Megami Buchigire

Author:Yudate Muk

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Lastest Update:2022-09-17 08:58:43

The Latest Chapter:Chapter 65: The Torture of Being Dragged to a Sushi Restaurant When You Can’t Eat Fish

On a certain day, a certain thought came to Japan’s Sun Goddess. ——Aren’t there too many Japanese people being abducted to other worlds? It’s true that the large majority of Japanese are diligent and docile and soft-hearted, which makes them pretty much the best people to ask for favors. “But recently it’s just gotten way too out of hand…… Oh, I’ve got it! Whenever a Japanese person is summoned, I just have to summon an otherworlder!” And now, every time a Japanese person is summoned, princesses and elves and beastmen and whatnot are reverse-summoned. Under the acknowledgement of the government, they begin living in Japan. Today, too, Japan is at peace. And so begins this laidback isekai cultural exchange story♪

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Chapter 1: The Too Many Summonings from Japan Have Caused the Goddess to Flip Out
Chapter 2: The Too Many Summonings from Japan Have Caused the Goddess to Go on a Rampage
Chapter 3: The Everyday Life of a Japanese Who Became a Queen Consort
Chapter 4: Bursting Into the Otherworld Reincarnation (Physically)
Chapter 5: Boy Meets Girl (30 secs)
Chapter 6: Isekai Onee Monogatari
Chapter 7: Izanagi-Sama Who Loves His Yandere Imouto to Death to the Point Where He Can’t Even Sleep at Night
Chapter 8: What Happened Afterwards to the 40 Knights Who Came to Japan
Chapter 9: Isekai Onee Monogatari 2
Chapter 10: Forest of the Lost (I Didn’t Say Anything About Actually Getting Lost)
Chapter 11: The Enigmatic Endorsement of Shiitake
Chapter 12: Isekai Onee Monogatari 3
Chapter 13: Nonchalant Daily Life in Japan
Chapter 14: The Duke of Fresh Blood (lol)
Chapter 15: Omoikane Filter (patent pending)
Chapter 16: Maou-sama and Yuusha-sama
Chapter 17: Isekai Onee Monogatari 4 – Thus Towards the Legend….
Chapter 18: Everyday Life of the Short-Tempered Queen Consort
Chapter 19: Onee and Ouhi (rotten)
Chapter 20: Invasion of the Mofumofu
Chapter 21: The War Over Whether or Not to Order Rice at Yakiniku
Chapter 22: I Want to Eat Yaki Onigiri
Chapter 23: Nekomimi Mode
Chapter 24: JSDF (Collection of Weirdos)
Chapter 25: The Hero and the God of Thunder
Chapter 26: Nonchalant Daily Life in Japan 2
Chapter 27: The Mystery Behind the Overwhelming Approval Ratings for Nikujaga at Omiai
Chapter 28: Eat Your Rice
Chapter 29: I Want to Get to Say “Marriage Is Life’s Graveyard” (I’m Single)
Chapter 30: Did You Think This Author Would Write a Proper Reverse Harem?
Chapter 31: Afro Bomber (There’s No Particular Meaning)
Chapter 32: Isekai Onee Monogatari 5
Chapter 33: Grandma Was Washing Laundry in the River When Grandpa Comes Downstream with a ‘Donburako Donburako’
Chapter 34: The Fuss About Rice
Chapter 35: Mochi Pounding (I Didn’t Say Anything About Actually Pounding Mochi)
Chapter 36: Really Cannot Help But to Drink
Chapter 37: The Trend of Making Female Dwarves Lolis
Chapter 38: Even So, I Refuse to Apologize
Chapter 39: Nonchalant Daily Life in Japan 3
Chapter 40: People with Difficult Names, Please Don’t Cause Troubles
Chapter 41: Shining Finger (Because the Sun)
Chapter 42: The Shock I Felt upon Learning That It’s Only My Family That Bakes Tamago Gohan
Chapter 43: Screwdriver (It Is Not a Throwing Technique)
Chapter 44: Huntsman Spider-san is Not a Harmful Insect
Chapter 45: Maou-sama and Double Yuusha
Chapter 46: Sheer Despair! I Am in Sheer Despair at How Naturally I Wrote the ‘Beware of Serious’ Warning!
Chapter 47: The Fearfulness of Miso Soup
Chapter 48: The History of Nekomimi Traces All the Way Back to Ancient Egypt
Chapter 49: Please Don’t Fight Over Me
Chapter 50: Isekai Onee Monogatari 6 – The Boxing Bride
Chapter 51: The Common Cold Is the Source of a Thousand Illnesses, While Sake Is Better Than a Thousand Medicines
Chapter 52: Demons Out, Fortune In
Chapter 53: Don’t Put Fruits that Leak Juices into Bentos
Chapter 54: All Culture Points Towards Food
Chapter 55: What Does Nonreligious Mean Again
Chapter 56: Nonchalant Daily Life in Japan 4
Chapter 57: The Horror of Seeing a Large Number of Insects Clinging to a Screen Door
Chapter 58: Back in My Childhood When I Believed That Rabbits Can Fly by Flapping Their Ears
Chapter 59: The Gathering Japanese (Rice)
Chapter 60: When I Stepped on a Grain of Rice
Chapter 61A: ‘Serious’ Is Meant to Be Setup so It Can Be Thrown Away (Part A)
Chapter 61B: ‘Serious’ Is Meant to Be Setup so It Can Be Chucked Out the Window (Part B)
Chapter 62: Tsukuyomi-sama’s Lack of a Presence is Abnormal
Chapter 63: The Enigmatic Matcha Boom Overseas
Chapter 64: The Heartache When Seaweed in Onigiri from Convenience Stores Can’t Be Taken out Well
Chapter 65: The Torture of Being Dragged to a Sushi Restaurant When You Can’t Eat Fish