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Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder’s Record of Counterattacks

Author:Hen Shi Ji

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Lastest Update:2022-09-26 21:22:07

The Latest Chapter:Chapter 200: You Should Wash Them

Ning Shu had dropped dead. But in a burst of good fortune she became a task-taker in charge of counterattacking for pitiful cannon fodder. Thus, Ning Shu, in one world after another, took all kinds of life roles, encountered all kinds of ‘you’re heartless, you’re ruthless, you’re making trouble for no reason’ people. She encountered all sorts of white lotus flowers, green tea b*tches, scheming b*tches, by the batch.

Does any true beauty still exist in the world!? bellowed Ning Shoe angrily. You annoying tr*sh! I’m just here to counterattack, please don’t get in the way of me completing my task. Transmigration main character, reincarnation main character. There’s only a lazy task-taker, no undestroyable main character halo. Ning Shu had no choice but to painfully gather moral integrity in each of the worlds.

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Chapter 44: Aren’t I the One?
Chapter 45: Genius of All Trades
Chapter 46: Having Shown Their True Selves
Chapter 47: Honor the Little White Flower
Chapter 48: Poor Three-Legged Desk
Chapter 49: Stand the Desk Up for Me
Chapter 51: Stirred Up Fool
Chapter 50: Mutual Affection
Chapter 52: Storage Room Incident
Chapter 53: 3p Ah
Chapter 54: Old Men Have Good Assets
Chapter 55: Truly a Beautiful Picture
Chapter 56: Main Profession
Chapter 57: Genes that Obstruct the Development of the Human Race
Chapter 58: Hug the Thigh More
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Chapter 60: First Task Complete
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Chapter 64: Emotion, Causes Calamities
Chapter 65: Lin Jiajia’s After Story (1)
Chapter 66: Lin Jiajia’s After Story (2)
Chapter 67: An Iceberg of an Imperial Older Brother
Chapter 68: Silent Confrontation with a Lounging Tiger
Chapter 69: Miao Qing
Chapter 70: An Unexpected Effect
Chapter 71: Big Boss’s Younger Sister
Chapter 72: Noble Consort Du and the Empress
Chapter 73: Leave the Imperial Palace?
Chapter 74: Pack Up Everything Without Leaving a Single Article Behind
Chapter 75: Suspected of Having Facial Nerve Paralysis
Chapter 76: As She So Wished
Chapter 77: Labeled Disloyal
Chapter 78: Biggest Boss
Chapter 79: A Treasured Book?
Chapter 80: Side Effect of Practicing the Unsurpassable Martial Arts
Chapter 81: Rumors of a Fatty Princess
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Chapter 85: For the Sake of Cake
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Chapter 87: Tree Peony vs Cattail Weed
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Chapter 92: Madame Duan
Chapter 93: Terrible Crime Punishable by Death
Chapter 94: The Princess Was No Longer the Same as Before
Chapter 95: Treating Her Princess Residence as a Market
Chapter 96: It Was a Sin to Have a High Status?
Chapter 97: How Can Princess Be so Heartless?
Chapter 98: Accused of Being Heartless x2
Chapter 99: What Does That Have to Do With Me?
Chapter 100: Play Among Themselves
Chapter 101: Was It Really Alright to Speak to a Princess This Way?
Chapter 102: It Was No Good, No Good
Chapter 103: Goodbye, Harmonious Mother and Daughter-in-law Relationship
Chapter 104: Sweet Potatoes Harvest
Chapter 105: Jiahui, You’ve Done Well
Chapter 106: Issue of the Peace Marriage
Chapter 107: It’s The Second Prince
Chapter 108: Are You A Psycho?
Chapter 109: A Place Where All Surrounding Nations Come to Pay Their Respects!
Chapter 110: Banquet for the North Mongolian Delegation
Chapter 111: This Prince Fell In Love At First Sight
