The Conquerors Path


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The Latest Chapter:Chapter 273-The Power I Hold

Having lived a normal life all his life and died without being able to fulfill his desire and when he’s

given a task by a god, watch how he takes the protagonists girls while making it hard for the hero.

Will he take all the girls for himself or will he die trying?

Come find out

[There will be a lot of sex scenes but it might only start after about 60 or so chapters]

(note: Hey first of all this is not a fanfiction!, its true that the beginning of the story and some parts resemble some novels but none of the characters are related to others from the novel, also the stroy flow will become completely different later!!

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The Conquerors Path Full catalogue of Novels
Chapter 1: the beginning
Chapter 2: New Start
Chapter 3: Understanding
Chapter 4: My New Identity
Chapter 5: Family
Chapter 6: Information
Chapter 7: Information(2)
Chapter 8: The Great Shop
Chapter 9: Letting It All Out
Chapter 10: Changes
Chapter 11: The Start
Chapter 12: The Shop’s Product’s
Chapter 13: Finding A Teacher
Chapter 14: An Act
Chapter 15: A Cook Freak
Chapter 16: I am not her opponent
Chapter 17: Going Forward
Chapter 18: A Party
Chapter 19: massage
Chapter 20: Massage(2)
Chapter 21: Arrival
Chapter 22: The Party
Chapter 23: Taking Action
Chapter 24: The Game
Chapter 25: The Game(2)
Chapter 26: Time Skip
Chapter 27: The Crisis
Chapter 28: The Crisis(2)
Chapter 29: The Punishment
Chapter 30: Chaos
Chapter 31: Chaos(2)
Chapter 32: Chaos(3)
Chapter 33: Chaos(4)
Chapter 34: Chaos(5)
Chapter 35: Chaos(6)
Chapter 36: Awakening
Chapter 37: Awakening(2)
Chapter 38: Problems
Chapter 39: Problems(2)
Chapter 40: Trouble Still Finds A Way
Chapter 41: A Dragon Acquired
Chapter 42: A Sneaky Empress
Chapter 43: The Girl’s View
Chapter 44: The Girl’s View(2)
Chapter 45: New Target
Chapter 46: A Slow Progress
Chapter 47: Saving A Damsel In Danger!
Chapter 48: An Oscar Winning Performance!
Chapter 49: Destiny
Chapter 50: A Small Profit
Chapter 51: Gaining Support
Chapter 52: Run!! Just Run!
Chapter 53: My Fated One
Chapter 54: My Beautiful Life!?
Chapter 55: Am I Lucky Or Unlucky?
Chapter 56: Finally Free!!
Chapter 57: Ok, Scene Then Action!!
Chapter 58: Fight Together
Chapter 59: Fighting Together(2)
Chapter 60: Fighting Together(3)
Chapter 61: Fighting Together(4)
Chapter 62: Shaken Feelings
Chapter 63: Shaken Feelings(2)
Chapter 64: The Calm Before The Storm(?)
Chapter 65: The Shrimp Between The Whales
Chapter 66: Servers You Right!!
Chapter 67: Smooth Walk
Chapter 68: My Teacher
Chapter 69: Tasting Teacher
Chapter 70: Finally Becoming One
Chapter 71: Continuing The Pleasure
Chapter 72: Continuing The Pleasure(2)
Chapter 73: Changes
Chapter 74: Time To Go Home
Chapter 75: Back Home
Chapter 76: A Mother’s Burden
Chapter 77: The First Step
Chapter 78: Broken Maid
Chapter 79: Broken Maid(2)
Chapter 80: Just So You Know
Chapter 81: Problems from outside
Chapter 82: Is This Love??
Chapter 83: Loving The Maid
Chapter 84: Tasting The Maid
Chapter 85: Taking Tha Maid
Chapter 86: Taking The Maid(2)
Chapter 87: A Good Morning
Chapter 88: The Second Step
Chapter 89: Date
Chapter 90: Date(2)
Chapter 91: Date(3)
Chapter 92: Time To Hunt
Chapter 93: A Good Time
Chapter 94: Rising Current’s
Chapter 95: Subduing The Empress
Chapter 96: Subduing The Empress(2)
Chapter 97: Subduing The Empress(3)
Chapter 98: The Wheels Of Fate Moves
Chapter 99: The Choice
Chapter 100: The Choice(2)
Chapter 101: The Choice(3)
Chapter 102: A lovers Nest
Chapter 103: Moms Pent Up Desires(1)
Chapter 104: Moms Pent Up Desires(2)
Chapter 105: Moms Pent Up Desires(3)
Chapter 106: A Time Well Spent
Chapter 107: The Babylon Academy
Chapter 108: The Seth Hunt(1)
Chapter 109: The Seth Hunt(2)
Chapter 110: The Seth Hunt(3)
Chapter 111: The Seth Hunt(4)
Chapter 112: The Seth Hunt(5)
Chapter 113: The Seth Hunt(6)
Chapter 114: The Seth Hunt(7)
Chapter 115: The Battle Begins(?)
Chapter 116: Just My Luck
Chapter 117: The Tests Of Time
Chapter 118: The Tests Of Time(2)
Chapter 119: Freedom Beyond Death
Chapter 120: Freedom Beyond Death(2)
Chapter 121: Freedom Beyond Death(3)
Chapter 122: Freedom Beyond Death(4)
Chapter 123: A confrontation(?)
Chapter 124: The Beginning
Chapter 125: The Rise Of The King
