Warlord of Chaos

Author:Hit The So

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The Latest Chapter:Chapter 40: A Minor Accident

One of the few self-cultivator who exist in this modern world; due to an unfortunate event, completely destroyed his body in an explosion. Using all his effort to save his primordial spirit, he ended up in an strange magical world and had to start all over again. From a fallen aristocrat to the Warlord of Chaos, this can no longer be summarise as legendary; this is the life of the God of War.

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Chapter 1: Death Is Absolutely Not the Last Thing of Life
Chapter 2: Young Master And His Slave
Chapter 3: Obstacles
Chapter 4: Accumulation of Energy
Chapter 5: Enlightenment
Chapter 6: Self Recommendation
Chapter 7: Trap
Chapter 8: Crisis of Miss Keeley
Chapter 9: Straw Dog
Chapter 10: Calamity
Chapter 11: Escape
Chapter 12: The War
Chapter 13: The Discovery
Chapter 14: Stupid Lady
Chapter 15: Malice
Chapter 16: The Bane
Chapter 17: The Traitor
Chapter 18: Great Tragedy
Chapter 19: Distribution
Chapter 20: Adventure
Chapter 21: Talent
Chapter 22: Burden
Chapter 23: Challenge
Chapter 24: Capital
Chapter 25: Army Calling Charm
Chapter 26: Friends Coming From Afar
Chapter 27: Honest Man
Chapter 28: Breaking Through
Chapter 29: Unexpected Treasure
Chapter 30: Share Woe
Chapter 31: Revenge
Chapter 32: Proof
Chapter 33: Miscellaneous Knowledge
Chapter 34: Promising Future
Chapter 35: Sneaking In
Chapter 36: Murderer
Chapter 37: The Shades of Night
Chapter 38: Position
Chapter 39: The Internal Secret
Chapter 40: A Minor Accident