Venomous Empress Reborn Chapter 38

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Chapter 38: Don’t Tolerate It

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“Painting?” Feng Anning craned her neck. When she saw the paper in Shen Miao’s hand, she was slightly stunned. Then, she asked, “Do you know how to paint?”

It was the truth. Shen Miao really did not know anything about the four arts.

Seeing that Shen Miao was silent, Feng Anning quieted down. Back then, she didn’t like Shen Miao. Now that Shen Miao was cold to her, Feng Anning was more willing to talk to her. She felt that the current Shen Miao had a special aura that subconsciously attracted people to her.

While the two of them sat there quietly, Shen Yue and Shen Qing walked over. Shen Yue smiled and said, “Fifth Sister, can you show me the paper in your hand? Maybe First Sister and I can help you out.”

Shen Qing nodded. “That’s right. Second Sister and I drew literature and painting respectively. What is yours?”

Shen Miao remained silent. Shen Yue smiled and snatched the paper from her hand, saying casually, “Fifth Sister, don’t be afraid. We’re here. We can definitely help you.”

Feng Anning snorted. Although she didn’t like Shen Miao in the past, she didn’t like Shen Yue and Shen Qing either.

As expected, when Yi Peilan heard this, she sneered. “Shen Yue, why are you telling her this? Even with your help, she will still fail.”

“That’s right. Let Shen Miao prepare it herself.” Jiang Xiaoxuan smiled.

When the surrounding ladies heard their blatant mockery, they pretended not to hear it. On the surface, they still looked serious, but the corners of their mouths were curled up.

Every year, Shen Miao would be a joke at the test, so she slowly got used to it and didn’t think much about it.

“Don’t say that about Fifth Sister.” Shen Yue disagreed. “Fifth Sister has made a lot of effort for this test.” She opened the paper and exclaimed, looking at Shen Miao in surprise, “It’s painting. Fifth Sister, you and I drew the same thing.”

Feng Anning looked at Shen Yue in confusion. What was there to be surprised about? Shen Miao knew very well that Shen Yue probably felt that her stupidity could make her look brilliant again. Moreover, Fu Xiuyi was present today. At the thought of Fu Xiuyi, her eyes darkened.


“What do you plan to paint, Fifth Sister?” Shen Qing asked curiously. “Why don’t you let Second Sister give you some hints?” Her words were filled with kindness, vividly portraying the image of a big sister who loved her sister. If others saw this, they would only say that Shen Qing loved her sister a lot.

“Thank you for your concern.” Shen Miao said coldly, “But since it’s a test, it’s better to abide by the rules. If Second Sister wants to help me, isn’t that cheating? The two of us will be expelled from the test field together. Why would Second Sister do this for me?”

Hearing her indifferent tone, Shen Yue’s expression changed. Yes, this kind of behavior was considered cheating, but in the past, everyone would only praise her for being kind and friendly. After being pointed out by Shen Miao, everyone looked at Shen Yue differently.

At the test, everyone wanted to be the champion. Just because Shen Yue was on good terms with everyone in Guangwen Hall, it did not mean that no one was jealous of her. These girls present were all her opponents. Every year, Shen Yue would come out first among the girls. This made the girls angry. If they could make her leave, they would have one less strong opponent. Immediately, the female students who were originally on Shen Yue’s side looked at her fiercely, including Yi Peilan and the others who were on good terms with her.

Shen Yue shuddered. She naturally knew what was going on. She turned around and saw Shen Miao looking at her with a faint smile, her eyes filled with mockery.

With a forced smile, Shen Yue said, “Since Fifth Sister said so, I won’t interfere.”

Feng Anning couldn’t help but sneer. She deliberately raised her voice and said, “I thought you doted on your sister a lot, but it turns out that you’re just pretending.”

For a moment, the girls looked at Shen Yue meaningfully.

Chen Ruoqiu also heard the commotion. She panicked a little. After all, Shen Yue was still young and did not know how to deal with the situation. At the same time, she was a little scared by Shen Miao’s ability to stir up people’s emotions with just a few words and make them follow her. What a glib tongue! However, she could not interfere. It was a child’s matter. If she, as a mother, interfered, Shen Yue would be at a disadvantage.

Ren Wanyun and Shen Qing were both gloating. If Shen Yue did not end up well, Shen Qing would be able to stand out.

Shen Yue looked at Shen Miao. She thought that if her sister became smarter now, she would help her out. After all, they were all sisters of the Shen family. What good would it do if word got out that the families of the Shen family were not on good terms? Moreover, Shen Miao had always been sucking up to Shen Yue. If she offended Shen Yue, Shen Miao would no longer have any friends.

However, she waited for a long time and did not hear a reply from Shen Miao. Shen Yue could not help but say, “Fifth Sister…”

“Second Sister, don’t you have to think about what to paint next?” Shen Miao said calmly. “There is no need to worry about me.”

Seeing that Shen Miao did not intend to help her out, and then looking at the mocking gazes of the girls around her, for the first time, Shen Yue almost lost control of herself and wanted to slap Shen Miao hard. She barely suppressed her emotions and gritted her teeth. “It seems like Fifth Sister is very confident. In that case, let’s see how brilliant Fifth Sister is later. It will definitely be extremely exciting!”

Shen Yue emphasized the words “extremely exciting”. After saying that, she turned to leave angrily. Shen Qing quickly followed.

Feng Anning looked at Shen Miao and asked, “Although it’s extremely satisfying to piss her off, why didn’t you leave yourself a way out? When you go on stage, she will definitely seize the opportunity to mock you.”

“I don’t like to tolerate it.” Shen Miao looked at the chessboard in front of her. Don’t tolerate it. Don’t look back. Don’t be soft-hearted.

“No toleration, only cruelty.” She took out a chess piece and placed it on the chessboard.

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