Flash Marriage: CEO's Sweet Love Chapter 40

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In truth, what Su Jinyi really cared about was He Ruiting's thoughts. Did he believe in herself?

He Ruiting who had returned to his office did not have much of a mind to work, his eyes were fixated on the phone on the table, as though he was waiting for a call, but the phone was quietly lying there without any movement.

Is this woman stupid? He was obviously wronged, why didn't he come to look for me?

Finally, He Ruiting could no longer hold it in, picked up his cell phone, and took the initiative to make a call.

"Sorry, the phone you dialed is turned off ??"

A mechanical female voice came out from the phone. He Ruiting called her a few more times and it was the same.

"Zhou Xin, come in." He Ruiting pressed an internal call.

Very quickly, Zhou Xin was standing in front of him. Before he could even open his mouth to ask, He Ruiting anxiously said: "The thing that I just told you, are you looking into it again?"

"Yes, I'm investigating." Zhou Xin replied.

"Any progress?"

"The surveillance footage has been destroyed and we're looking for a technician to restore it." Zhou Xin immediately went to check the monitoring system after hearing He Ruiting's orders.

"Investigate this matter as soon as possible," He Ruiting said as he nodded his head to express his understanding. Then he continued, "The afternoon video conference has been cancelled, and we have another time.

"Alright, Boss He."

After explaining all of this, He Ruiting stood up from his seat, grabbing the jacket on the back of the chair, and was about to leave.

"Is Boss He going out? Do we need to arrange for a driver? " Zhou Xin asked, seeing He Ruiting's actions.

"No need." He Ruiting left behind these two words before he left.

He sneaked in to take a look at Su Jinyi's department, and even wandered around the company for a while but didn't see Su Jinyi. He even went downstairs to ask the security guards if anyone went out.

He Ruiting heaved a sigh of relief, this meant that Su Jinyi was still in the company, but, where could she be?

Finally, he locked onto the rooftop, which was the only place she had yet to go. When he arrived at the Sky Platform, Su Jinyi was leaning on the corner with her eyes closed. It was unknown if she was asleep or not.

"Jin Yi." He Ruiting quickly walked forward and gently called out to her.

"He Ruiting?" Su Jinyi opened her eyes in a daze, seeing the person that suddenly appeared in front of him, she was a little surprised: "Why are you here?"

"I couldn't get through to you, so I couldn't find you anywhere. Do you know that I'm very worried?"

When he couldn't find her just now, He Ruiting's heart was in a state of panic. At that moment, he was really afraid that Su Jinyi would disappear into her own world just like that. This was a feeling he had never experienced before, as though his entire body had fallen into an ice cellar, and his entire body felt a bone-piercing pain.

"My phone ran out of battery." Su Jinyi remembered that she brought a phone with her. She took it out from her pocket, looked at it, and explained.

"How long have you been here? My body is completely cold. " He Ruiting held her hand, ice-cold.

"Not long." Su Jinyi actually wasn't asleep at all. She was just leaning on the wall, feeling very comfortable, which was why she closed her eyes and rested. It was just that she was too immersed in her own world, so she didn't know that He Ruiting had come over.

"Get up, the wind is strong here, be careful of catching a cold." He Ruiting said as he took off the jacket on his body and covered her with it.

"Aiya!" Just as Su Jinyi stood up, she lost her balance and almost fell to the ground.

Luckily He Ruiting reacted fast enough and was able to hold her in time, he asked her with concern: "What's wrong?"

"My feet are numb." Su Jinyi's entire being was leaning on He Ruiting, his legs were numb, like tens of thousands of ants crawling on the ground.

"Come, sit down first." He Ruiting made her sit on the ground again, then squatted down beside her. He placed her feet in front of him and gently rubbed her feet, "Does this feel better?"

"Right." Su Jinyi nodded, her two eyes continuing to gaze at him.

The two of them were silent and did not speak. Su Jinyi looked at him and asked, "Today's matter has a huge impact on the company, right?"

"What do you want to say? Just say it. Don't beat around the bush with me." He Ruiting curled his lips, and said without raising his head.

"Do you believe me?" Hearing his words, Su Jinyi seemed to receive some sort of encouragement, and bravely asked the question that concerned her.

"What do you think?" As if he had already guessed that she would ask that, He Ruiting stopped what he was doing and raised his head to meet her gaze.

"If I knew, I wouldn't have to ask you." Su Jinyi whispered. Even though her voice was soft, He Ruiting could still hear him.

He Ruiting held her cheeks with both hands and gently said: "Look at me seriously. Tell me, what do you see in my eyes?"

"I ??" Su Jinyi was at a loss for words, she didn't know what to say, but what she was sure of was that He Ruiting's eyes were firm, so, did he believe her?

"Believe what you see. Tell me." He Ruiting encouraged.

"Do you really believe me?" Although Su Jinyi could see the trust in her eyes, she was not completely sure.

"I won't let you suffer any grievances. Don't worry." The smile on He Ruiting's face gradually widened, and he reached out to caress her head, "Don't be sad."

"It's not that I'm sad, it's just that I don't really understand. I've been here for a month and haven't had any enmity with anyone. I didn't expect that someone would frame me. But, why is it such a coincidence?" Seeing He Ruiting protecting her, Su Jinyi's heart was filled with warmth, and she told him her worries.

"This matter will be revealed very soon, don't worry."

Seeing He Ruiting comforting himself, Su Jinyi could not help but ask: "This time, did I cause a lot of trouble for the company? I'm holding you back, aren't I? "

"Don't give yourself that much confidence. You don't have that much ability yet, so you won't be able to create any big waves." He Ruiting smiled as he comforted her, telling her not to think too much into it.

Su Jinyi felt that He Ruiting must have comforted him to this extent to prevent him from feeling sad. Judging from his appearance in the morning, this matter should have a huge impact on the company, so what could she do to make up for it?

"Is your foot better?" "Let's go back." He Ruiting said.

"Mm, you can leave now." Su Jinyi realized that He Ruiting's hair was already starting to get messy and that his jacket was also on him. Since the wind was strong here, he would definitely be frozen.

He Ruiting supported her, and just as he stood up, his phone in his pocket rang, he anxiously picked it up, and his face changed slightly.

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