Chapter 126: For The Future
Chapter 127: An Aunt’s Care
Chapter 128: Slow Progress(?)
Chapter 129: A Small Leap
Chapter 130: Planning
Chapter 131: Planning(2)
Chapter 132: Family Meet
Chapter 133: Complex Family
Chapter 134: Complex Family(2)
Chapter 135: Issue’s
Chapter 136: Issue’s(2)
Chapter 137: A New Catch
Chapter 138: A New Time
Chapter 139: The Hidden Problems
Chapter 140: New Ways
Chapter 141: Rich Daddy
Chapter 142: Subduing The Princess
Chapter 143: Subduing The Princess(2)
Chapter 144: Subduing The Princess(3)
Chapter 145: To A New Princess
Chapter 146: The Sea Faction
Chapter 147: The Sea Faction(2)
Chapter 148: Little Plans
Chapter 149: Surprise?
Chapter 150: Leonardo’s Preposition
Chapter 151: New Members
Chapter 152: Plan To Trap An Innocent Rabbit
Chapter 153: Second Day Of Training
Chapter 154: Countinuation Of The Second Day
Chapter 155: Falling Slowly
Chapter 156: Target Locked
Chapter 157: A Q And A
Chapter 158: A Promise
Chapter 159: Attck The Heart
Chapter 160: Targets Found!
Chapter 161: New Targets(2)
Chapter 162: New Targets(3)
Chapter 163: The Beat Down
Chapter 164: A New Fight?
Chapter 165: Exiting Situation
Chapter 166: A Bathroom Fun
Chapter 167: A New Round
Chapter 168: Disciplined The Princess
Chapter 169: A Show Of Skills
Chapter 170: A Beautiful Confession
Chapter 171: Let’s Start As Friends!
Chapter 172: Start Of An unforgettable Day
Chapter 173: An Exiting Date
Chapter 174: An Exiting Date(2)
Chapter 175: An Exciting Date(3)
Chapter 176: An Exciting Date(4)
Chapter 177: Can’t Catch A Break
Chapter 178: Sisterly Counterattack
Chapter 179: Interlude to The Fight
Chapter 180: The Fight
Chapter 181: The Fight(2)
Chapter 182: Fight End
Chapter 183: A Good Luck Charm
Chapter 184: Fairy’s Affection??
Chapter 185: A Twin Fiesta
Chapter 186: Breaking It In
Chapter 187: Prepare For The Unknown
Chapter 188: The Spirit World
Chapter 189: Life’s Choices
Chapter 190: Bloom The Forbidden Love
Chapter 191: A Loving Connection
Chapter 192: Rest...
Chapter 193: Pray! Pray!
Chapter 194: The Goddess Of Life
Chapter 195: The Oath Of life
Chapter 197: New Waves
Chapter 198: Teacher And Student
Chapter 199: Teacher And Student(2)
Chapter 200: Teacher And Student(3)
Chapter 201: Punishment(?)
Chapter 202: Punishment(?)2
Chapter 203: A Normal Day
Chapter 196-Friendly Chat
Chapter 204-Spending Time With Aunt
Chapter 205-Spending Time With Aunt(2)
Chapter 206-Spending Time With Aunt (3)
Chapter 207-Planning For The Upcoming Events
Chapter 208-Plans For The Future
Chapter 209-Big Sis
Chapter 210-Big Sis(2)
Chapter 211-Big Sis (3)
Chapter 212-Phase 1
Chapter 213-A Date Unforgettable
Chapter 214-The Night
Chapter 215-The Beginning Of Phase 2
Chapter 216-Revenge
Chapter 217-Revenge(2)
Chapter 218-Revenge(3)
Chapter 219-Family Confession
Chapter 220-Family Confession(2)
Chapter 221-Academy
Chapter 222-Academy(2)
Chapter 223-Archery Club
Chapter 224-Senior
Chapter 225-The Shot
Chapter 226-Senior(2)
Chapter 227-Talk
Chapter 228-Relax~~
Chapter 229-Discussion For Family
Chapter 230-Meeting
Chapter 231-Meeting(2)
Chapter 232-A Peaceful Pass
Chapter 233-Bath
Chapter 234-Bath(2)
Chapter 235-Bath(3)
Chapter 236-The Second Mommy
Chapter 237-The Second Mommy(2)
Chapter 238-The Second Mommy(3)
Chapter 239-Relaxation
Chapter 240-Going In Deep!
Chapter 241-The Family Union
Chapter 242-Family Union(2)
Chapter 243-Quest
Chapter 244-Quest(2)
Chapter 245-Relaxing Fight
Chapter 246-First Step For Revenge
Chapter 247-Taking Care Of A Spoiled Lady
Chapter 248-Enforcing Aunt’s Help
Chapter 249-Is The Endgame Inevitable?
Chapter 250-Future Looking Truly Bleak
Chapter 251-Plans Set In Motion
Chapter 252-Rising The ’Hero’
Chapter 253-The ’Hero’ Falls Deeper
Chapter 254-Hero Playing In The Devils Hands
Chapter 255-The Will Born From Naive Love
Chapter 256-Is This Love Or Admiration?
Chapter 257-Breaking A Heart To Build It Again
Chapter 258-Broken Heart’s and Sunken Tears
Chapter 258-Slowly Changing Sides
Chapter 260-A New Addition
Chapter 261-Cute Cat
Chapter 262-Little Sisters
Chapter 263-A ’Trip’
Chapter 264-Date With Princess
Chapter 265-Moving Hearts
Chapter 266-First Princess Done, Next The Second
Chapter 267-A Battle To The Dinner!
Chapter 268-Princess A Princess
Chapter 269-Please Train Me
Chapter 270-Another Normal Day
Chapter 271-Breakthrough
Chapter 272-When Did I Get So OP?
Chapter 273-The Power I Hold