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Chapter 116 – The gentleman wolf was too shy to even take off her shoes (2)

At the edge of the Fire Wolf Tribe’s territory, little Mo Yu came home with his rich harvest.

Grandpa Mo was the same as always, partially sitting up on the bed. Since it wasn’t nighttime yet, he was still fairly clear-headed.

As for Mo Bohe, she was sewing a pretty fur that Mo Mao had gotten from hunting last year. Seeing that Mo Yu had returned, she put down her work and smiled. “Second Brother, you’re back?”

“En.” Mo Yu entered the cave and moved the animal skin curtain back into the place. The little face that he had deliberately kept looking serious along the way back instantly relaxed, revealing a grin that couldn’t be hidden. “Big Sister Qiuqiu and I, we… We went hunting and found lots of good stuff!”

As he said that, he took out the food and herbs they had gathered today on the stone table.

“Herbs, fish, Big Sister Qiuqiu’s husband’s treasure water, and a… pretty stone?” Mo Bohe blinked. “Wow, so much.”

Grandpa Mo saw the spiritual energy stone on the table and he looked at Mo Yu with a rarely seen stern gaze. “Did anyone else see that you two dug this up?”

Mo Yu was taken aback for a moment, then he immediately shook his head. “No one. Mo Mao and I were the ones that discovered that area, only Big Sister Qiuqiu and the two of us know…”

Mo Yu trailed off and corrected his words, “You guys know now too, and I guess Big Sister Qiuqiu’s husband also knows.”

Mo Yu grasped the bone stick. Feeling guilty, he lowered his head. “Grandpa, is this pretty stone very precious? I actually didn’t want to take so many things, but Big Sister Qiuqiu said this stone is very good for Older Brother…”

Hearing this answer, Grandpa Mo sighed. He looked at Mo Yu’s reddened eyes, and then he looked at Mo Mao, who looked as if he was on his last breath and hadn’t woken up yet. His heart ached, and he couldn’t say harsh words.

He was the only adult in the family. If his body had gotten increasingly weak after his painful parting from his beloved wife, then these children wouldn’t have to work so hard.

Grandpa Mo put a hand on the wall for support and slowly stood up. He patted Little Yu’s and Mo Bohe’s heads with a trembling hand. “Little Yu, Bohe, this pretty thing is called a spiritual stone. It’s a very valuable thing. We absolutely can’t let any demons know we have this item at home, understand?”

After seeing the two kids solemnly nod to express they won’t tell anyone, Grandpa Mo eased his furrowed brows. He tottered over to the stone table. After hesitating, he picked up the spiritual energy stone from the table.

The hand with old skin touched the ice-cold sparkling stone, and Grandpa Mo closed his eyes and slowly clenched his hand.

Mo Bohe looked on in surprise as some of Grandpa Mo’s hair turned from silver to black. He happily clapped his hands. “Grandpa! Your hair turned black!”

Grandpa Mo heard Little Bohe’s voice and touched his head. “Really?”

“Yeah, Grandpa has become younger! Grandpa has become handsome!” Little Bohe’s sweet words amused Grandpa Mo and Mo Yu, causing them to laugh endlessly.

As Grandpa Mo laughed, his originally hazy and muddy eyes became a bit clearer.

“Grandpa, why did you become younger?”

“It’s probably because this spiritual energy is a real treasure?” Grandpa Mo blinked. He answered in a questioning tone.”

Although his steps were still shaky, it was more stable than before. Grandpa Mo walked over to Mo Mao and stuffed it in his paw.

“Second Brother, will Big Brother get better now that he has the spiritual energy stone?” Mo Bohe quietly asked Mo Yu on the side.

Mo Yu nodded. “We also have treasure water and herbs in addition to the spiritual energy stone. Big Brother will definitely get better.”

“Maomao has to get better soon.” Grandpa Mo was sitting on the side of the bed. His old hand stroked his temples. He opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something, but before he had time, Mo Mao was slowly opening his beautiful green cat eyes.

The teenager’s mind was still a bit fuzzy. He saw the familiar silver and black hair and moved his dry lips. “… Father?”

Grandpa Mo trembled all over and his pupils suddenly dilated.