Shrewd Wife Of Lin Brothers Chapter 40 - The Su Family Is A Harbinger Of Bad Luck

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Chapter 40 - The Su Family Is A Harbinger Of Bad Luck

The beautiful spring had passed and coming to bid it goodbye? was the cold winds? of early? autumn.? Su Wan? shivered as the wind rustled? past her with cold dew settling? down her hair and clothes , it was still? early in the morning? yet they were walking in the middle of the street in nothing but summer clothes .

The previous Su Wan was really poor despite being the only daughter of a mistress? of a big household , thus , the clothes? that she packed? was also? thin and washed out . Every time? wind blew past her , Su Wan? would involuntarily shivered and clutched? on Lin Yu 's arm even? tighter? for warmth .

Lin Yu who saw Su Wan tremble because of the cold let her lean on to him , even though? his heart trembled with? a sudden? itch . He knew that Su Wan? was feeling cold thus , he let her get closer to his body so that? she could share his warmth but even this proximity? was enough? to make his face blush bright red !

Su Wan? who was busy looking around in fascination? didn't? notice? the oddity in Lin Yu? infact everytime? she felt cold , she? would? rub her hand on Lin Yu 's arm who in turn would blush? even? more furiously . To Su Wan? this action? wasn't? that bad after kissing Lin Chen? in broad light her courage that was restrained because? of getting transmigrated in an ancient era suddenly grew even? bold and she stopped restraining herself completely .

Not to mention? it was really cold ! What was more important? paying attention to moral conduct or saving? yourself from getting a cold ? Ofcourse? it was the latter ! Su Wan? didn't? want to get a runny nose thus she continued? hugging? Lin Yu .

Just like Lin Yu the others too have seen that Su Wan? was feeling? cold , so Lin Rui? hurriedly flanked? Su Wan while? Lin Jing? started? walking in front? of her so that his tall body might be able to block the cold winds . Even Lin Yan? who was always on odd with her started? walking closely behind her like her personal heater .

Su Wan who was now packed like a precious egg felt warmth bubble in her heart and she finally let go of her remaining anger.? Aye , who told her to be so soft hearted? ( lol yes you are really soft hearted , you are so soft hearted? that you skinned Grandma Lin? )

Together? with the Lin brothers? who were flanking around her? like bodyguards , Su Wan? arrived? at the embroidery? shop? that belonged to the original owner's mother.

The shop wasn't? small? at all .It comprised? of two floors , the bottom? floor sold the rough and coarse cloth? as well as the finished? products? that the commoners could easily? purchased? while the second floor most probably? sold? the high end luxurious? products? that only those? with money could afford? .

Despite such an impressive display? the shop was deserted? with? zero customers? around . Su Wan? frowned and then she looked left? then right? , the shop was located at the busiest street , the peddlers? were? shouting , the shops? near her shop was filled with hustle and bustle only her shop? was desolate? and empty .

Su Wan? shifted her foot and just as she was going? to enter the shop and impatient? voice most probably? belonging to the manager? stopped her " I have already told you that our shop has no extra clothes? for winter? ! What do you mean by - oh , hello , how can I help you ?"

The woman whom Su Wan? assumed as the manager? quickly changed? her impatient? expression? and politely? greeted her . The woman looked over forty but she had somehow managed? herself? well , she was really? beautiful? in a mature? kinda way and she was dressed appropriately? not lavishly like the rich ladies? but? well enough to let people know that she was important? .

Su Wan? arched an eyebrow? than she took out the? title deed from her cloth bag and showed it to the woman? " I'm? Su Wan? my late mother was the owner of this shop , she was the eldest? lady of the old Shen? family"

The middle age woman took the title deed with trembling? hands? and warmly gushed once she examined? the title deed? and realized? it wasn't? fake " My lady? - oh , my lady you are finally here ! "? the middle aged woman dabbed her eyes with her handkerchief? as she invited Su Wan? and the others inside? the? shop .

Su Wan? and the others entered the shop while the woman guided them? inside? . She took them to a room which wasn't? small but it wasn't big either , except some stools ,? table and some? clothes with? unfinished? embroidery? on them? was inside the room .

" Please sit? down, miss " said the woman then she turned to look at her assistant? and asked her to bring some tea and cakes . Since , Su Wan? was indeed thirsty after walking so much she didn't? stand? on ceremony either.

" Yes madam Cheng " complied the assistant and walked? out of the room .

" Its so great , so great that you are here " with voice that trembled? under her excitement Madam? Cheng shook Su Wan's? hand "? Miss , if you were two months late , I don't? know whether you would have been? able to see this shop here? "

Su Wan? naturally? understood? what Madam Cheng was getting at , to make someone feel so despaired? . Only Su family was capable of doing this !

" madam? Cheng , did the Su family cause you trouble? ?" asked Su Wan? she was so disgusted with the Su family? for making? a poor woman this despaired? that she wished she could? change her name !

" Trouble? ? If the Su family? only brought trouble? then it wouldn't? be much of a problem? . I'm? an old widow , what troubles? have I not seen ? " said Madam Cheng? with? a mocking sneer? " however , the Su family? is not? just a trouble making family ! That family? is the harbinger? of bad luck !"

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