I, The Dragon Overlord

Author:Green Moon

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The Latest Chapter:Chapter 160: Appearance of the Torch Dragon

Louie became a mythical dragon that was capable of traveling between Earth and the Otherworld at will.

From this point on, the number of races in the Otherworld became more plentiful.

His territory was orderly and clean, with incredible cuisine, countless novelties, and civilization and philosophy ahead of the whole world.

On Earth, his existence caused the rebirth of magic and mythology, allowing him to become the only God.

“I am the Golden King, the Giver of Life, the Champion of Magic, the Weaver of Dreams, the Guardian of the World, the Master of Time. Let mortals bow down before me and look up! Let the Gods tremble in fear before me!”

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Chapter 2: I, Who Became a Dragon
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Chapter 4: Traveling to the Other World
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Chapter 7: I, The Primordial Dragon
Chapter 8: Language of the Gods
Chapter 9: God is Hope! God is Faith!
Chapter 10: When I Dream, The World Trembles!
Chapter 11: Emerald Dreamland
Chapter 12: Your Fate is Death!
Chapter 13: Demigod Dragon and Legendary Rank Warrior
Chapter 14: Humans Will Never Be Slaves
Chapter 15: A Transmigrator’s Proper Position
Chapter 16: Embodiment of Fantasy, Legendary Spells
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Chapter 19: Goal: Become A God
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Chapter 21: Angel Dominating Crown
Chapter 22: I Have a Bold Idea
Chapter 23: I Want This Elf To Lay Eggs For Me!
Chapter 24: The Star of the World’s Attention!
Chapter 25: Who Said That All Elves Are Silly And Sweet
Chapter 26: Crafty Dragon
Chapter 27: Let’s Be Capitalist
Chapter 28: First Evolution Completed, The Elf Queen’s Plot
Chapter 29: Dragons and Gods.
Chapter 30: Go Mate With Thousands of Races, Dragon!
Chapter 31: Returning to Earth as the Only Magical Creature!
Chapter 32: Single For A Long Time
Chapter 33: The Power of Faith
Chapter 34: Earth’s Hegemon
Chapter 35: Bestowing an Artifact!
Chapter 36: Discovering A Dragon!
Chapter 37: Enemy of the Lord, Satan
Chapter 38: The Terror of the Giant Dragon!
Chapter 39: This Giant Dragon Speaks English!
Chapter 40: The Dragon’s Railgun
Chapter 41: Dominate Human!
Chapter 42: America in Shock
Chapter 43: Shocking The Humans Again
Chapter 44: Teleportation Spell
Chapter 45: Spreading to the World
Chapter 46: Shocking the World
Chapter 47: The World Searches for the Dragon!
Chapter 48: Let Me Bring More Surprises to Earth!
Chapter 49: Putting the United States of America in the Palm of Your Hands
Chapter 50: The Myth Reappears!
Chapter 51: Long Live Cthulhu!
Chapter 52: Indescribable Terror
Chapter 53: Missile Preparation!
Chapter 54: Great Old One!
Chapter 55: Ram the Ship Through!
Chapter 56: Retreating American Destroyers
Chapter 57: Saving Dragon City
Chapter 58: Those Who Pursue the Mystery Will Perish!
Chapter 59: Return to Dragon City!
Chapter 60: There’s Nothing a Dragon Won’t Bang!!
Chapter 61: Dragon’s Wealth
Chapter 62: Exchanging a Few Tons of Wheat to Play with Elves?
Chapter 63: Magic Origin Element and the God of Magic!
Chapter 64: You Dragons All Use Tons as a Unit of Measurement
Chapter 65: You Can Really Exchange Wheat for Elven Beauties!!
Chapter 66: Elven Maids and City Design
Chapter 67: Qualified Lord!
Chapter 68: Powerful Even Without Changing to Human Form
Chapter 69: I Want to Sire Elven Dragons!
Chapter 70: He Who Changed Dragon City (1)
Chapter 71: He Who Changed Dragon City (2)
Chapter 72: There Is No Eternity in Kingship, Only Gods Are Immortal!
Chapter 73: The Dragon Is Above, and The Gods Are Below!
Chapter 74: Bricklaying Is The Most Sought-after Job!
