Marrying the Soft-hearted Villain Chapter 126 - Xiong Duoduo didn't notice the awkwardness at all (1)

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Chapter 126 – Xiong Duoduo didn’t notice the awkwardness at all (1)

Life was already hard for the members of the small Winter Bear tribe. The sudden hail and thunderstorm made their lives even worse. The two bears, who had been hastily making their way to the Wind Lion Tribe, had to stop for shelter in the forest.

They were forced to change into their bear forms. Their thick coats of bear fur shielded them from the rain.

They were obviously not the same species of bear. The younger bear changed into a giant, black and white panda. The other demon changed into a brown bear that was slightly bigger than the panda.

Xiong Duoduo, the chubby black and white giant panda, saw a naturally made barrier not far away and hastily called out to his older brother in bear speak, “Older brother! Over here! I see a rock wall where we can take cover from the rain.”

Although their vision didn’t improve as much as other demons when they shifted into their animal form, it was definitely much better than wild beasts. Xiong Duoduo was in the late stage of level 2, and his power was stronger than his older brother, who was in the early stage of level 2.

“Coming, coming,” the brown bear hastily responded. Xiong Yuan hastily followed Xiong Duoduo to the protruding rock wall that could block most of the rain.

With their strength, they could definitely continue rushing through the forest to the Wind Lion Tribe, but it felt awful being hit by hail and rain, so the two bears decided to hide from the bad weather.

When they got closer to the rock wall, they discovered there was more than one demon taking shelter there. It was just that the spots those demons had chosen weren’t apparent from afar.

Although Xiong Duoduo didn’t have excellent vision, he didn’t see wrong. There were already two demons under the protruding rock wall.

One of them was a male raptor demon with a wary expression. He was wearing pretty good animal skin clothing and had a bulging animal skin bag on his back.

(T/N: Raptor as in bird of prey. For example, eagle, hawk, or owl. Not a raptor dinosaur.)

The other one was an injured lion demon that had shifted back into his animal form and was leaning in a corner and resting.

Due to the distance, Xiong Duoduo couldn’t discern their strength.

Taking courtesy into consideration, Xiong Yuan grabbed his younger brother that had wanted to go straight over there to hide from the rain. From a distance, he asked in words that most demons would understand, “Can we come over to hide from the rain?”

The raptor demon only coldly harrumphed with his arms crossed. He didn’t say yes or no.

Lu Ziran didn’t even acknowledge Xiong Yuan’s question. He was in a bad mood. He had shifted back into his lion form due to serious injuries. The length of this form was only about two meters and his mane was wet from the rain.

It felt embarrassing that neither demon said yes, but after weighing the options, the two brothers decided to go over and hide from the rain.

Fortunately, the protruding rock wall was large enough to accommodate four demons.

To improve the others’ experience in taking shelter from the rain, Xiong Duoduo and Xiong Yuan took turns in shifting back into their human forms to take up less space and put on their wet and shabby clothing.

Xiong Duoduo, a young extroverted demon who liked lively atmospheres, could only endured boredom for so long. After they had been hiding from the rain for a while, he started chatting, “Where’s everyone going?”

Xiong Duoduo looked around. Seeing that none of the demons were paying attention to him, he didn’t feel self-conscious and continued to say, “My older brother and I are going to the Wind Lion Tribe. We were almost there when it started pouring. What a heavy and cold rain. I was almost smashed stupid by the hail.”

When he finished speaking, there was still no one that responded to his attempt at striking up a conversation. Xiong Yuan felt embarrassed for his younger brother and wanted to remind him to stop, and yet, Xiong Duoduo didn’t notice the awkwardness at all.

Xiang Duoduo inched over to the male raptor demon and asked, “Bro, where are you going?”

The male raptor demon wasn’t as standoffish as he seemed. Since the bear demon took the initiative to ask him a question, he answered him, “Fire Wolf Tribe.”

“Oh?” Xiong Duoduo rubbed his head. “We just came from the Fire Wolf Tribe.”

The male raptor demon obviously paused for a moment. His tone eased a bit when he asked, “Really?”

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