The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood

Author:Running Wa

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The Latest Chapter:Chapter 40: Making A Move

This is a story about a young man who sought to fight against his destiny. With the help from billions of Dragon Energies trapped on the Rising Dragon Pillar in his body, he emerged from the dark and quenched himself with the blood of ancient dragons. He fought the heaven with the Buddhist Art for the people he loved and built the Eternity Kingdom with his own hands. This is a story about the rise of the Martial Emperor who will rule both earth and heaven.

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The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Full catalogue of Novels
Chapter 1: Five Year Struggle
Chapter 2: Budding powers
Chapter 3: The Rising Dragon Pillar
Chapter 4: Opening Gates With Dragons
Chapter 5: Greet and Beat
Chapter 6: Extracting And Purifying Yuanli
Chapter 7: Xiao Cao
Chapter 8: The Power in His Blood
Chapter 9: The Hundred Treasure Pavillion
Chapter 10: The Third Dragon Energy
Chapter 11: Xiao Yue
Chapter 12: Limestone Champion List
Chapter 13: Stealing His Master’s Technique
Chapter 14: Heaven-Piercing Thrust
Chapter 15: Flying Daggers? Don’t Even Think About It
Chapter 16: Pill’s Markings
Chapter 17: The Price Should be Higher
Chapter 18: High-grade Magic Weapon
Chapter 19: The Leng Siblings
Chapter 20: True Energy Pill
Chapter 21: Phase 3 Alchemist
Chapter 22: Ye Chansheng
Chapter 23: Why Should I Kneel?
Chapter 24: Formation-Breaking Spear Technique
Chapter 25: Ye Mo’s Means
Chapter 26: Auction
Chapter 27: The Barbarians
Chapter 28: Azure Light Sword
Chapter 29: Blood red gun head
Chapter 30: Trading
Chapter 31: Black-Rock Wooden Spear Shot Handle
Chapter 32: Humane Injustice
Chapter 33: Blood Dyeing Tower
Chapter 34: What Constitutes A Genius?
Chapter 35: Sealing the Energy Center
Chapter 36: A Blessing in Disguise, A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed
Chapter 37: The Deadly Curse
Chapter 38: Ambush In The Night
Chapter 39: Clean Your Neck And Prepare To Die
Chapter 40: Making A Move