feng!"? he gave a polite greeting with a bow.

Lifting his head up, he said "The team of chefs has already arrived and has got on their work but there seemed to be a problem with them"

At the mention of the word 'problem', Feng Shufen lifted his head up for a short moment. For the whole night, he has neither worked nor slept but still his facial features did not give any sign of uneasiness or discomfort. For him, not able to give his time for work was the biggest discomfort he could ever have but at this moment he wasn't feeling any. Maybe he has known the reason behind it but it was yet to be confirmed.

Looking at his secretary, he raised his brows, "What is it?" then got back on the files he was working on.

"President, the head captain of the chef team has been complaining saying that the dessert chef chosen by us for this honored lunch is not suitable. Should we let him choose someone else in place of her?" the secretary informed.

"Is my decision that easy to change?" a cold voice changed the whole air of the room.

Feng Shufen who has been putting his sign on a file halted his pen in the mid as his eyes got darkened for a second but his control over his composure wasn't deteriorated to the extent that he cannot hold it back at the right moment. "What made him think that my decision can be so easy to be proved wrong?"

Gao Fan can feel the dark cloud surrounding inside such an enormous closed space of the President's office. But when he looked at the President, everything seemed normal. For a moment he thought that for the first time he was incapable to guess his Boss's mood. He wasn't able to understand what had gone wrong so suddenly.

Before he could get the opportunity to answer the question asked, another set of enjoining words reached his ears which denied the essence of his reply on the previous question anymore.

"Inform them that I want to have a word about it. Get them gathered in the conference room, right now!"


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