Upgrade Specialist in Another World


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The Latest Chapter:Chapter 79: A Powerful Foe Comes to Fight!

Just as a gamer found an overpowered skill book called ‘Item Upgrade’ in the hottest virtual reality role-playing game on Earth, something happened to the game’s system, causing his soul to leave his body and go to another dimension. Common sense dictates that he would be born anew then become the greatest overlord of this world by making use of his advanced knowledge. Not in this case! He was already dead. Only some fragments of his soul and that skill book managed to get into that dimension and merge with an ordinary common youngster called Bai Yunfei.

This was the enormous Tianhun continent, where humans could be said to have no limits. There was a group of humans here who could cultivate the power of their own souls then control their bodies, the natural elements and even other people’s souls with that power! These special beings were called — soul cultivators. Come witness how the several fragments of the dead inter-dimensional traveler’s soul and that skill book, which was not governed by the laws of this plane, were going to help Bai Yunfei become a legendary soul cultivator and craftsman!

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USAW Prologue
Chapter 1: Bai Yunfei
Chapter 2: Equipment Upgrade Technique
Chapter 3: Uncle Wu
Chapter 4: Slaughter in the Coliseum
Chapter 5: Uncle Wus Death and....Transformation!
Chapter 6: Do You Desire Power?
Chapter 7: It Exploded?!
Chapter 8: The Soul Apprentice Stage! Training and Research
Chapter 9: Change
Chapter 10: Target: Blackwood Stronghold!
Chapter 11: First encounter with bandits
Chapter 12: Li Chengfeng
Chapter 13: First Time Fighting a Soul Cultivator; The Might of an Upgraded Item!
Chapter 14: Soul Personage Stage, Soul Skills, and Soul Armaments!
Chapter 15: With Bandits Like These, Prepare to Kill!
Chapter 16: Kill! Kill! Kill!
Chapter 17: Declare War on the Blackwood Stronghold!
Chapter 18: Bai Yunfeis Plan
Chapter 19: The Time is Ripe, Infiltrate the Stronghold!
Chapter 20: Kill the Vice-chieftain!
Chapter 21: The Final Fight Against a Soul Warrior and Flying Daggers!
Chapter 22: Destroy the Blackwood Stronghold and Return to the City!
Chapter 23: A Trend of the House of Zhang; Coming to the Rescue
Chapter 24: Another Encounter With Zhang Yang and a Battle for Vengeance! (First)
Chapter 25: A Battle for Vengeance! (Second)
Chapter 26: A Battle for Vengeance! (Third)
Chapter 27: A Battle for Vengeance! (Fourth)
Chapter 28: Stab Zhang Yang to Death!
Chapter 29: The Green Willow School, Luliu, and Yuhe
Chapter 30: Schools of the World!
Chapter 31: Romance by Rescue Isnt Believable
Chapter 32: Soul Warrior Stage and Acupoints
Chapter 33: Meeting Li Chengfeng Again
Chapter 34: Explode! Explode! And Explode!
Chapter 35: +13 Brick! Hurling!
Chapter 36: +13 Brick! Stunning! And Confusing!
Chapter 37: Movement From the House of Zhang and Incoming Peril!
Chapter 38: Initial Success With the Wave Treading Steps!
Chapter 39: +12 Daggers!
Chapter 40: Researching Item Stats Again
Chapter 41: Leave....Peril is Coming?
Chapter 42: Ive been tricked!
Chapter 43: Fleeing and...Worrying
Chapter 44: Three Days of Tracking and Approaching Mortal Danger
Chapter 45: Go All Out! Fight!!
Chapter 46: The Gap in Power!
Chapter 47: Strike back!
Chapter 48: Ninefold Fist Force Versus Glacial Palm
Chapter 49: Run Away!!
Chapter 50: Reaching Snowpeak City
Chapter 51: Secret Exposed! Greater Danger!!
Chapter 52: Meeting the Old Man From the Fate School Again
Chapter 53: Original Property of the Soul
Chapter 54: First Arrival in Jade Willow City; A Cliched Scene?
Chapter 55: Artificial Respiration is Needed?
Chapter 56: Liu Meng
Chapter 57: Stroll and Tell
Chapter 58: The Long Tao Duo
Chapter 59: An Inexplicable Attack!
Chapter 60: Bloodhowl Wolf Kings Adopted Son, Hong Yin
Chapter 61: Meeting Qiu Luliu Again
Chapter 62: The +10 Additional Effects of Accessories
Chapter 63: Is This Jealousy?
Chapter 64: Green Willow School
Chapter 65: Sudden Event
Chapter 66: You Want to Fight? Lets Fight!
Chapter 67: The Brick Defeats a Soul Skill
Chapter 68: Mission Accomplished, Conspiracy Discovered!
Chapter 69: Things That Always Happen at a Restaurant
Chapter 70: In a Flash
Chapter 71: First Meeting With Hong Yin
Chapter 72: See Through It
Chapter 73: What Should Be Said Has Been Said
Chapter 74: One Against Two
Chapter 75: Help Arrives
Chapter 76: Injury Treatment
Chapter 77: Approaching Crisis
Chapter 78: Soulbeast
Chapter 79: A Powerful Foe Comes to Fight!