I Can Turn into a Fish


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Lastest Update:2022-08-05 16:22:56

The Latest Chapter:Chapter 40 - Renovation

A chance to change, to challenge destiny, making dreams a reality, and live a legend! A regular man gains a system that allows him to turn into a fish!

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I Can Turn into a Fish Full catalogue of Novels
Chapter 1: I can turn into a fish!
Chapter 2: Eat and Evolve
Chapter 3: Sky-high Priced Fish
Chapter 4: Expensive Ornamental Fish
Chapter 5: Evolution Road
Chapter 6: Remolding the Goldfish
Chapter 7: Earn Money, Spend Money
Chapter 8: Popular Streamer
Chapter 9: God of Gambling?
Chapter 10: Internet Publicity
Chapter 11: Video
Chapter 12: The First Customer
Chapter 13: The First Sale
Chapter 14: Publicity
Chapter 15: Small Fame
Chapter 16: Dumbfounded at the Price
Chapter 17: Explosive Popularity
Chapter 18: Big Client
Chapter 19: Preparation
Chapter 20: Lion Queen and Xi Shi Koi
Chapter 21: Shameless Sports Car Youth
Chapter 22: Smash!
Chapter 23: Former Classmate
Chapter 24: How are you, Big Bro?
Chapter 25: Four Million
Chapter 26: A Taste of the Wild
Chapter 27: Comeback
Chapter 28: Open for business
Chapter 29: Evolving Body
Chapter 30: Buying a Fish Farm
Chapter 31: Unavoidable Enemies
Chapter 32: Xiao Ying’s Class Party
Chapter 33: Always Forced
Chapter 34: Sky-high Snobbery
Chapter 35 - Perfect body
Chapter 36 - Streamer
Chapter 37 - Collaboration?
Chapter 38 - Fight!
Chapter 39 - Stunned
Chapter 40 - Renovation