The Fake Rich Daughter Pampered By All Is A Famous Celebrity Chapter 40

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Chapter 40: Wanted To Enter Sister’s Fishpond

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Shi Xi nodded casually, indicating that she understood.

It was just buying a dress. Wasn’t it a small matter to her?

Shi Xi ate breakfast in the car. She turned on her phone, wanting to take a look at her account.

Her account with 8 million followers was directly banned from Weibo because of the illegal operation of buying followers.

Shi Xi had no choice but to sign up for a new account and start all over again.

She thought that no one knew about the new account, but when she opened it, she found that her fans had increased a lot.

Number of fans: 180,000.

Shi Xi was silent.

She remembered that her original account had 240,000 fans. After that, her fans increased by 8 million, which was close to 8,500,000 fans.

Now, she had to start all over again.

— this is too tragic!

She was about to have 10 million fans, but now she had dropped to 180,000 fans.

Did it imply that she was just a small fry?


Life was not easy. Shi Xi sighed.

“Let bygones be bygones,” Han Chuan comforted her by the side. “I’ll buy back my fans after the limelight passes.”

Shi Xi: “...Forget it. I’m afraid that my account will be blocked again.”

Han Chuan was also helpless.

There were many celebrities in the industry who bought fans. How could Shi Xi’s account be blocked?

“Although you don’t have many fans on your account right now, your activity level is very high.” Han Chuan clicked on a line graph on his tablet and showed it to Shi Xi.

Shi Xi looked at it and was silent for three seconds. “What’s this?”

Han Chuan was expressionless. “This is the amount of interaction and reading on your account right now. Including the likes and comments on your first Weibo post, it has already exceeded a million. It’s considered a very good result. The newly established fan club is an experienced fan. They will guide the fans who have just entered the pit well. Now, you just need to do your business well and work hard at filming.”

Shi Xi: ‘I don’t understand a single word.’

Han Chuan sent a few photos to Shi Xi and said, “These are the photos I took for you when you were wearing your gown yesterday. Send them to Weibo.”

A message popped up on Shi Xi’s WeChat. She opened it and asked in surprise, “When did you take these?”

There were photos of her sitting in the car and on the stairs at home, including those of her eating strawberry pudding... Some of them even she couldn’t remember.

Han Chuan lifted his chin slightly and said proudly, “A qualified manager is bound to be an excellent photographer.”

Shi Xi cut him off mercilessly. “It’s clearly because I’m pretty that I look so good!”

Han Chuan did not know how to respond.

Although Shi Xi was indeed very good-looking, did she not know how to be humble?!

Shi Xi had already finished admiring her beauty and posted the photo on Weibo.

@Shi Xi: Xi “I want to be your sweetheart [photo]”

Han Chuan took a lot of photos. Shi Xi carefully selected nine and posted a beautiful collage.

After posting it on Weibo, she immediately received a reply from her fans.

[Ah, ah, sister is my sweetheart! Sister is super beautiful!]

[Xi Xi’s collage cured my unhappiness today. It’s super sweet!]

[I suspect that a fairy has come down from heaven.]

[If I want to enter Sister’s fish pond, can Sister give me a chance?]

When Shi Xi saw the reply, she replied seriously: [Thank you for your support. I won’t raise fish, haha.]

Ever since she knew that she would end up feeding the fish, Shi Xi didn’t even like to eat fish anymore.

Let alone raise fish.

Just thinking about it made her feel stifled.

Shi Xi’s reply was instantly captured by her fans.

[I’m dying of laughter. Female artists nowadays are too cautious. They never raise fish when they are chaste.]

[Did Shi Xi misunderstand? Did she really think it’s a real fish pond?]

[It’s possible. Shi Xi looks like her family is quite rich. Maybe there really is a fish pond.]

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