The Fake Rich Daughter Pampered By All Is A Famous Celebrity

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The Latest Chapter:Chapter 157 - Bought So Many Gifts For Xie Yunzhou

“Shi Xi: This is so exhausting. I’m going to retire from showbiz, and go home to inherit my family fortune.

Netizens: How can a fake rich daughter inherit a family’s fortune?

After waking up, Shi Xi clenched her fist. “I must work hard. I will not inherit the family fortune!”

After transmigrating as a fake young lady who would have a tragic end, Shi Xi wanted to stay away from the original script to save her life. She decided not to follow the development where she would inherit the family fortune, fight for the male lead, and be thrown into the river to feed the fishes! And so, Shi Xi gave up on the family fortune, and started overcoming challenges in the entertainment industry!

However, everything was going swimmingly for her in the entertainment industry, so why did everyone assume that she was leading a tragic and aggrieved life?

Her wealthy parents: Our dear daughter, hurry up and come home to inherit the family fortune.

Her brother with a sister complex: With your brains, you’re not suited to stay in the entertainment industry. Just come home and live a good life until you die. I’ll take care of you.

Her aloof older sister, aka the female lead: Only I can bully my sister.

The domineering male lead, aka her sister’s fiancé: I’ll always be by your side.

Shi Xi backed away, screaming on the inside, ‘Don’t come near me, main characters!’

A gentle two-faced bigshot villain stopped her. His spoke gently with a voice that allowed no room for rejection, saying, “Are you staying away from them because you want to be with me?”

[One-on-one showbiz + Group pampering + Sweet love + Bigshot villain + Real and fake rich young lady]

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