Marrying the Soft-hearted Villain Chapter 142 - What evil had he done to encounter two high-level fiends in one day?! (2)

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Chapter 142 – What evil had he done to encounter two high-level fiends in one day?! (2)

He had to flee, flee to the Wind Lion Tribe and get away from this damn Fire Wolf Tribe.

“Don’t be afraid,” the girl said in a gentle voice. She looked at Lu Ziran and seemed to have seen through him. She covered her mouth as she laughed. “I made a mistake. I thought you were someone else. I didn’t mean to harm you.”

Lu Ziran widened his eyes. The girl was wearing soft-looking clothing that he hadn’t seen before. She was sitting on the overhanging rock wall. Willow branches hovered above her, blocking all of the rain and snow.

She slowly said, “Little lion, did you get injured at the Fire Wolf Tribe? Answer my question and I’ll let you guys go.” He must have been injured by Yuan Jue and that’s why there was fiend energy in his body. That’s why she had mistaken him for Yuan Jue.

Lu Ziran’s expression was a bit twisted when he heard her words. He speculated that this high level fiend had enmity with the invisible high level fiend near Ruan Qiuqiu’s cave.

Although he had completely removed the residual fiend energy from that invisible high level fiend, there must still be some aura left in his body, and that’s why he was wrongfully attacked.

Lu Ziran would normally get angry, but based on this fiend’s earlier attack, he knew that she was about level 5. He was from being her opponent.

Rather than fight her out of anger and drag the two clueless bear demons to die with him, it would be better for him to surrender before she ran out of patience. There might be a glimmer of hope if he went with that option.

Lu Ziran pitifully changed into his human form and answered her question, “… Yes, senior. I was injured near the Fire Wolf Tribe.”

“… You’re very good at adapting to the circumstances, little lion.” Qing Ruyi, the willow demon and fiend, was pleased with being addressed as a senior.

She hadn’t been planning on attacking anyone other than Yuan Jue and Ruan Qiuqiu, so she didn’t make things difficult for the three demons after getting an answer. Still, she didn’t intend on apologizing for misidentifying the lion demon and attacking him. She just covered her mouth and smiled. “You two bears are quite cute, goodbye.”

After saying that, she shifted her legs into willow branches, turned, and disappeared into the night.

“Senior, do you have enmity with the invisible fiend near the Fire Wolf Tribe?” Lu Ziran was unwilling to leave things like this and asked her fading back figure, but he didn’t get any response. “Senior, please help me get revenge.”

Lu Ziran clutched his injured right leg. He was about to faint from the pain. He didn’t have the strength to get up and move himself out of the rain.

“Help me.” Gritting his teeth, he said that to Xiong Yuan, who had also changed into his human form.

However, Xiong Yuan, who had been foolish and easy to talk to, didn’t help him up.

Lu Ziran raised his head in confusion.

Xiong Yuan angrily said, “Lu Ziran, didn’t you say you were injured by the Fire Wolf Tribe’s former chief? How did that become a fiend near the Fire Wolf Tribe?”

Uh-oh. Lu Ziran realized he had let the truth slip out.

Xiong Duoduo sat down next to him. Angrily touching his round head, he said, “We’re cancelling our deal. We won’t protect you anymore.”

Lu Ziran panicked. “Don’t you guys want to trade herbs from the Wind Lion Tribe? What about the injured bear demons of your tribe?”

Xiong Duoduo sighed. He took out the herb that the big raptor had left them, plucked two leaves off of it, and stuffed them into Lu Ziran’s hand. “You’re already this badly injured. You won’t have extra herbs to trade with us.”

“We won’t pursue that you lied to us. We’ll give you these leaves too. Big Bro, let’s go to the Elephant Tribe instead.” Xiong Duoduo had been feeling uneasy about going to the Wind Lion Tribe to begin with. Now that he found out that Lu Ziran had lied to them, he didn’t want to go there even more. It was true that they weren’t very clever, but they weren’t fools either.

Xiong Yuan wasn’t dissatisfied with his younger brother’s decision. He thought it over and still kindly helped Lu Ziran stand up and supported him to a spot under the overhanging rock wall. He also started a fire for him.

The two bear demons ignored Lu Ziran as he alternated between cursing them and trying to tempt them to change their minds. They nimbly left.

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