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Please, I Really Didn’t Want To Fall in Love With My Master!


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Lastest Update:2023-04-04 21:34:14

The Latest Chapter:Chapter 240: Leng Wuyans Good Brother!

Li Ran traversed to another world and became the Holy Son of a Demon Way Sect.

The system has awakened, and the first task released is actually to fall in love?

The Sect strictly forbids relationships between men and women.

Li Ran took the risk of being expelled from the Sect and wrote a love letter to his junior sister, but it was sent to the master by mistake!

Please, I Really Didn’t Want To Fall in Love With My Master! Latest Chapter List 82Novel Free Online I'll show you in a minute Please, I Really Didn’t Want To Fall in Love With My Master! The latest chapter)
Please, I Really Didn’t Want To Fall in Love With My Master! Full catalogue of Novels
Chapter 1: Romance? I am a master at this!
Chapter 2: Confession Artifact!
Chapter 3: Please Be in a Relationship With Me!
Chapter 4: Li Ran's fierce offensive!
Chapter 5: Internal Dialogue
Chapter 6: Please, I really didn't want to fall in love with my master!
Chapter 7: Mission Reward: Super Treasure Box!
Chapter 8: What should I do in this relationship?
Chapter 9: If you’re a genius, face me in battle
Chapter 10: Lu Xinran got a great beating!
Chapter 11: Perfectly Completed!
Chapter 12: Sect Master, you are jealous!
Chapter 13: Master, I won!
Chapter 14: It’s over. Master is angry!
Chapter 15: Strange Aqin
Chapter 16: Master's mission!
Chapter 17: Leng Wuyan's aura!
Chapter 18: What lovers should do!
Chapter 19: Leng Wuyan's first!
Chapter 20: Listening to Music and Killing!
Chapter 21: Dating, Listening to Songs, Eating Candy Figurines
Chapter 22: Give Him a Chance to Reincarnate!
Chapter 23: Dark Moonlight, Breeze, Night of Murder!
Chapter 24: It’s over! A slip of tongue!
Chapter 25: How to talk about love
Chapter 26: A Letter from Family!
Chapter 27: Marriage Annulment!
Chapter 28: Leng Wuyan’s Dilemma!
Chapter 29: Trial? Leave it to me!
Chapter 30: My Master is truly sweet!
Chapter 31: Li Ran’s Shadow!
Chapter 32: Leng Wuyan's Letter!
Chapter 33: The trial begins!
Chapter 34: A Proud Genius and A Poor Girl!
Chapter 35: A bear fell down from the sky?
Chapter 36: Xiao Qingge's Offer!
Chapter 37: Sheng Zi is a soft person with a cold exterior!
Chapter 38: Soft your sister!
Chapter 39: To the Secret Realm!
Chapter 40: Abnormal Phenomenon: Dragon Elephant Zetian!
Chapter 41: Pick out two lucky spectators!
Chapter 42: This is the so-called righteous path?
Chapter 43: Mission Completion, Trial Opening!
Chapter 44: Xiao Qingge's last chance!
Chapter 45: How do you want to die?
Chapter 46: Both of us will suffer losses?
Chapter 47: Toolman Song Qingsong!
Chapter 48: No one can collect herbs better than me!
Chapter 49: If you cannot beat them, Join them!
Chapter 50: Xiao Qingge's Misunderstanding!
Chapter 51: Ashamed Yue Jianli!
Chapter 52: Spirit Fruit! Xiao Qingge's Choice!
Chapter 53: The Third Trial: A Palace in the Sky!
Chapter 54: Climb the Cloud Stairway, Step on the Immortal Path!
Chapter 55: I refuse to accept this!
Chapter 56: Yue Jianli's Decision!
Chapter 57: Basic Role of a Toolman
Chapter 58: Team Division, The Demon From the Coffin!
Chapter 59: I, Li Ran, am called Xiao Lei Gong!
Chapter 60: Li Ran, I will definitely kill you!
Chapter 61: The Burning Heaven Emperor?
Chapter 62: Disillusioned Eye!
Chapter 63: True Inheritance: Burning Heaven Sacred Flame!
Chapter 64: Flying Cloud Peak’s Upheaval!
Chapter 65: Treatment of an Immortal Emperor’s Inheritor!
Chapter 66: Yue Jianli’s Method of Feeding Medicine!
Chapter 67: Jealous Chen Zhutian!
