Marrying the Soft-hearted Villain Chapter 146 - Gotten a grasp on the wolf's behavioral pattern (1)

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Chapter 146 – Gotten a grasp on the wolf’s behavioral pattern (1)

At the change in how she addressed him, Yuan Jue slightly clenched his hands. The coldness that had gathered between his black and gloomy eyebrows instantly melted by a lot.

Ruan Qiuqiu saw that his pointed ears were shaking very happily and there was even a flush of red on his handsome face.

The wolf didn’t notice that his lips had quirked up. He quickly returned to normal and said in an indifferent tone, “Hmm.”

Ruan Qiuqiu: “…”

If there wasn’t a problem with her eyes, did she see Mr. Gray Wolf smile just now? Perhaps, she had misunderstood. This wolf didn’t mind her calling him husband. But then, why did he never call her wife?

Her heartbeat gradually sped up. Ruan Qiuqiu touched her forehead, which was hotter than before. Looking at the prepared herbs on that table, she hesitated. She probingly said, “… I’ll help you apply the medicine.”

Yuan Jue: “…”

He lowered his eyelashes. Thinking of his ugly stump, he lowered his head and his slightly messy black hair fell on his ears. “… No need.”

Hearing that familiar no need reply, Ruan Qiuqiu didn’t give up this time. She felt that she had suddenly gotten a grasp on the wolf’s behavioral pattern. She softened her expression, picked up the herb, and said, “I’ll help you apply the medicine. Okay, husband?”

Mr. Gray Wolf: “…”

Ruan Qiuqiu noticed that the wolf’s ears kept perking up and drooping as if they were reflecting his entanglement and uneasiness.

After a pause of a few seconds, his low-pitched voice sounded again.

This time, it was the same word he had said a few cold and snowy nights ago.

He said, “… ugly.”

His wound wasn’t healed yet and it was caked with dried and fresh blood. Flesh and bone were exposed. It was so ugly that even he was disdainful of it.

Yuan Jue’s cheeks were pale. His pale lips were pressed together. He didn’t say anything else.

Ruan Qiuqiu lightly smiled. She curved her eyes. “Is it ugly? I think it’s okay.”

Although his limb was badly damaged and his handsome face had been completely ruined by scars and those dark spots, so what? He had been in a worse state before. She had already seen it.

Ruan Qiuqiu crouched down and slowly lifted Mr. Gray Wolf’s wolf skin, revealing his severed limb.

Yuan Jue’s eyelashes lightly trembled. His body was flushed all over and felt superheated.

Little by little, his demon consciousness slid over her beautiful face that was looking so serious. In the moment when both pain and that hot sensation spread over his body, he couldn’t help himself. He took advantage of her by tracing her the outline of her lips with his demon consciousness.

If only he hadn’t gotten injured in the beast tide, if only he was a pure-blooded demon.

It wasn’t easy to apply the medicine. Although Ruan Qiuqiu tried her best to be careful, there were a few times when she used too much force.

However, Yuan Jue didn’t make any pained sounds from beginning to end. He quietly sat there like a lonely painting that was brushed with red paint.

Ruan Qiuqiu was surprised to see how red his face was, even the tips of his ears were about to turn pink. She was worried that he had a fever.

Now that she was done applying the medicine to his leg, the next step was to take off his robe so that she could apply the medicine to his back and lower abdomen.

Ruan Qiuqiu didn’t think it was good for her to strip him. Her heart beat faster. “Umm, your clothes…”

Yuan Jue felt there was something terribly wrong with him. The spots that she touched felt so hot and his body had the same strange sensation as last night. When he heard her mentioning clothes, he almost couldn’t bear it and pressed his lips together.

“… I’ll do it myself.” He didn’t know what the outcome would be if he let her apply medicine to the wounds on his back and lower abdomen.

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