I Hate You, Devil! Chapter 40 Awaken that almighty panda

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Chapter 40 Awaken that almighty panda

Biting her lip, Luo Xiaolei stared at Yu Chen’s number and then, completely forgetting about the time, she dialed it.

As the phone rang, Luo Xiaolei felt nervous. She didn’t have any other choice. Her mind was focused on taking the twins out of that house or she would go crazy with worry. She would never let those precious little buns suffer the things she went through in that house, never.

But then, no one was answering the call. The call was about to end so Luo Xiaolei already put it down when she remembered the first time she called him. That time, Yu Chen only answered at the very last second so Luo Xiaolei thought he might do it again this time. And she was actually right.

As soon as the call connected, Luo Xiaolei spoke first. "H-hello?"

When a certain someone wasn’t speaking at all, Luo Xiaolei blinked and stared at her cellphone’s screen again to make sure it was connected. When she saw that the call was still on going, her brows knotted a bit before she continued speaking.

"Hello? Mi... Y-yu Chen, are you there?" For some reason, Luo Xiaolei felt her heartbeat hastening whenever she called him by his name like this but she thought it was because she just wasn’t used to it yet. After all, she was addressing a person of this caliber so how could she possibly call his name so casually? Truth be told, the reason why she easily managed to call him by his name last night was because of the fact that he was dressed in that adorable panda outfit and until now, the Yu Chen in her mind was actually still that big cute panda. So basically, aside from her desperation, this was one of the main reasons behind Luo Xiaolei’s fearlessness towards Yu Chen. Well, how could she even fear an adorable panda?

After those words left Luo Xiaolei’s mouth, a long silence went by. There was still no response from him so she stared at the screen once again before putting it back by her ear. When she was about to speak to give it one last try, the big panda finally made a sound.

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"Mm. I’m here." He replied. His voice was husky, deep and just so handsome he could even top the ranking of the most gorgeous male voice among all the voice actors on earth.

"Uhm... I’m very sorry to disturb you but can I meet you now? I have something important to tell you." She said and another long silence passed by before the man responded.

"It’s fine. But..." the man took one more pause before Luo Xiaolei finally heard the word "Okay".

"Thank you. Thank you so much! Uhm... your home is far from here, right? Can we meet in front of your company instead?"

"I’ll just come over to your place. It’s not good for you to come out at this hour."

"No, it’s alright. I can’t trouble you to come so far again. Please don’t worry. I’ll be driving so I’ll be fine, trust me."

". . . O-okay."

"Well then, I’ll arrive there as soon as I can. Bye bye."

Luo Xiaolei didn’t even wait to see if he still had anything to say before ending the call. She quickly got dressed and then dashed out of her apartment. When she reached the parking lot, she went straight towards a black bike in the corner. The bike was her mother’s gift to her for her debut four years ago and it was the most expensive model back then. Luo Xiaolei had learned to ride a motorbike from her grandfather back when she lived in the countryside and she loved it. But since her mother’s death, Luo Xiaolei rarely used it so it still looked hot and new.

In no time, Luo Xiaolei had swiftly left the building. However, as soon as she was out and saw that it was still so dark outside, Luo Xiaolei knotted her brows as she slowed down and glanced at her wrist watch. The moment she saw it was actually still four in the morning, she was shocked.

What?!! It’s still 4am and I actually dared and awaken that almighty panda and even asked him to come out?!!


Meanwhile, Yu Chen’s men who were forced to leave their bed in their supposedly sweetest hour of sleep were now fully awake. They were suddenly awakened by their boss and then, out of nowhere, were told that he would going out, saying that he needed to go to the company as soon as possible.

His men assumed that that there might be a really serious emergency for this almighty boss to wake up at this hour and rush back to his company without even... without even changing his panda outfit. Wait, more like... why the hell did he not change last night? Well, it’s understandable that his outfit looked comfortable but still... Ahh! Did he forget? Or did he fall in love with that panda outfit and didn’t want to part with it ever again?!

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