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Chapter 50: Paycheck Bankbook

Jiang Yao looked at him, frozen in surprise. He began again, “It’s my paycheck bankbook, what do you think it is? My off-the-books income? I’ll keep this in the drawer, remember to take it with you when you go to college.”

“Oh…” Jiang Yao nodded in confusion. After a while, she exclaimed, “If you give me your paycheck, what about you?”

“Me?” Lu Xingzhi gave it a thought and answered in a solemn tone, “I have my off-the-books income.”

Jiang Yao rolled her eyes and huffed agitatedly. She lay on the bed, turned around, and faced away from Lu Xingzhi. She decided to ignore him. The wicked monster! How dare he use her own words against her!

She wasn’t going to give a damn anymore. Since he surrendered his paycheck to her, she didn’t care if he starved to death!

Lu Xingzhi smiled cunningly and turned off the lamp.

Since their intimate experience last night, Lu Xingzhi lifted the quilt and slid in. He wiggled until he stuck himself behind her and hugged her waist

Lu Xingzhi agreed with his mother’s statement. Jiang Yao had a pretty face and a hot figure. She was five feet five inches tall and weighed ninety pounds. As he curled his arms around her petite waist, he was worried that he might accidentally snap it. Above her waist was tender and plump fullness.

She was God’s gift, a precious treasure of the Creator.

Therefore, Lu Xingzhi always believed that he had excellent taste in selecting the perfect woman. He spotted Jiang Yao at first sight among so many women in the world. As expected, Jiang Yao was so stunningly beautiful and captivating.

“Jiang Yao, come to Jin City during National Day, will you?” Lu Xingzhi whispered the question into her ear. “I can take you around Jindo.”

Jiang Yao had her back to Lu Xingzhi. She grinned at his attempts. She knew that he would try to coax her to visit him on National Day.

When he asked her about her arrangements on National Day at lunchtime, wasn’t he looking for chances to continue coaxing her?

“Nope, I’ll come home,” Jiang Yao rejected directly.

Lu Xingzhi bit the tip of her ear anxiously. As he realized that her body was trembling slightly, he pulled her to lie on her back and pressed her underneath him.

“Are you sure?” Lu Xingzhi asked again agitated.

Jiang Yao touched the ear that had just been bitten and shook her head. She nudged the heavy block pressed against her body. Before she could warn him to get off her, her lips were sealed with a kiss.

She was wearing a nightdress tonight, which was undoubtedly an easy entrance for Lu Xingzhi. He stripped the nightdress off her body in the blink of an eye and tossed it aside.

This time, Lu Xingzhi was determined to torment her with all his might. It was because he was so dejected by her stubbornness of not agreeing to visit him on National Day. However, he was too heavy-hearted to scold her verbally, so he had to vent all his dissatisfaction through their intimacy.

The woman was almost paralyzed from his unending passion that she melted on the bed and protested in weak whispers. Lu Xingzhi had no intention to stop at all.

“Jiang Yao, I’ll give you a chance to rethink your options. If you are sure that you’ll not visit me on National Day…” Lu Xingzhi pressed his lips on hers as he spoke. “My flight is at nine tomorrow morning, I have to depart from home at half past seven. I need about half an hour to take a bath and have breakfast. Believe it or not, I can pour my love from now until seven in the morning.”

“You…” Jiang Yao panted, nudging at the man who was threatening her and trying to push him away from her body, but the tug at the connected area made her whimper in pain.

“If you promise to come visit me on National Day, I’ll let you go in a while.” Lu Xingzhi held the tiny hands that were pounding his chest in his palms. “Don’t you ever think about giving me false promises. Mum’s the word. Even if you want to escape, I will kidnap you.”