Marrying the Soft-hearted Villain Chapter 117 - She just wanted to facepalm at his decision-making (1)

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Chapter 117 – She just wanted to facepalm at his decision-making (1)

Grandpa Mo took a deep breath and quickly returned to normal as if nothing had happened.

Grandpa Mo smiled as he patted Mo Mao’s hand. In a frighteningly old voice, he corrected Mo Mao’s address, “… It’s Grandpa.”

Mo Mao had fully woken up by now and clearly saw the person in front of him. “… Grandpa, sorry.”

Grandpa Mo shook his head and laughed to himself, but there was a flash of sadness buried in his eyes. “Grandpa really has gotten younger. It even confused Maomao to recognize me as someone else.”

Mo Mao’s complexion was wan. He looked away and saw Little Bohe with her unshed tears. He weakly smiled at her.

“Big Brother, you finally woke up.” Mo Yu also let out a big sigh of relief, completely relaxing. Their family of four was finally awake at the same time.

While Little Bohe and Grandpa Mo went to cook, Mo Yu secretly told Mo Mao everything that had happened recently.

“You just told her that one piece of information and she shared that much stuff with you?” Mo Mao looked at the good things on the stone table with a conflicted expression. He patted Mo Yu’s shoulder with force. “There’s so much stuff. It’s worth a lot more than the value of our passageway and the information you shared.”

Mo Mao hesitated and said to his smiling and unguarded younger brother, “After the food is ready, go bring a portion to Qiuqiu… Big Sister Qiuqiu. I stored a lot of meat in autumn. Our family doesn’t lack that bit of meat. Got it?”

“Oh.” Mo Yu seriously listened to his older brother’s words. “But Big Brother, I think Big Sister Qiuqiu needs animal skin more than food. Her clothes look so tattered.”

Ruan Qiuqiu wore clothes that were in worse shape than Mo Yu, a child that wore such ragged clothes. “She was a bride a few days ago, and she doesn’t even have new clothes.”

“What are you guys talking about? Who’s a bride?” Mo Bohe brought over tuber soup. She scrunched her little face as she walked in. “Are you guys talking about Big Sister Qiuqiu?”

Mo Yu scratched his face. “Yeah.”

Mo Bohe thought it over and put down the soup and took out a pure white animal skin that she had hid very well underneath her little bed.

Mo Mao had given this to her as her birthday present last spring. The pure white animal skin came from a bighorn sheep that was difficult to come across. “Second Brother, let’s give this to Big Sister Qiuqiu. A bride should dress a bit better. She gave us so many things. A piece of animal skin is nothing.”

Mo Yu’s eyes flashed. Seeing this his younger sister’s smile didn’t look forced, he accepted the animal skin and started to deride her, “Your animal skin is so white. Don’t you have anything more festive? Like something red, flowery, or spotted. How can you have a bride wear white?”

Little Bohe was almost annoyed to death by him. She rolled her eyes at him and didn’t bother explaining to him that wearing white on a snowy day would look prettier. Only Little Yu, who  didn’t have an ounce of romanticism from birth, would fail to understand the appeal of a long white dress.

Mo Yu didn’t waste time. Seeing that the weather was going to get worse, he hastily packed up the animal skin and food, placed the bundle on his back, and went out.

When he arrived near Ruan Qiuqiu’s cave, Ruan Qiuqiu was still under Yuan Jue’s sleeping spell.

Having experienced throwing up blood last time, Mo Yu didn’t dare to get too close to the cave. He could only call out to her from outside, “Big Sister Qiuqiu. Big Sister Qiuqiu?”

At first, he only quietly called out a few times, but then he saw the blood on the ground and remembered her ugly expression when they parted ways. Worried, he shouted, “Big Sister Qiuqiu! Ruan Qiuqiu, are you at home? Are you okay?”

Translator Ramblings: Aww, they’re such sweet and sensible kids. On an unrelated note, the exchange between Grandpa Mo and Mo Mao seems so suspicious.

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