There is an ancient saying, ’If heaven made him, Earth can find some use for him.’

And our Ye Jun believes that as the Heaven bestowed him as the youngest one in the family, the notable usage that the Earth actuate for him is to annoy his elder brother as much as he can.

By the time, Xu Mey came downstairs, Ye Jun had already eaten most of the food. There was barely anything left on the table. She was dressed in her usual jeans and a turtleneck shirt. She watched as Ye Jun was immersed in devouring the food.

She wasn’t paying much attention before but now that she noticed Ye Jun, she realized something was odd about him. His nose was bright red and he was sniffling after a period of time. He placed his chopsticks on the table and rubbed his neck and stretching his stiff muscles. After that, he again picked up his chopsticks to eat. Even though it was early spring but there was still a chill in the air but Ye Jun was barely wearing anything.

She walked up to his eating figure and placed her hand on his forehead intending to take his temperature. Ye Jun feeling her cold hands raised his head to look at her. She was deep in thought. "You have a fever, Jun." Ye Jun quirked his brows and placed his own hand over the forehead where Xu Mey’s hand had been a moment ago. "Why are you wearing so little?"

Xu Mey ran up the stairs and brought him thick clothes to wear. "Hurry up and change into these clothes." She ordered him as she pulled him away from the food and pushed him up the stairs. She asked the maid to bring the medicine box. And she herself walked into the now clean kitchen to make some Ginger tea for him.

She brought the ginger tea and medicine to the guest room upstairs. Ye Jun was walking out of the room at that time when he heard her distressed voice. "Go back inside." Ye Jun frowned in confusion. "You’re not allowed to leave the bedroom today."

She pulled him back inside the room and made him recline on the bed. Ye Jun was awfully quiet. He was constantly staring at her face with a weird glint in his eyes. Xu Mey gave him two tablets for fever and painkillers to ease his muscles. She also made him drink the ginger tea right in front of her. He obediently listened to her.

"Don’t move. Rest for the day otherwise your fever can get worse." Ye Jun nodded his head with a faint smile.

Satisfied with his response, Xu Mey turned to leave when she saw Ye Jie leaning against the door frame. When Ye Jie saw her taking care of Ye Jun he felt really good. She gave the vibes of a caring mother which was amusing to Ye Jie.

Xu Mey cleared her throat inconspicuously, lowered her head and took a step ahead intending to walk past him. But Ye Jie had other ideas in mind.

He stood in her way not letting her leave. Xu Mey didn’t look up instead moved to the other side but Ye Jie did the same thing again. He was being childish. Xu Mey raised her head to glare at him but the moment her eyes fell on his clean face and that killer jawline, she raised her head further up avoiding his eyes.

Ye Jie frowned when she avoided looking at him. And just like that his competitive side took over. Taking advantage of his tall height, he tried to make her look at him. Xu Mey, in turn, lowered her head. Ye Jie bent down making his face appear in front of her eyes.

Thinking about how to deal with this childish husband, Xu Mey turned her body 180 degrees. Ye Jie left the door and walked in front of her again giving a way to Xu Mey. She took advantage of the situation and ran faster than Usain Bolt to escape.

"That was really immature of you, bro." Ye Jun who watched their antics commented trying to take control of his laughter.

Ye Jie’s amused expression turned cold when he looked at his younger brother. Ye Jun could see the killing intent visible in his eyes. The room turned so cold that Ye Jun felt like he was gonna become a popsicle.

Ye Jie took one slow step at a time as he headed towards Ye Jun’s bedside. But that each step was like a call from Hell for Ye Jun. He was cowering his body to shrink saying, "Bro, I’m really sick."

Ye Jie inclined his upper body towards Ye Jun’s face and held his chin between his fingers. "Dear little brother, do you know what you did wrong?" Ye Jie’s voice was so low that only Ye Jun could feel the chill in his words.

Ye Jun gulped visibly as his Adam’s apple bobbed up and down. "I, I, I do."

"I can forget about the part where you interrupted our conversation by being the third wheel." Ye Jun heaved a sigh of relief but his next words made the air stuck in his throat making him choke on air. "But I can’t possibly forget that you ate the food I made just for her. Also, you made her take care of you."

"I, I, I really didn’t ask to do anything. Sis-in-law is just too sharp. But you should be glad about it. It shows that she cares about the people that are related to you. I mean she cared for me because I’m your brother. Otherwise, do you think she’s the kind of person to care for just anyone?" Ye Jun was half trying to escape with his words and half of him actually believed in his own logic.

But this reasoning seemed to hit the bull’s eye. Ye Jie’s cold temperature dropped a bit but not completely. He kept his inclined position while deep in thought.

He abruptly raised his hand making Ye Jun close his eyes in fear of being hit. But Ye Jie just picked the pillow next to him and hit his brother repeatedly.

"You schemer! Next time, don’t you dare come to my place like a thief." After smothering his younger brother with a pillow, Ye Jie turned to leave.

He stopped right before stepping out of the room as he heard Ye Jun saying, "I never took you for a jealous type, bro."

Ye Jie didn’t turn around to look at his brother’s beguiled look. "Neither did I." His voice was low but Ye Jun managed to hear it.

’Jealousy is a lack of self-confidence.’ Ye Jie might not be sure about other things but he was always self-confident. He was charming, handsome, successful and most importantly a good person. So he never felt the need to be jealous of anything in life.

But just a single Xu Mey’s presence was enough to shake his composure. The first time when she mentioned her best friends as the love of her life, he felt weird. The feeling was so foreign that he didn’t realize what it was. But today, the feeling was very obvious. And when Ye Jun specified the word ’Jealous’, he realized that’s exactly what he was feeling.

He was jealous of his younger brother. That too for the first time in his life. He was not even jealous when his mother always preferred Ye Jun over him. But now he was feeling wretched.

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