The Rise of the Black Plain Chapter 39: Business on the Stone Island

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Chapter 39: Business on the Stone Island

One of these two beauties Minos already knew was his commercial ally within Stone Island, Elen Nash. But the other was a beauty that Minos did not know. She had an unrivaled appearance and a breathtaking body from anyone looking at her.

At that moment, Elen received him and said with a smile on her face. "It is good to see you again, Mr. Minos. Let me introduce you. This is my business partner and friend, Elena Neel."

Elena then greeted him and said. "Oh! So, you are the young Minos that Elen talks about so much!"

Minos replied politely. "Mnn, nice to meet you."

Soon after, Elena tried to check the strength of her friend's commercial ally. At first glance, he didn't seem as weak as Elen had said to her.

'Ehh? Level 33. This is not weak for someone at his age. Was Elen kidding me?' Elena thought to herself, after being surprised.

'Wait a minute… Didn't he just start cultivating a year ago? What kind of monster is he?' She thought while she was more and more shocked by this speed of cultivation!

At that moment, she asked Elen in a low voice. "Are you sure about the information about this? Look at his current strength. It doesn't look like anything you said to me."

"Of course I do. Eduard researched this himself." Elen said in a low voice to her friend.

Soon afterward, she felt the difference in Minos' strength in the meantime that they didn't see each other. 'Unbelievable, level 33, how did he do this?'

In the meantime, Minos and Ruth had already settled into the room while the soldiers stood outside waiting. Elen then said with a surprised face. "Mr. Minos, you have incredible speed in cultivation. I've never seen anyone this fast before!"

Minos then pretended he didn't care and started talking. "Mnn, I want to introduce you to Ruth. Although she is not an ally of mine, she will accompany me for a while, due to certain reasons..."

Minos continued after the three young women said some polite words to each other. "Miss Elen must already know the reason for my visit today. I want to start trading my cultures on Stone Island, starting in the next 3 months."

"Oh! That was a lot faster than I thought. But how much are we talking about? Considering the time since the plantation started in the Black Plain, there should not be a big harvest." Elen said, looking seriously at Minos.

"Mnn, it's true. At the moment, we are only able to plant 100 hectares. As for the numbers, at this point, we can only supply 200 tons, divided into grains, cereals, and spiritual fruits, all that with a high spiritual concentration."

"What? Cultures with high spiritual concentration, are you kidding?" At that moment, Elena jumped up from the sofa and asked with an incredulous expression.

This was reasonable since cultures with a high spiritual concentration were planted only in those territories with a high spiritual density. And the Black Plain was not like that. In fact, no place in the north of the Central Continent had such spiritual density.

Elen was also shocked by what she had just heard from Minos. That would be unbelievable. But if it were true, she would become one of the few people on Stone Island who could provide this type of 'item.' The quantity that Minos had said was also not small!

This is because cultures with a high spiritual concentration were imported from other regions of the Central Continent, so there was not a great offer in the square.

As for Ruth, who was sitting calmly in an armchair while watching the situation, she was also impressed. Although she saw many crops being planted in the Black Plain, she was not curious to probe the spiritual quality of these plants. Therefore, she was surprised by Minos' statement about this fact.

Elen then asked Minos with a twinkle in her eyes. "Mr. Minos, is this really true? I don't want to doubt you, but what you said is very unbelievable for anyone who hears it within our region."

"Mnn, I understand. But rest assured, I wasn't kidding when I said that. But I have an order for you. I do not want my items to be sold much higher than the price charged for crops with medium concentration, as must be the case for those items that are imported from other regions."

"I have my own reasons for this, but I want you to know that I want to sell my items to ordinary people too, not just the wealthiest families."

"Okay, as the Black Plain is not as far away as the other regions, from where the Stone Island normally imports these resources, the price charged for its items would already be lower anyway."

"But can you tell me why you demand that? You could earn more if it were sold at a higher cost." Elen asked curiously.

Minos then replied with an expressionless face. "In fact, my region suffers from a severe lack of labor. This is one of the most urgent problems at the moment. If there is no population increase soon, then within a maximum of 6 months, I will no longer be able to increase our production. So, this is a way to attract some less talented people to my region."

Elen closed her eyes and thought to herself. 'In fact, with such a low spiritual density, the population of the Black Plain has hardly grown in a long time…'

Elena then remembered something and said with a smile on her face. "Perhaps I know of a quick way to help you increase the population of your territory."

"In addition to the Black Plain region in the Brown Kingdom, there are two small territories in the Kingdom of the Waves and in the Cromwell Kingdom, specifically on the border with the Black Plain."

"These two territories are also very weak in spiritual energy because of their proximity to the Black Plain, so their populations are also weaker."

"With that, you can try to attract them to your territory by hiring some people from those places. After a while, they migrated naturally, as their territories do not offer as many opportunities with the current Black Plain."

She took a breath for a second and then continued to speak. "I recommend that you start with the territory within the Kingdom of the Waves. There is strong criminal activity in it, so the inhabitants of that place would certainly be willing to leave. You would just have to eliminate these criminal groups, and many people would start to emigrate to other regions. If you know how to attract them, then they can go to the Black Plain."

'Oh! So, are there these places close by? As the Dry City hardly interacts with other regions, I did not receive such information.' Minos thought to himself when his lips slowly curved upwards.

This was great for him. If it was as Elena said, he could attract these people to the Black Plain without drawing much attention from the powers in the region.

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That's because if these places were only a little better than the Black Plain, then the biggest families in their respective kingdoms definitely didn't care about those places, just as they did in the Brown Kingdom.

Hell, the plight of the Black Plain was so bad within the Brown Kingdom that the big families and even the royal family went years without getting any information from that place!

In fact, Minos did not know, but the last time King Brown sought to know anything about the Black Plain was more than 7 years ago when the territory was allocated to Minos, after the death of Albert Stuart!

Elen then gave Minos another offer. "I know this information is tempting to you, but you will still have to face these groups of outlaws to achieve this. However, I can help attract people to the Dry City from other regions within the north of the Central Continent."

"Okay, facing these bandits can be a good military exercise for my army. As for your suggestion, this also interests me. I doubt that these two territories will be able to suppress my demand for labor for a long time." Minos replied with a smile on his face.

He then remembered something and said. "Okay, we also can't use the port of the Maritime City to transport my cultures."

Elen frowned and asked in confusion. "Why not? And where are we going to transport your items from?"

Minos smiled and said. "I am going to build a port somewhere else on the Black Plain coast. As to why, well, I don't want the great forces of the Brown Kingdom to know about the development of my territory."

Hearing this, Elena frowned when she thought about the consequences of Minos' actions. She then asked in a serious voice. "Are you thinking of rebelling?"

When she said that, Elen was scared, such as Ruth. They could not believe that Minos had such ambitions. 'Does he want to create his own kingdom?' The two thought to themselves.

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