Chapter 8: Xi Mengfei

Tianyi's and Elder Shan's return to the Buzhou Immortal Sect did not stir up any large waves and they immediately returned to the Jade Peak after walking through the mountain gate of the Buzhou Immortal Sect.

Only those at the immortal realm were allowed to directly fly into the sect without passing through the mountain gate.

"Elder Shan, it's been nearly a year. I'll go visit mother. Perhaps she has exited seclusion." Tianyi said.

"Go, go. Grand Elder Xi must miss you, after all you've been away for over a year. You're already eleven now." Elder Shan said with a smile.

Tianyi nodded as he ascended Jade Peak towards the palace situated at the top. It was a magnificent palace full of aura of supremacy, just from the materials alone used to construct the palace would even cause those first rate powers to cry tears of blood.

Outside the palace gates, Tianyi coughed. "Mother are you done cultivating?"

The majestic palace doors opened silently, granting entry to Tianyi. Tianyi naturally walked inside the grand palace. Inside there were no attendants or servants as his mother did not like other people disturbing her cultivation. After walking for a while, Tianyi entered his mother's room.

A woman who seemed to be in her early twenties was laying indolently on a red silk cushioned couch. Her face was peerless, especially those mesmerizing phoenix eyes that Tianyi had inherited, just one look would make it unforgettable for the rest of your life. Her hair was like snow, long and silk with half of it styled upwards with various hairpins and two phoenix buyaos on both sides of her head. She was dressed in a grand violet brocade long sleeved gown. Red phonexes were meticulously embroidered into it making them seem to be alive and capable of flying off at any moment.

Compared to other female cultivators, Tianyi's mother Xi Mengfei was dressed far more elaborately. This was the traditional dress of the princesses' of the Xi Dynasty that Xi Mengfei had grown accustomed to wearing and had never changed.

Speaking of Xi Mengfei, her story can also be considered a legend. She had been born as an unloved princess of the Xi Dynasty but by chance her master, an immortal elder of the Buzhou Immortal Sect had happened to pass by and happened to discover her mutated Heavenly Yin Spiritual Vein and brought her back as an inner disciple.

From there, despite only starting cultivating at the age of fifteen she rose up the ranks like a shooting star.

At age eighteen she entered the Foundation Establishment realm, spending only two years in the Qi Gathering realm.

At age twenty-four she entered the Core Formation realm.

At age thirty-six she entered the Nascent Soul realm. For those who entered the Nascent Soul realm under the age of fifty, they were candidates that had the greatest chance of entering the immortal realm.

At age forty-three she entered the Unity realm, spending even less time than before comparison.

At age forty-nine she entered the Transcending Mortality realm, the final juncture between mortal and immortal.

At age fifty-five XI Mengfei overcame the Immortal Heavenly Tribulation and ascended into the ranks of immortality becoming a legend amongst the many disciples of the Buzhou Immortal Sect and all over the Huang Realm.

From their all sorts of legends were created as Xi Mengfei rose through the realms of immortality before becoming the publicly acknowledged number one expert in the Huang Realm at age nine hundred forty-one.

"Come here, Yi'er, let mother see your cultivation." Xi Mengfei said with a change in her expression, or rather lack of expression.

Tianyi nodded and walked towards his mother. Xi Mengfei showed no change in expression as she grabbed Tianyi's wrist, her hand even whiter than Tianyi's. Tianyi could not feel anything but he knew that his mother had injected some of her immortal qi and immortal sense into him.

A mortal couldn't feel the existence of the immortal unless they were in the Transcending Mortality realm, and that was only when they had the qualification. Whether they could sense the immortal was up to their own personal strength.

"Yi'er, you started martial cultivation and your progress isn't bad, already reaching Muscle Changing stag. However your progress in cultivating your Spiritual Pillars and Spiritual Altar is even greater, did you have any fortuitous encounters?" Mengfei asked as she released Tianyi's hand.

Tianyi nodded as he went up and sat on a chair near the couch. "I did, when I entered the Fleeting Mist Sect there was a lightning sea. Although no one else has discovered it, I could sense the tribulation essence within the lightning. It was very faint and weak so when I cultivated, I absorbed the lightning and turned it into spiritual qi and the tribulation essence within." Tianyi described the process that he used to absorb the tribulation essence as well as the possible supreme natural treasure at the center of the lightning sea.

Xi Mengfai stayed silent before she opened her mouth once more. "Next time, if you do something so dangerous make sure to inform me first otherwise if something went wrong your future may have been destroyed. As for the treasure, that is something I'll investigate later."

Tianyi nodded. "I'm sorry for worrying you."

