Contract marriage: His Sweet Wife and Cutest Twin Babies Chapter 40

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Chapter 40

Qin Yihan stared at Qin Chang with a pair of cold eyes. His eyes narrowed and his killing intention burst out.

Qin Chang suddenly shuddered. Well, he really shouldn't sell off in front of the boss.

After shaking for a while, Qin Chang reported all the things in the day to Qin Yihan with a positive face. Of course, the things in the day are not important, but the most important thing is the things at night.

Qin Chang reported the whole process of Bai Weiwei's taking de Man to Qin Yihan.

Qin Yihan a little.

It seems that Bai Weiwei is much smarter than he thought, but in less than a month, she has basically mastered some necessary things, and even the way of negotiation has improved.

"I'm going to leave the company to Miss Bai and let her take care of it for a while, but I'll just stand by and help Miss Bai when she needs it." Qin Changdao.

Qin Yihan nodded thoughtfully.

"By the way, Miss Bai said she wanted to find a personal coach to teach her fighting and shooting." Qin Chang said and looked at Qin Yihan.

Qin Yihan's eyes narrowed.

Just like he thought.

Bai Weiwei is so much like Gu Qingya.

Gu Qingya is the same. He brought it with him, and his thoughts all the time will be the same as him. He didn't know before, but he didn't know until later. Gu Qingya knew everything about him, so he could like it to his appetite.

"I'll find someone for her." Qin Yihan said coldly.

At the door, a woman's voice suddenly came, "brother Yihan, are you there?"

Qin Yihan twisted his eyebrows.

At the door, a sweet looking girl rushed in.

"I knew you were there. Brother Yihan, shall we go to the bar? I haven't been to the bar for a long time. My friends asked me to go. Will you accompany me? Brother Yihan, my friends want to see you very much. I promised them to take you with me!"

"I still have a job. Go yourself."

"No, you go with me. I've been looking for you so many times. You really don't want to go with me. My brother told you to take care of me, but you won't take care of me!" Gu Feifei pouted.

"Your brother only asked me to take care of you, not to accompany you to the bar." Qin Yihan said with a headache.

"Going to the bar is also to take care of me. If you don't go with me, what if I meet a bad person? If I meet a bad person, how can you tell my brother if I am impolite? My brother will love to death when he comes back. As my brother's best friend, won't you feel guilty?"

Gu Feifei reached out to hug Qin Yihan's arm.

Qin Yihan quietly dodged away. He didn't give Gu Feifei the chance to hold his arm.

He stood up, took a cold look at Gu Feifei, then pulled his coat and put it on, "half an hour."

"OK, thank you, brother Yihan!" Gu Feifei jumped with excitement.

Qin Yihan drove with Gu Feifei to the bar.

No night bar.

Bai Weiwei is sitting with Tang Lele. They drink a little wine and have a good chat.

"Weiwei, you're really getting better and better. My father said he didn't think much of you. He said that you are a girl, and a girl can't compare with a boy. In the position of chairman, even a boy may not be able to sit firmly. What's more, you're such a young child in your early twenties who hasn't experienced anything! But you did it! Where do you live However, I took de Man. My father said that Bai Xia group has not won a company like de Man for many years, and he may not be able to win it. But you actually won it. You're too powerful! Come on, let's drink! "

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