Marrying the Soft-hearted Villain Chapter 112 - [Offering] up that spiritual energy to him like a child showing filial piety (1)

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Chapter 112 – [Offering] up that spiritual energy to him like a child showing filial piety (1)

Yuan Jue had used ample demon power this time. Although Ruan Qiuqiu instinctively wanted to fight off the urge to sleep, she quickly fell into a deep sleep. The arm she had used to prop herself up relaxed, and her body naturally leaned back.

The very bad wolf, who had put her to sleep against her wishes, didn’t let her fall onto the cold and wet snow-covered ground.

Dragging his badly damaged left leg, he carefully knelt down with his right leg tucked under. He carefully covered his dirty palm with a fairly clean sleeve before gently pressing on Ruan Qiuqiu’s shoulder. Following the motion of her falling backwards, he let her lean on his thigh.

Ruan Qiuqiu, who had fallen into dreamland, didn’t wake up from the short fall. She hadn’t seen the pitiful wolf, who had suddenly appeared behind her like a monster, before falling asleep either.

After confirming that she was really asleep, Yuan Jue started suppressing the blood from coming out.

He looked very wretched right now. There were big and small cracks on his originally handsome face. His cold star-like eyes looked as if they were steeped in blood. His thin lips were no longer deathly pale; they had been stained a blackish red from the blood that kept gushing out.

There were also many big and small cracks and injuries on his body. The trickling blood had dirtied the clothes she had made for him. Even his furry tail, which he had recently used to gather up snow from the ground and create the illusion of falling snow, had been stained a blackish red color.

Yuan Jue violently coughed. His pitch-black eyelashes were slightly shaking as he turned to the side and did his best to avoid dirtying Ruan Qiuqiu’s clothes with his blood.

They didn’t have many animal skins, and it would take time for them to dry after washing. As a gray wolf that appreciated his little wife, he couldn’t cough up blood and frequently dirty the animal skins.


Despite trying his best to limit the extent of his injuries, Yuan Jue couldn’t completely control the fiend energy that was wreaking havoc inside his body.

Using his fiend energy to attack Lu Ziran had been his first time using it over an extended period of time. He had almost lost his grip on rationality due to excessive anger. Although he had laughed and spat out fiend blood because of Ruan Qiuqiu’s performance, the residual effects from overusing fiend energy was still very serious.

The fiend energy in his blood was very unusual. After he had used it to attack, it had swallowed the lion’s cultivation, converted the stolen cultivation into a large amount of pure spiritual energy, and offered up that spiritual energy to him like a child showing filial piety. The spiritual energy was fed and absorbed into his body.


He had already been seriously injured, and his body hadn’t been able to bear the large usage of fiend energy. After his body received a large amount of spiritual energy, the fiend energy and spiritual energy clashed, which partially ruptured his muscles, arteries, and veins. His body ached with acute pain, and his fragmented demon core was grinded down with less than half remaining.

Although his body was wracked with pain and his demon core was almost gone, thanks to the good fortune of getting more spiritual energy, there was a surprisingly large amount of demon energy available for him to use

After enduring the pain for a while, once the fiend energy had settled down and nourished the  smaller wounds on his body, Yuan Jue calmly wiped the blood off his lips. He quirked his lips and softly smiled.

Although the fiend energy in his body had greatly strengthened, it didn’t take advantage of this opportunity to invade and occupy the part of his body that belonged to his demon part. The fiend energy was even especially obedient in obeying his command to retract itself into his blood. It no longer spilled out and dispersed through his body. It even took the further step of giving most of the spiritual energy it had gotten from Lu Ziran to his fragmented demon core instead of using it to strengthen itself.

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