Ranking Of Kings: My Land Is SSS Rank Chapter 38 - New Demon, a Boss-Rank Demon Hunter!

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Chapter 38: New Demon, a Boss-Rank Demon Hunter!

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“It’s true!”

“That kid even said that he wanted to clear out all the rulers in the surrounding region!”

“He was going to start with your SS-Rank soldiers!”

Jason didn’t think that it was a big deal at all. Inciting his boss’s anger so that he would take revenge for him. When he lied, his expression didn’t change.

That was because he knew what kind of person Ye Fan was.

He loved to fight!

He loved to take the initiative to attack. He believed that his fists could conquer everything!

And he would definitely take revenge!

There was once a ruler in the neighboring territory who accidentally burned a Water Fairy to death because he set a fire trap. In the end, Ye Fan led an army to suppress them and swept the territory clean.

Not a single person survived.

Now that he was Ye Fan’s underling, the mermaid tribe in his hands were actually Ye Fan’s soldiers.

How could he not be angry after they were being killed by Li Xiang?

As expected, the next moment, Ye Fan flew into a rage.

“How dare he! I didn’t go looking for him, but he came looking for trouble with me first?”

“Boss, you have to be careful. Li Xiang isn’t simple.”

Jason reminded him, “The soldiers he sent out are only S-Rank. I feel like he’s hiding his strength.”

“So what?”

Ye Fan snorted, “Now that I have the Lake of Tears in my hands, the Water Fairies can be compared to SSS-Rank soldiers. It’s time for him to give up his first-place position in the [Military] rankings!”

Jason’s eyes lit up. “Boss, you’re so domineering! If we don’t let this arrogant kid suffer a little, he wouldn’t even know who’s the king in the nearby regions!”

“Suffer a little?” Ye Fan narrowed his eyes. “I want him dead! His soldiers, his territory talent, I want them all!”


Demon’s Land, main territory.

After hearing Ye Fan’s vicious words, Li Xiang yawned.


He didn’t rest well yesterday and felt sleepy.

“Boss, what should we do?”

Sally had also heard the whole process and felt that it was a little tricky. “If those Water Fairies are really like what he said, and with the addition of the wonder’s bonus, they can be comparable to SSS-Rank soldiers, do we still have to fight?”

“We will fight. Why not? Can’t you see that they are preparing to set off?”

Li Xiang stretched his body. “We can’t possibly give him this city that we worked so hard to build.”

Tyler scratched his head and asked, “But these Water Fairies seem to be very powerful. There are not many soldiers left in the city. Can we defend it?”

There were a lot of Water Fairies in the picture.

Because the small eye demons looked down from a distance, he could see half of the Lake of Tears.

There were hundreds of Water Fairies in this area alone.

It was not difficult to guess that Ye Fan’s army was definitely more than a thousand people.

It had only been a week or so. With such strength, he was definitely a top ruler.

Hearing this, Sally could not help but laugh. “Big guy, you haven’t seen how powerful Boss Li Xiang is, have you?”

“Ah?” He was confused. “What do you mean?”

Sally did not explain. She blinked and looked at Li Xiang, her eyes full of anticipation.

Li Xiang smiled faintly. He opened the panel of the Demon Lair and directly increased the number of Black Wing Demons recruited to 100.

Hundredfold soldier creation!


One-third of the Soul Points instantly evaporated, replaced by an overwhelming number of Black Wing Demons.

Damn it!

Tyler was full of shock as he looked at this scene, and his heart was brimming with pride.

Was this the boss’s arrangement?

With a wave of his hand, he had over 10,000 people?

With such an army, who could stop him?

Ye Fan, right?

Water Fairies, right?

Come, let’s see if he could stop Boss Li Xiang’s army of Black Wing Demons!

However, Li Xiang was thinking about where he could meet the leveling requirements of so many soldiers.

If he used his Rank 1 attributes to fight against the Water Fairies, under the multiple suppression, the damage dealt would be very limited, and the numerical advantage would no longer exist.

Leveling was a must.

He thought for a while and suddenly slapped his head.

“There’s a training field! This place can be taught by the succubus, and even I can gain EXP. This is killing two birds with one stone!”

Li Xiang immediately prepared to let the Barbarians build a large training field.

But at this moment, the system notification suddenly rang.


[Congratulations, ruler. Due to the number of demon-type soldiers you have has reached the standard, the Demon Lair has absorbed enough energy and successfully leveled up to Rank 3. You have received a new demon summoning count!]

[Do you want to spawn a new demon?]

[Yes] [No]


There was no need to consider this choice at all!

Summon directly!

An extremely surging aura suddenly rose from the Demon Lair.

The strength of this power was not even weaker than when the succubus appeared!

It was even stronger!

Very soon, a streak of purple gas flew out from the depths of the lair and landed at the entrance of the cave, gradually condensing into a humanoid figure.

However, it was different from a normal humanoid figure.

Although it had a head and two legs, this new demon had three pairs of abnormally strong arms. It did not have pupils, and in its place were two black flames burning. Its skin color was also a particularly strange dark purple.

“Ah! It’s the aura of chaos. This place is filled with battles!”

He stretched his body with a look of satisfaction.

The demon’s panel appeared in Li Xiang’s eyes.

[Demon Hunter] (Boss-Rank Unit)

Quality: SSS

Race: Demon

Growth Rate: 10

Rank: 1

Attack: 700-1450

Defense: 150

HP: 5,500

Skills —

[Demon Warrior] (Passive): Due to the special body structure of the Demon Hunter, it is unable to wear normal armor. However, it can equip six weapons (light) at the same time. By sacrificing the armor, it can gain more frequent attack speed and strength.

[Elemental Charge]: The Demon Hunter has an excellent elemental insight ability. When it launches an attack, it can charge up its own weapon, further increasing its lethality.

[Metamorphosis]: It can transform its body into the form of a wild beast to have a stronger physique, but it will reduce its sensitivity by a little.

[Militant]: The more opponents there are, the higher the attack power of the Demon Hunter. However, due to its extreme anger, it may not be able to differentiate between friend and foe. Anyone who gets close to it will be attacked.


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