Mengfei sent a glance at Tianyi before closing her eyes once more. "Still, your actions have resulted in a good thing. Your Heavenly Lightning Spiritual Vein has mutated."

Mutated? Tianyi furrowed his brows. Heavenly Lightning Spiritual Vein was already a mutated Spiritual Vein, what would it become under further mutation?

"Spiritual Veins under certain circumstances can change and improve even further, naturally this is only available to those with Heavenly Single Spiritual Veins; double, triple, quadruple and pentad Spiritual Veins cannot mutate." Mengfai said.

"What kind of mutation did I undergo?" Tianyi asked.

"Years ago when I was still at the Foundation Establishment realm I had a fortuitous encounter. I happened to discover a Extreme Nine Yin Pond, I entered the pond hoping to increase my cultivation." Mengfei's eyelids quivered as she recalled that event. "I nearly died from absorbing too much Yin Qi and destroyed my soul. But I overcame it and my Heavenly Yin Spiritual Vein became the Heavenly Extreme Yin Spiritual Vein."

"So my Heavenly Lightning Spiritual Vein became a Heavenly Tribulation Lightning Spiritual Vein?" Tianyi asked.

"It can be considered so. When you cultivate if you cannot produce the tribulation essence your Spiritual Vein will revert to its previous state." Mengfei said.

"If I continue to increase the mutation of my Spiritual Vein, will there be any unwanted side effects? Such as suddenly having Heavenly Tribulation strike me from out of nowhere?" Tianyi asked.

Xi Mengfei opened her eyes, numerous thoughts lurking within her eyes. "I do not know. When I formed my Spiritual Core, the power of the heavenly tribulation did increase and so did my future heavenly tribulation in comparison to those of the same realm. But I do not know what will happen if you form a core with Tribulation Essence. The power of tribulation is the power of the Heavenly Dao, forming a core with the Tribulation Essence is essentially declaring yourself the Heavenly Dao, like a rebel performing a coup. If you choose this path, your Heavenly Tribulation will be far more dangerous than any other cultivators. Perhaps you should not tread this path, death is a likely occurrence. Perhaps before you reach the immortal realm, your Heavenly Tribulation will have the power of an immortal's."

Tianyi smiled. "Mother, don't you always say to cultivate is to go against the will of the heavens and that one should cultivate to their full capabilities? There are already so many rebels in the realm, so what if another rebel tries to overthrow the heavens? Overthrowing the Heavenly Dao, I find it perfect. Mother you named my Heaven's Will, I will make my name true. Besides killing some people I don't like just by calling down heavenly tribulation must feel pretty satisfying."

Xi Mengfei stayed silent. "But this path is too dangerous, the chance of your death is too high."

Tianyi smiled happily. Since young his mother had always been expressionless and had a heart set on cultivation. Aside from discussing cultivation with Tianyi, Mengfei hardly concerned herself about other matters.

For her to openly worry about Tianyi had never happened before.

"Mother you should already know about my future cultivation plans. My talent isn't as high as yours and my comprehension abilities aren't either. I want to dominate the world like you, that's why I formulated a new cultivation method in order to increase my strength. Mother didn't you approve of it too?"

Truthfully speaking, Tianyi's talent in cultivation was already high. He had a Heavenly Lightning Spiritual Vein which already made him a genius even if he didn't work hard he would still stand out. But with Sword Empress Xi's wealth and aid his cultivation was incredibly smooth, much smoother than hers as she had fight for all the fortuitous encounters unlike him.

She wasn't a very friendly person and was often time silent, making it hard for others to get closed to. But from the bottom of her heart, she was thankful to the Buzhou Immortal Sect for taking her in as a disciple.

"Also mother, I met an assassin in the North." As soon as Tianyi said those words the air seemed to freeze as Mengfei turned her eyes toward him with turbulent emotions behind them. "He said, surnamed Xi go to hell. That assassin looked a few years older than me and had almost the exact same face as mine except the eyes. We noticed each other after we both bid on this item."

"Afterwards when I was cultivating the Dragon Emperor Fist, I felt it was extremely easy and natural. It was like my body had already gone through the steps. I even felt a resonance with a fragment I bought at the auction that led me to meeting the assassin. Both the fragment and the assassin gave me a very similar feeling and I hypothesize they might be related to the Dragon Emperor."

Tianyi took out the black fragment from his spatial ring as he looked at his mother whose pupils shrunk as she gazed upon the fragment. "Mother would you happen to know why I feel this way?"

Xi Mengfei stayed silent but finally spoke. "I do."

Tianyi nodded. "He wouldn't happen to be my half elder brother and son of the Dragon Emperor right?"

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