Marrying the Soft-hearted Villain Chapter 139 - Senior, my wife heard that you got married and told me to bring over a present (2)

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Chapter 139 – Senior, my wife heard that you got married and told me to bring over a present (2)

A dark and gloomy look flashed through Yuan Jue’s blind eyes. He lowered his long eyelashes to hide those dreadful thoughts. Enduring the pain that came from his broken meridians, he picked up a piece of wood from the woodpile in the corridor and quickly carved out a rough cup along with a lid.

Yuan Jue coldly squeezed the cup and turned around. His expression looked icy. “I’ll do it.”

Ruan Qiuqiu didn’t get why he was suddenly unhappy. Since he offered, there was no reason for her to insist. “Okay.”

The raptor, who had witness everything at the entrance of the cave, couldn’t stop himself from calling out in shock, “Kee-eeeee-arr” (F*ck.)

“So Brother Tian Xiu came from the Sand Tribe?” Ruan Qiuqiu watched as the raptor came into the cave to hide from the rain and shifted into his human form. As he shifted from raptor into human, he changed his feathers into a full set of clothing, leaving her puzzled.

Why was this demon able to change his feathers into a full set of clothing, but Yuan Jue left himself shirtless when he shifted? Was the raptor more talented in this area, or was the wolf being a hoodlum?

“Yeah.” Tian Xiu was holding a cup full of hot water. He was standing in the corner with cold sweat on his head. He didn’t dare to say any extra words with Ruan Qiuqiu. This human probably hadn’t noticed that the wolf she had married was so ferocious and vicious. Did she not notice that every time she spoke to him, the expression of the wolf became even more terrifying?

“It’s probably a long way here from the Sand Tribe, huh? Thank you for coming here to bring us something.” Ruan Qiuqiu looked at the animal skin bag on the ground. He must have done a good job protecting it. Very little rain had gotten onto it. After finding out that there were herbs in the bag from probing it with spiritual energy, her tone softened.

She was aware that Yuan Jue had a very bad reputation and most people didn’t like him. After getting along with him for a period of time, she had first hand experience that he wasn’t a bad demon, but she couldn’t change the views of other people.

It had been almost a month since Yuan Jue was injured from the beast tide attack, but other than her and Little Yu, no one else had come to visit him.

Yuan Jue and her were at their most difficult period of time. In her view, people that came here with good intentions were kind-hearted little cuties. Thus, Ruan Qiuqiu looked at the raptor with an even more affectionate look. It was the type of affectionate look that a kind elder would give a young child.

However, the wolf next to her was overflowing with jealousy. He was radiating a threatening aura.

“We’re about to eat. Brother Tian Xiu, want to eat with us?” Ruan Qiuqiu asked.

The raptor: “… No, I’m not hungry.” He didn’t dare to eat here.

Ruan Qiuqiu wanted to ask Tian Xiu about the surrounding tribes, but the raptor looked like he was anxious to leave. In addition, Yuan Jue’s face had become increasingly pale, and she was getting feverish again.

The raptor said he had to go, so Ruan Qiuqiu didn’t insist on him staying for a meal. After saying thank you again, she watched the raptor leave.

The raptor spread his red wings and rushed up into the vast curtain of snow. She raised her head to watch. She would remember his kindness.

Yuan Jue had nearly exhausted his demon consciousness. By the time Tian Xiu left, Yuan Jue’s world fell into darkness again and his severed limb throbbed with pain. He straightened his back and said in a dim voice, “He’s gone.”

“Yeah.” Ruan Qiuqiu nodded and closed the door. With most of the natural lighting blocked off, the cave became dark.

Ruan Qiuqiu was somewhat dizzy. Due to that and the lack of light, she couldn’t clearly see the wolf’s expression. She only knew that Yuan Jue was still much taller than her despite hunching over slightly to hold the wooden stick.

The wolf took a few steps forward. His figure had a very oppressive aura.

Nervous, Ruan Qiuqiu asked, “Is something wrong?”

Noticing that her voice was lacking the affectionate tone she had used to speak with Tian Xiu, Yuan Jue felt disappointed. His body had already reached its limit and was clamoring for him to rest. He clenched his slender hands clenched so hard that his joints turned white.

Yuan Jue turned his face slightly. In a tone that seemed as if he was totally indifferent, he lightly asked, “Do you like…that raptor?”

Huh? Like? When he did he get so confident?

Ruan Qiuqiu’s face turned red. She sharply coughed from being too surprised by his question. As she coughed, she doubted her hearing. Based on her understanding of the wolf, it didn’t seem like he would suddenly become so experienced… wait, that raptor?

When she realized that she had misunderstood his question, her face flushed even more. She felt that she needed to calm down and focus.

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