Rebirth of the Tyrant’s Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 – Tragic Death

A cold wind swept by and the surroundings were destroyed.

“Gong Yi Mo, do you think you can escape?” A man’s cold and harsh voice said slowly. The voice was calm and yet it sounded raspy akin to sandpaper. Listening to it made one feel particularly uncomfortable.

The cold wind struck again, and the wooden windows of the temple shattered. A figure with a touch of silver and black domineeringly stepped into the room. The corners of the room were covered with dark red tapestries and gold threading, which made the place seem vibrant and welcoming. By taking a glimpse of this corner and its beautiful tapestry, one could see that its exquisiteness was out of tune with this crumbling temple.

After the figure entered the room, a group of well trained Moon Dragon Warriors wearing silver armor followed suit. They brought a chair to the temple and gave it to the man. When he sat down, they quickly blocked all the entrances around the ruins. The whole process was quick and silent, yet it gave people the chills, leaving one nowhere to escape!

A competent elite team and a competent Regent!

There was a low cough, and a heavily injured woman looked up, smiling.

Her appearance was very tragic. It could be said that anyone who stood in her place would not have the heart to live on. She had finally resigned herself to the enemy, and was now sitting alone on the temple grounds, waiting for this man’s arrival.

Her ability to do martial arts was destroyed, and her hands and feet were broken. She had been tortured for half a month on the death row of the Regent. She had finally managed to escape with the use of her financial resources and wit, yet, in the end, she was discovered here in the temple. In this sad predicament, she laughed while the man sitting the chair gave her an icy look.

“Gong Jue, how dare you… you should address me as your elder sister!” Her voice was extremely hoarse. When she looked up, her messy hair the swept in her vision and contrasted with his clean image.

Gong Jue smiled coldly as he raised his brow with a trace of sarcasm. He mockingly scrutinized her high and low and replied with indifference, “My sister? As if that matters to me. I only know that if she wants you dead, then you must die.”

Don’t even mention if she was his sister. Even if it was the Emperor himself, Gong Jue wouldn’t care.

Gong Yi Mo wanted to laugh, but she ended up gasping and coughing instead. There was a glint in her eyes as she faced him. “So… even if she wants to sleep with other men… you would just send her… to the other party’s bed?”

Her words caused Gong Jue to clench his fist, and a real chill began to spread out and stifle the atmosphere, causing fear in those around him. Angrily, he waved his hand, which swept Gong Yi Mo to the side and caused her to vomit blood!

“I don’t know whether you will live or die.”

Today’s Gong Yi Mo was reduced to nothing; with just a wave of Gong Jue’s hand, her existence could be wiped out.

Pain, intense pain! It was clear to Gong Yi that even if Gong Jue didn’t come, she would not survive due to her serious injuries.

She wiped the blood from her mouth and said angrily, “What? Am I wrong?Sometimes… I really don’t know if you like her. But there is one thing I do know. I like Gong Che, and, yes, he is absolutely not allowed to have other women!”

After hearing her words, Gong Jue responded by increasing the intensity of his ice attack, which almost killed her. It seems that just the mere mention of that woman would cost Gong Yi her life.

Suddenly she fell silent and smiled to herself. It seemed particularly desolate in this shattered temple.

After a moment, she murmured to herself, “…Perhaps this is why I am so unafraid of this moment, while you too have been chasing me down for the same reason… I heard people say in the past… that the highest form of love… is giving one’s all.”

But now, love was a word that had ruined her, and she was becoming more and more frail!

In the past, her martial arts and immense strength guaranteed her a happy life, but for a man, she tried her best to change even her name in order to marry him! To help him, she did many things that went against her conscience. This also led her to introducing many technologies that didn’t belong to this era, thus causing countless bloody tragedies!

She helped the other person kill. She risked her life and put everything she had at stake! But after she helps him reach his goal, he kicks her aside! He claims that she offered to murder out of her own initiative, and that he cannot love a wicked woman.

He ended up falling in love with another woman he thought was pure.

Ridiculous, this was simply ridiculous! Did she want to become this way? She never wanted to kill anyone. She, too, used to be a pure and beautiful woman!

She even remembered when Gong Che held this woman in his arms and lovingly said to her, “Lan’er assists me with plenty of gentleness and kindness, and is my most beloved woman! Before, you would allow all kinds of women enter the harem, yet you wouldn’t even let Lan’er join! Gong Yi, I don’t have any affection for you. Since you have treated her this way, she will be taking your place.”

A royal position! A status as an Empress and joining the ranks of nobles.

Unfortunately, Gong Che miscalculated the “gentle and kind” woman named Su Miaolan (full name of Lan’er). When he gave Gong Yi a number of demotions and even gave up her position by his side, little did he know that Lan’er would take it a step further and seek to kill Gong Yi. Such intention to murder had long been buried in her heart!

A kind and gentle woman?!

Gong Yi couldn’t help but glance at her own hand… her finger was tortuously uprooted, and the soles of her sandals were drenched with the mangled soles of her feet. Even her toes were torn off.

On top of that, her whip marks added up to more than a hundred and eighty eight scars! She would have long since died devoid of light in a distant place… yet she held on to her breath, unwilling to die in the hands of Gong Jue.

She wanted to make it impossible for everyone to find her and to not let Su Miaolan sleep at ease! Unfortunately, how could she hope to rival the Regent Gong Jue?

“Have you said enough? Then shut up and die.” Gong Jue sneered with anger. The jade dangled behind his hand, and the sword behind him was released from its scabbard, easily determining her life and death.

It seemed that there was no way to escape; Gong Yi subconsciously looked at the lotus pattern on her arm and smiled.

She was resentful; the lotus contained an alternate space, yet that space could not hold any living things within it. Otherwise, how would she have fallen into this predicament?

Once upon a time, she thought that being gifted with this lotus space and martial arts meant she must have been a favored daughter of this time and space. She didn’t expect that in this space and time, the single most powerful person turned out to be Su Miaolan.

It’s a pity that although she did so much, her ending left her no choice. She still fell to a tragic death and could not be reconciled…

Until the sword pierced her throat, Gong Yi continued to smile.

In this way, Lan’er should be happy.

Blood flowed like a river.

At the last moment, Gong Yi’s eyes reflected Buddha’s kind and sad smile.

If there was another life… she wouldn’t love again.

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