Chapter 112: Appointed as Left Vanguard
Chapter 113: “Freedom lies in being bold.” ― Robert Frost
Chapter 114: Princess Must Come Back Safely
Chapter 115: Fulfill Your Dream Of Creating A Golden Age
Chapter 116: First March
Chapter 117: Became a Dead Zone
Chapter 118: You Guys Aren’t The Border Guards
Chapter 119: First Follower
Chapter 120: The Princess of Great Yong!
Chapter 121: Become This Prince’s Princess Consort
Chapter 122: Duel – Princess Jiahui vs He Lianying
Chapter 123: This Flavor is Delightful
Chapter 124: This Princess is an Honest Person
Chapter 125: People That Thought Themselves to be Men
Chapter 126: Perfect Weather for Making Dried Meat
Chapter 127: Ministers Rose to Protest
Chapter 128: Calm Before the Battle
Chapter 129: Princess Jiahui’s Enchanting Demonic Smile
Chapter 130: Promoted to Right Vanguard
Chapter 131: Arrow Gone Awry
Chapter 132: Not Who He Had Wanted To Kill
Chapter 133: Came to Attack Again
Chapter 134: A Scarlet Beauty Mark
Chapter 135: Completed Second Realm
Chapter 136: Landed Straight in the Middle of a…
Chapter 137: Please Don’t Ask
Chapter 138: Eight-Year-Old Main Male Lead
Chapter 139: The Sad Life of the Puerperium Period
Chapter 140: Qualifications to be Naive and Dumb
Chapter 141: Scapegoat Hero
Chapter 142: This Big Sis Even Dares To Kill Humans
Chapter 143: Almost Like You’ve Fallen For Me
Chapter 144: Must Start Worrying For Her Life
Chapter 145: Xiaobao and Dabao
Chapter 146: It’s Not Like I’m Abalone
Chapter 147: Ha. Ha. …Ha
Chapter 148: Another One Lost to the Mary Sue Halo
Chapter 149: Su Lan
Chapter 150: Let’s Get Some Soft Little Sister Currency
Chapter 151: I’ll Wait Until You Can Truly Accept Me
Chapter 152: Labeled Malicious
Chapter 153: You Gluttonous Woman!
Chapter 154: Abalone is a Sin
Chapter 155: At Least I Have a Tomb
Chapter 156: Had Them Practically Memorized
Chapter 157: Got Burned by the System
Chapter 158: Worried Someone Will Steal My Money
Chapter 159: Broke Through the Last Defense Line
Chapter 160: Su Family Situation
Chapter 161: Uncle Isn’t Like Her Ah
Chapter 162: Let Go and Seek a New Life?
Chapter 163: Was There Nothing In This World But Love!?
Chapter 164: If Not Divorce, Then…
Chapter 165: Xiao Yan’s Murder Attempt
Chapter 166: Time to Call the Police
Chapter 167: Because the Cook Hated Her
Chapter 168: Hadn’t Even Started Being Malicious
Chapter 169: Painful Parting as Dramatic as Bai Suzhen’s Imprisonment
Chapter 170: Taste of First Ever Cooking
Chapter 171: Offered the Position of the Female Master of the Xiao Family
Chapter 172: Xiao Yan and Su Meng’s Reunion
Chapter 173: Return of the Handsome Shoulder Throw
Chapter 174: The Secret Ingredient – a Fistful of XXXX
Chapter 175: The Vicious Pigging Out Cycle
Chapter 176: Never Looked for Xiao Yan Again
Chapter 177: Since We Don’t Have Charm…
Chapter 178: Fourth Task World
Chapter 179: Something with a Z, Someone with a P
Chapter 180: Daisy’s First Mission
Chapter 181: Daisy’s Wishes
Chapter 182: An Evolved Variant Zombie!
Chapter 183: Zombies Also Felt…
Chapter 184: Reappearance of the SDU!
Chapter 185: Return of the Ascetic Pervert
Chapter 186: This Isn’t the Time to be Discussing That
Chapter 187: All Eighteen SS Special Skills
Chapter 188: Zero Prospects
Chapter 189: Someone As Dumb As You
Chapter 190: Mess With Your Hair Again and I’ll Kill You
Chapter 191: Three People Left in the Group
Chapter 192: School Doctor Joined the Ranks
Chapter 193: Come Here, Let Me Feel
Chapter 194: Psycho is Dead
Chapter 195: I’m Not the One That Lost the Gene Essence
Chapter 196: Origin of Gene Essence
Chapter 197: Another Variant Zombie
Chapter 198: Faster Than My Bullet
Chapter 199: That Happy to Eat My Leftovers?
Chapter 200: You Should Wash Them