Chapter 75: The Legend of the Elven Princess and the Dragon King
Chapter 76: Elf Candy
Chapter 77: Patrolling the Territory
Chapter 78: Reconstruction Complete
Chapter 79: Successfully Creating Magic Potions. The Beastmen’s Arrival
Chapter 80: Blood Blade Clan
Chapter 81: Surrendering to the Dragon
Chapter 82: Arriving Beastmen!
Chapter 83: Animal-eared Woman? Beastman?
Chapter 84: The Lord Will Decide Your Fate!
Chapter 85: The Dragon’s Majesty
Chapter 86: Become My Slave!
Chapter 87: ‘Black Beast’ Contract
Chapter 88: Army Construction and Visions for the Future
Chapter 89: I Have a Dream!
Chapter 90: More Animal-eared Maidens!
Chapter 91: Beastman For Afternoon Dessert!
Chapter 92: Chocolate!
Chapter 93: Ideological Education
Chapter 94: I Was Selling My Body While You Guys Are Eating, Drinking, and Having Fun!?
Chapter 95: City Surveillance System and Food Stamps
Chapter 96: Listen to God’s Command!
Chapter 97: Soldier Selection
Chapter 98: Political Investigation, Future Warriors!
Chapter 99: An Improved Version of Modern Military Training
Chapter 100: Probing the Godhood
Chapter 101: So, I am the Five-colored Guardian Dragon!
Chapter 102: Lighting Up the Divine Authority of Magic
Chapter 103: Dragon’s Magic
Chapter 104: Gaze of the Goddess of Magic
Chapter 105: Shadow Creatures, Incoming Crisis!
Chapter 106: Trying to Blaspheme the Goddess, Marching into the Shadow World
Chapter 107: Military Preparation
Chapter 108: Shadow Realm
Chapter 109: Era of Disaster, Waiting for the Time When the Stars Return to Their Places!
Chapter 110: Fetchling Village
Chapter 111: One-sided Slaughter
Chapter 112: Shadow Dragon King! Ancient Dragon?
Chapter 113: Humanoid Form
Chapter 114: Discovered a Female Dragon, the Queen of Calamity!
Chapter 115: A Spell that Can Impregnate Dragons!
Chapter 116: The Queen of Calamity Awakens!
Chapter 117: Queen of Calamity? More like the Queen of Pregnancy!
Chapter 118: Information On the Goddess of Night - Shae!
Chapter 119: Blasphemer Louie
Chapter 120: Magic Break!
Chapter 121: Legendary Spell [Super Railgun]
Chapter 122: Submissive Queen of Calamity!
Chapter 123: Get Out of My Body!
Chapter 124: Little Dragon Try Calling Me Daddy!
Chapter 125: Divine Weapon, The Divine King’s Crown!
Chapter 126: Foundation of a Divine Kingdom
Chapter 127: Raising a Female Dragon like a Dog
Chapter 128: Subila Empire’s Princess
Chapter 129: Feminist Witch Council
Chapter 130: Earth’s Saint
Chapter 131: Whispers of the Evil God
Chapter 132: Chaos in Tokyo
Chapter 133: Cthulhu’s Servants, the Deep Ones!
Chapter 134: S.H.I.E.L.D. and Dragon Group. The Secret to Immortality!
Chapter 135: Legion of the Undead. Tokyo in Danger!
Chapter 136: Tokyo, Undead Apocalypse!
Chapter 137: Monsters Falling From the Sky
Chapter 138: Tokyo, In Complete Chaos
Chapter 139: Shocking the World!
Chapter 140: Mysterious Visitor
Chapter 141: Superhuman from China
Chapter 142: One Punch Man!
Chapter 143: This Old Man Has Lived for 500 Years!
Chapter 144: Old Man From the Ming Dynasty!
Chapter 145: The Identity of the Mysterious Old Man
Chapter 146: Military Has Bajiquan so the Universe is Stable
Chapter 147: The Main Character Appears, the Climax Approaches
Chapter 148: Cross-Dimensional Faith Experiment
Chapter 149: Summoning the Evil God, the Sleeping God!
Chapter 150: Sacrifice
Chapter 151: Coach, I Want To Learn Magic!
Chapter 152: Suppress Everything. Body of Steel!
Chapter 153: Nuclear Submarine, Ballistic Missile Launch
Chapter 154: Blasting A Missile With one Punch!
Chapter 155: I am a Miracle! I am a Legend!
Chapter 156: Using the Missile As An Endorsement
Chapter 157: Take Your Soul and Roast It for a Thousand Years!
Chapter 158: How Can I Continue Pretending If You Don’t Beg Me!
Chapter 159: Sacrifice to the Spirits and Gods
Chapter 160: Appearance of the Torch Dragon