Chapter 68: Chen Zhutian - I wish you a happy marriage for a hundred years!
Chapter 69: Pressure on the Xiao Family!
Chapter 70: Young Master Li is Back!
Chapter 71: You're Worthy to Represent Me?
Chapter 72:
Chapter 73:
Chapter 74:
Chapter 75:
Chapter 76:
Chapter 77:
Chapter 78:
Chapter 79:
Chapter 80:
Chapter 81:
Chapter 82:
Chapter 83:
Chapter 84:
Chapter 85:
Chapter 86:
Chapter 87: Demon Slaying Conference? The Sugar-Coated Assembly!
Chapter 88: You’re Surrounded!
Chapter 89: Pretending to Be Hit by Lightning!
Chapter 90: A Fight Between Gods!
Chapter 91: Women are Accustomed to Pain!
Chapter 92: Lin Langyues Nemesis!
Chapter 93: Li Ran, First-Ranked Heavenly Devil!
Chapter 94: Sect Master, Sheng Zi has returned!
Chapter 95: Strange Gift!
Chapter 96: A Gift For Leng Wuyan!
Chapter 97: It’s hard to have a girlfriend
Chapter 98: Y-y-you want me to take a bath with you?
Chapter 99: Li Wuqiangs Notorious Past!
Chapter 100: Unfilial Disciple! You actually wanted to pounce his Master!
Chapter 101: Sleeping Over, Deteriorated Filial Piety!
Chapter 102: High-Profile!
Chapter 103: The Top Poet of the Vast Land!
Chapter 104: Public Punishment in the Restaurant!
Chapter 105: Do you want to dual cultivate with me?
Chapter 106: The terrified Qin Ruyan!
Chapter 107: The Sheng Zis Pat!
Chapter 108: Li Rans Devil Path!
Chapter 109: Leng Wuyans Love Teacher!
Chapter 110: Leng Wuyans New Years Gift!
Chapter 111: Oh no, a nosebleed!
Chapter 112: Transmigrated Singer!
Chapter 113: Second Date: Li Rans New Years Gift!
Chapter 114: Shy Leng Wuyan and Werewolf Under the Moon, Li Ran!
Chapter 115: Honest and Brave Young Master!
Chapter 116: The disciple wants to cultivate with Master!
Chapter 117: The Righteous and Devils’ Gathering, The Arrival of Heavenly Devils!
Chapter 118: The Strange Yue Jianli!
Chapter 119: It’s a Two Side Attack This time!
Chapter 120: It was Yue Jianli!
Chapter 121: Ashamed and Indignant Yue Jianli!
Chapter 122: The Predator and The Prey!
Chapter 123: Silver Spear Annihilates the Demons, Bloody Slaughter!
Chapter 124: Beast King and Human Devil!
Chapter 125: Humanity’s Counterattack!
Chapter 126: Princess Sheng Zhixia!
Chapter 127: Draw a Sword and Offend Four Top Sects?
Chapter 128: Yue Jianli who was stuck in the bathtub!
Chapter 129: Heartbroken Yue Jianli!
Chapter 130: Strange Sheng Zhixia, Transformed Yue Jianli!
Chapter 131: Accompanying the Witch!
Chapter 132: Something was wrong with Qin Ruyan!
Chapter 133: The Evil Demon Yu Ye!
Chapter 134: Even if he was a deity, he had to kill him!
Chapter 135: The cultivation realm was reserved for geniuses!
Chapter 136: The Giant and the Specter!
Chapter 137: Devouring Black Mist Soul Enhancement!
Chapter 138: The Thousand-Year Old Corpse Behind the Waterfall!
Chapter 139: A corpse should act like one!
Chapter 140: The True Identity of the Ancient Corpse!
Chapter 141: Do you want to sleep together?
Chapter 142: Lin Langyue Panicked!
Chapter 143: Living Together with Lin Langyue
Chapter 144: What if I Can Represent the Heavenly Dao?
Chapter 145: Female Patron, Please Dont Be Nervous!
Chapter 146: Dont Be Afraid, Im Not a Bad Person
Chapter 147: Leng Wuyans Thundering Rage!
Chapter 148: It’s over… Master Saw Everything!
Chapter 149: Yi Qinglan? You’re just a Daoist nun whos never been in love!
Chapter 150: Master Li!
Chapter 151: Defiant Disciple, Bullying Master again!
Chapter 152: Yi Qinglan: Defiant Disciple!
Chapter 153: Boat With Three Woman?
Chapter 154: Sheng Zhixia’s Frightened Cry!
Chapter 155: The Princess’s Handle!
Chapter 156: Something is Wrong with Sheng Zhixia!
Chapter 157: Filial Piety Affects the Sheng Zi!
Chapter 158: I Like Being Friends with the Witch!
Chapter 159: Is this how the Devil Path solves their problems?
