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Chapter 50: Yao Yao Is Our Only Granddaughter (2)

The two old people sneakily gobbled up the food. Gu Qingyao put the bowls and chopsticks back in her interspace. She would wash them later when there was time.

Wen Ruyu looked gratified as she watched Gu Qingyao’s disappearing figure. “Yao Yao is the lucky child of our family! She will certainly have good fortune in the future!”

Gu Chonghua smiled. “The children in our family have all turned out well!”

Wen Ruyu glared at him, but her eyes were still joyful. “She is our only granddaughter. In the future, her elder brothers will all dote on her, so Yao Yao will still be the most fortunate.”

Gu Chonghua glanced at her and whispered, “Keep this to yourself. No need to say it out loud.”

Wen Ruyu immediately clapped her hand over her mouth. “I was so happy I accidentally let it slip. Don’t worry, I’ve only ever mentioned it in front of you. I have never mentioned it in front of anyone else.”

Gu Ruoqing was not Gu Yunshen’s daughter and the two older folks knew it. In fact, they had known from the start. But Gu Yunshen had refused to let them become too involved in this matter all these years.

So their life as a family had gone on as usual.

Wen Ruyu sighed at this point. “I don’t know when these times will end. Our fourth son has wasted his life.”

Among her sons, the older three had established their own careers. Only Gu Yunshen had remained at home to take care of them. He had even become embroiled with this shameless woman, and ended up raising someone else’s daughter for fifteen years.

Gu Chonghua’s heart also ached at this thought. “Our fourth son did this for our own safety. He has stayed home for so many years because our three older sons are away. He’s afraid that something will happen to us, and there will be no one to care for us!”

“He has borne all this with patience for our sake. But this too will pass. Old woman, our fourth son has sacrificed so much for us, we must survive.”

Wen Ruyu smiled. “You’re right. I still want to see Yao Yao get married and have sons!”

Gu Qingyao left and used the same method to deliver food to Gu Yunshen. Gu Yunshen smiled and ate happily.

He sensed that his young daughter was deliberately preventing Zhang Xiaohui and Gu Ruoqing from eating anything nice. But he totally approved of it.

In the past, he had been concerned about the safety of the older folks, so he had allowed Zhang Xiaohui and Gu Ruoqing to continue living with them.

But now, he had changed his mind.

The last time they had gone to town, this mother and daughter pair had clearly tried to hurt Yao Yao, but fortunately, Mo Beihan had brought her away. These circumstances clearly showed that if it had not been for Mo Beihan, his daughter…

These two malicious women must not be allowed to remain in the house. If they remained for long, who knew what else they might do to harm Yao Yao?

Gu Yunshen looked at the things that Gu Qingyao had brought back yesterday and said, “Dry the fish and rabbits, then you can send them to your uncles and elder brothers. Over the years, it has been good of them to remember to always send good things home.”

Gu Qingyao’s eyes flashed and she nodded. “Um!”

Gu Qingyao continued to stay home subsequently. When she was free, she knitted or sewed. She brought out portions of cloth and wool and worked on them at night, in her interspace.

At other times, she went to the vegetable plot and pulled out all the radish sprouts. Those that she could not finish she pickled to eat as preserved vegetables during winter.

A few days later, she and Mo Beihan went up the mountain again.