Rebirth of the Tyrant’s Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 – Rebirth

Pain … blood flowed from her neck; Gong Yi wished for this moment to quickly end! She didn’t expect so much blood to continue gushing and was unsure how much longer she’ll endure suffocation! Her pain seemed to last an eternity.

Gong Yi Mo suddenly jerked awake. Her hand clutched her neck as she breathed deeply. The feeling of suffocation has once again revisited her dreams. It seems to have engraved itself deep into her bone marrow becoming a lifelong nightmare!

Gong Yi sunk into depression and burst into tears. Three days ago she had a rebirth. On her second chance at life, she still had the lotus mark on her finger, and appears to have returned to being seven years old. At this time, she has no escape from her wretched childhood.

The reason why she is in this room is a long story.

This country is in another time and space that was similar to the Tang Dynasty. The long history of the Han Dynasty ended and was succeeded by the current Great Tang Dynasty. The new dynasty had flourished for the past two generations and is currently entering its third.

After experiencing the first generation of uninterrupted development, along with the second generation of progress and expansion, today’s Great Tang Dynasty is unprecedentedly prosperous. The country’s emperor is in his prime with unlimited energy. He is ambitious and has achieved great success. Over the past few years, he has conquered several small countries surrounding his land, has expanded his national territory, preached Guo Wei, and has established immortal feats. There was much praise for the current Emperor.

The Emperor Gong also loved beauties. He, the man who sits on top of the world, was infatuated with female beauty. At one time, the emperor who was already blessed with a harem of 3,000 women had actually coveted a certain belle and kidnapped her. The woman who was robbed of her freedom was the mother of Gong Yi Mo, Xue Rong.

Unlike the emperor’s previous trophies, Xue Rong was already pregnant.

Initially, everyone thought it was too late for the emperor to bring her to the palace.

Emperor Gong doesn’t care if the woman robbed of her chastity, but the child was definitely a shameful entity. In response he ordered Xue Rong to abort the baby, but the mother threatened to commit suicide if her daughter was taken.

Surprisingly, the mighty emperor surrendered. In the end he banished all insiders who would not recognize her daughter.

He was not only an emperor by title; he was a powerful man. With his status, he declares his love to the reluctant lowly woman. He, a generation of emperors who sits upon a harem of 3,000 beauties, was this enraptured by a single lady.

A splendid feast was dedicated to the daughter of Xue Rong who was named “Gong Yi Mo” !

Unfortunately, Xue Rong was unaccustomed to being schemed against. Even under the emperor’s strict protection, she eventually failed to escape the plots of the harem. When Gong Yi turned three, her mother suffered from poisoning and died. She passed away before she could tell her daughter the truth of her origins.

Needless to say, the emperor was heartbroken and furious.

With the loss of her beloved mother, the small residence of Gong Yi Mo was extremely unprepared especially with the loss of their special status.

The emperor refused to see Gong Yi while her other sisters who used to envy her were elated. Since then the Princess had no favors nor friends. When she was beaten within the cold palace**, she fell ill for a period of two months. All these events occurred when the original host was three years old but for the modern Gong Yi, she crossed over to this identity when the Princess turned four.When she woke up to this new identity in her second life, she was very fortunate to have met a master who came to visit Great Tang. She was taken to Yunding Mountain as an apprentice.

Now however, she was reborn again, this time at the age of seven and has long missed the opportunity to meet with her master. According to the memory of the host she inherited, the princess has been sick due to cold weather for the past four years; one can imagine how weak she is now.

After pondering for a long time, her stomach began to grumble. This was a child’s body so how can she not be hungry.

She had bony arms, an extremely sallow face due to malnutrition, not to mention her lack of muscles and her stick skinny body!

Looking at the leftovers scattered on the table from yesterday, Gong Yi Mo sighed. She sat up, lifted her quilt, jumped out of bed to find a pair of poorly fitted shoes, and walked out carefully.

The place where she lives is beautifully decorated, but the residence is still a Cold Palace. Apart from the beautiful roof tiles and the few lowly servants there is nothing of worth.

The palace was later divided by a walkway. The palace buildings to the right side of the alley was given to Gong Yi while the palace buildings to the left side were illicitly taken and occupied. This happened due to her misfortune of being unfavored, but luckily in her second life she never lived in the palace for a lifetime. Gong Yi was taken away by her master so she never discovered who her neighbor was.

Gong Yi wandered around til she found a way to the residence of the harem manager where she stole some food and water.

She munched on a snack and walked back while thinking about life….

Buddha doesn’t treat her too badly and had brought her to this world after her first death. She then lived her second life here for twenty years. Although her second life ended tragically and she died young, for this third life she plans to take advantage of the present time and place and live the years she couldn’t fulfill.

How will she go about in the future?

Seek revenge?

Speaking of which, it’s true that she feels immense hatred and cannot be reconciled. She wants to seek revenge, but knowing the sacrifice and hardship she had to go through to win her third life, she can’t bring herself to waste her life in vengeance. In the future there may be a chance to take revenge, but now she knows she will never seek it.

Escape the palace?

In her current crossover, she did not meet her master, and the imperial palace was heavily guarded. She was weak and there was no outside help. It was impossible to escape alone. It was justifiable to say that ancient human trafficking was legal and she believed it was a bad idea to wander around with no protection.

Well….there’s only one option left…..

Gong Yi Mo turned to look at the bustling Imperial palace in the distance, and secretly pondered in her heart….

Anyways, the first thing to do is to master martial arts.

As she was engrossed in her thoughts, a sudden roar pierced the air and Gong Yi hid to a corner, listening carefully. It appeared that nobody was targeting her.

She strenuously climbed a tree and peered into the palace wall. She slightly raised her eyebrows.

I didn’t expect this Cold House to have other siblings. Gong Yi was curious of who could have been so unlucky to end up here besides her.

“Do you think still think you’re a favored prince? Hey! This branch family brother advises you to remember the name, Gong Fa! Come here, you had better drink this!”

A sharp voice scolded and Gong Yi Mo saw an lower class eunuch forcefully grasping the collar of a young boy. The boy was fierce, but it was not difficult to see the fear in his expression as the bowl was forcefully placed at his mouth. He tightened his lips and caused quite a lot of medicine to spill.

The beautiful boy who was dressed in a small Jinpao, was thrown heavily to the ground. His eyes were full of stubbornness, yet because of his malnutritioned body and pale, thin face, even if he was tenacious he appeared to have no lethality.

“You b****!” The voice of the child was hoarse and immature, and his words caused anger.

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