Chapter 160: The Peak of Tribulation, Wu Chengkong!
Chapter 161: Exiting from the Secret Grounds, Li Wuqiang!
Chapter 162: Li Wuqiangs Bad Move!
Chapter 163: Is Sheng Zhixia in love?!
Chapter 164: Li Ran must be a demon!
Chapter 165: Qin Ruyan, Backyard Governance Expert!
Chapter 166: Xiao Qingge was actually cultivating a dual cultivation technique?
Chapter 167: Li Wuqiangs Wool!
Chapter 168: Princess Strange Hobbies
Chapter 169: Sheng Ye Can you stop causing trouble?
Chapter 170: Announcing to the World, World Suppressing Heavenly Devil!
Chapter 171: Who told you to provoke Li Ran!
Chapter 172: Daoist Yi, you actually have a crush on me!
Chapter 173: This time, the stone hammer!
Chapter 174: Strange Perception, Yi Qinglan collapsed!
Chapter 175: You’re Bound with Yi Qinglan?!
Chapter 176: Entering the Royal Palace, Entering the Treasury!
Chapter 177: Emperors Logic, Strange Red Line!
Chapter 178: Kid, Pick the Expensive Ones!
Chapter 179: The Secret of Zhixia was Exposed!
Chapter 180: One piece of information became two?
Chapter 181: Fruits of Labor
Chapter 182: Perversion? I am appreciating art!
Chapter 183: He Frantically Scratched!
Chapter 184: Lin Langyues Heart Demon, the Emperor-level Vinegar Jar!
Chapter 185: The Sun and Moon are Witness of This Disciples Filial Piety!
Chapter 186: Yi Qinglan’s Changed Attitude
Chapter 187: Coaxing Master!
Chapter 188: Respecting Master
Chapter 189: Entrance to Tianshu Institute!
Chapter 190: Entering the Death End Grounds!
Chapter 191: Heart Demon? Li Ran Doubted Life!
Chapter 192: I Didn’t See Anything!
Chapter 193: Demonic Appearance, the Demon Hearts Annihilation!
Chapter 194: Daoist Yi, Do You Really Have a Sand Red Mole on Your Waist?
Chapter 195: Lin Langyue’s Heart!
Chapter 196: Chief Lin, What Exactly Did He See in the Inner Demons?
Chapter 197: Powerful Yi Qinglan, Emperor Rank Exorcist!
Chapter 198: Lin Langyues Change, Yi Qinglans Hobby!
Chapter 199: The Embarrassed Yi Qinglan!
Chapter 200: Tianshu Institute? Li Rans Backyard!
Chapter 201: The Enlightened Teachers of the Deacons!
Chapter 202: The Shocked Yi Qinglan and the Mad Lin Langyue!
Chapter 203: Li Rans Story, True Gods Descent!
Chapter 204: Daoist Yi, dont be polite. I will sleep in your room!
Chapter 205: Divine Soul Attack!
Chapter 206: Yi Qinglans Special Plan!
Chapter 207: This Poor Daoist is Not Cute at All!
Chapter 208: Farewell Sheng Zi Li!
Chapter 209: The Panic of Yi Qinglan, the Crisis in the Forest!
Chapter 210: A Sheng Zi Li That Fell From the Sky
Chapter 211: Six-Armed Heavenly Devil, Devour!
Chapter 212: Half-step Heavenly Tribulation? He was chopped!
Chapter 214: You Want My Spirit Pearl?
Chapter 216: Was Yi Qinglan jealous?
Chapter 217: The Powerful Grand Supreme Heart Cleansing Curse!
Chapter 218:
Chapter 219: Ancestor Huanxi? Idiot!
Chapter 220: The Two Emperors Gather, The Shocking Liu Xunhuan!
Chapter 221: Liu Xunhuans Face Changed, But Yi Qinglan Didnt Care
Chapter 222: This Poor Daoist Will Send You Back to the Sect!
Chapter 223: Strange, But Cute and Loving
Chapter 224: Daoist Yis Adorableness is a Foul!
Chapter 226: A gift from Yi Qinglan!
Chapter 227: Another Master Appeared?
Chapter 228: Do you feel my filial piety?
Chapter 229: It’s Over. This Time, They’re really going to fight!
Chapter 230: Yi Qinglans Magic Brain Circuit!
Chapter 231: For TwoConvergence!
Chapter 233: The Sheng Zi Really Worked Hard!
Chapter 234: You Had to Undergo the Lightning Tribulation?
Chapter 235: My Soul has Mutated!
Chapter 236: Yue Jianli had a man?
Chapter 237: Picking Up an Emperor-Rank Prince Consort?
Chapter 238: Apologizing to each other was simply too difficult!
Chapter 239: Cross-server Conversation, Confess Master!
Chapter 240: Leng Wuyans Good Brother!