With one smooth pull, Hailee landed on Ramon's lap and couldn't move freely after the man caught her between his strong arms.

"Show me off to your friends?" Ramon raised his eyebrows questioningly while his lips pursed a smile that people out there could see rarely. "Wasting a face this handsome?" Ramon repeated word for word which Hailee accidentally said out loud just now.

"What? Who said that?" Hailee could feel her face turning red and her heart beating fast. She was so close to Ramon now. In fact, she could feel the warmth of his skin spreading to her body through their clothes.

"So you think I'm handsome?" Ramon asked teasingly.

Actually Ramon had been awake since Hailee knocked on the door on her first time, he was just wanted to rest all by himself and was reluctant to answer the call, but who would have thought that Hailee would just enter his study.

Certainly Hailee didn't understand, but apart from Lexus or Lis, no one dared to enter Ramon's study without his prior approval. The same was true for Ramon's room.

He liked solitude and really didn't like to be disturbed when he was alone. However, since Hailee didn't know it beforehand, she landed herself in this current scenario.

"No," Hailee lied with a flat face, as if she could trick Ramon that way.

In the world of business, if Ramon couldn't tell the difference between people who were lying or not, or people who approached him just to curry favor, then he wouldn't be where he was today.

The Tordoffs could not have been the most respected family in city A right now were it not for Ramon's cold hand in managing the company after their father died, of course Lis' interference played a crucial role as well.

"You're not fit to lie, Hailee." Ramon rested his head on Hailee's shoulder so he could smell her scent and this movement left Hailee frozen in silence.

"Err… you haven't had dinner yet," Hailee said in a worried voice. "Let's have dinner together."

"I'm not hungry," replied Ramon immediately.

"But, you just got out of the hospital, so you have to take care of your health," 'or else Lis will continue to harass me with questions if you got sick again,' Hailee continued the last sentence in her mind.

The girl could not say the last sentence out loud. However, she still hoped that Ramon would let her go because she felt uncomfortable in their current position.

"I want to eat something else," whispered Ramon into Hailee's ear and he can feel the shock running down the girl's body in his arms as a sudden gasp left her lips.

Ramon was surprised, he did not think that he could say those words and act like this, but at the same time Ramon also felt comfortable with what he was doing. As if this was something natural to him.

Ramon liked Hailee's flustered reaction which he would always find funny and entertaining.

'Hha? What does this man mean?' Hailee screamed internally.

"What do you want to eat? I'll make it if I can," said Hailee immediately.

"Can you cook?" Ramon raised his head and looked at Hailee's cute nodding face.

"Yes," she replied confidently.

Ramon raised his eyebrows and smiled. He couldn't even remember the last time someone who was willing to cook something for him.

Of course Lis never did that because they had maids and chefs to take care of this matter and Ramon never even thought about finding someone to cook something for him.

In the business environment he grew up, it would be rare to find a woman who would jump into the kitchen and risk getting hot oiled or cut by a knife. Even to take something from the refrigerator, they need someone to help them.

That was the kind of life Ramon had been living.

Ramon grew up in a community like this, so when Hailee volunteered to cook something for him and the truth that Hailee's background was not ordinary, even though what Hailee had to offer sounded trivial, it was enough to make Ramon surprised.

Even though it wasn't such a big deal, Ramon really appreciated small things like this. Once again, Ramon's view of Hailee changed.

"What can you cook?" Ramon asked with genuine curiosity. He thought Hailee would mention easy dishes like fried rice or frying eggs.

But, beyond any of his expectations, Hailee actually mentioned all the dishes that were usually available as main dishes.

And this made Ramon raise his eyebrows in disbelief. "You can make all of that?"

"Yes," said Hailee confidently, nodding her head to further confirm her answer. "Just say what you want. As long as there are fresh ingredients in your kitchen, of course I can make them. "

Although Hailee's frame appeared petite, she was actually someone who enjoyed eating. It all started from her hobby of tasting all kinds of food she could find, this grew to the point that she ventured into the kitchen and make food she liked to eat.

At first, Hailee's parents tried forbid her from doing so, both of them were also worried about their only child, but when they saw Hailee enjoying the activity so much and the happy smile at the results of her cooking, they could no longer say anything.

Ramon smiled and said what he wanted to eat. Actually he didn't really want to eat, this guy just wanted to prove that what Hailee was saying wasn't just words.

"Okay!" Hailee raised both her thumbs and tried to get off Ramon's lap, but the man still didn't seem to let her go. "How can I cook for you if you don't let me go?"

Ramon looked at Hailee and thought that marrying this girl didn't seem wrong, maybe it could be said that he had hit the jackpot.

Hailee was the heir to her family company in the city of R, which was the main goal for Ramon to marry her, but with Hailee's background and traits that Ramon had been paying attention to, it seemed that he was comfortable enough to have this girl by his side. Regardless of the mystery that surrounded Hailee and why she lied.

"Come here," said Ramon softly. He reached out and kissed Hailee on the lips for a few seconds and this made the girl widen her eyes in surprise. "Thank you," said Ramon.

However, before Hailee could react to Ramon's brief kiss, or Ramon could say any flirty remark to this blushing girl, there was a sound of the door opening and in an instant the figure of Lexus appeared in the room.

"I've been calling both of you earlier, but why didn't anyone answer..." Lexus stopped his blabbering, when he saw that both of them were in a compromising position. His eyes widened as he whisper-shouted, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"

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