Marrying the Soft-hearted Villain Chapter 155 - Grandma is going hunting. You're all too skinny! (2)

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Chapter 155 – Grandma is going hunting. You’re all too skinny! (2)

“Big Sister Qiuqiu, why are you giving us stuff again?” Little Yu was somewhat unhappy. “You’ve already given us enough last time.”

Ruan Qiuqiu patted his head and changed the topic, “Let’s not talk about this. Grandpa Mo doesn’t look well. The falling snow is so cold too. Help him back to the cave. My injury is okay…”

She was going to say that she would stay here to accompany them, but then she thought about Mr. Gray Wolf, who she had told to watch over their home, and she inexplicably felt uneasy. She looked at them apologetically.

Based on the exchange between Qing Ruyi and Grandpa Mo, Qing Ruyi wasn’t a danger to Mo Yu and the others.

“I’ve been out for a long time. I have to go home soon. I’ll come see you guys tomorrow,” Ruan Qiuqiu quickly said those words. Without giving them a chance to ask her to stay longer, she quickly put on the backpack and turned around.

“Big Sister Qiuqiu!” Little Bohe called out to stop her, but Mo Mao stopped her from saying more.

Ruan Qiuqiu turned her head and waved at them. With her hand over her recently scabbed over injury, she ran home.

The rain hit her face at an angle. The sky gradually darkened. The more Ruan Qiuqiu thought, the more uneasy she became.

Qing Ruyi was clearly a high-level fiend, but she showed the form of a demon. Moreover, she was only a bit weaker than Mr. Gray Wolf before he was injured. She had suddenly appeared in the Fire Wolf Tribe’s territory and attacked her as soon as she saw her.

Not only that, Qing Ruyi knew her name.

Could it be that Qing Ruyi’s target was Mr. Gray Wolf and her? Was she a past enemy of Yuan Jue?

Ruan Qiuqiu couldn’t figure it out, but she felt increasingly uneasy.

If Qing Ruyi and Grandpa Mo didn’t happen to have a relationship in the past, and she didn’t make the decision to bring stuff over to Grandpa Mo and the others today, would Qing Ruyi have gone straight to their cave to kill them?

If Qing Ruyi was really here to kill them and she had given up on killing her because of Grandpa Mo, that didn’t mean she wouldn’t attack Yuan Jue.

She thought about how Qing Ruyi had said she was going hunting and told her to wait there. Could it be that she was using this opportunity to go attack Yuan Jue?

Ruan Qiuqiu wanted to refute and even cast away this sinister idea. However, Qing Ruyi’s strong killing intent before Grandpa Mo and the others appeared wasn’t her imagination.

Moreover, what if Qing Ruyi wasn’t the only fiend that came here to kill them?

It felt as if something was suddenly squeezing her heart. With heart beating fast, Ruan Qiuqiu sprinted all the way back to the vicinity of the cave.

The surroundings were quiet. There was no sign that a fiend had come here.

Her heart frantically beated. There was no smell of blood in the air.

Ruan Qiuqiu pushed open the door with shaking hands and heard the sound of a wooden bowl hitting the ground. Startled, she hastily went inside. She was so nervous that she called out his name, “… Yuan Jue?”

Yuan Jue had woken up shortly after Ruan Qiuqiu left and secretly put on the red wedding outfit that she had made for him and was quietly carving out pictures on the stone bed as a makeshift diary. He didn’t expect her to return so soon.

Flustered, he wanted to change out of the outfit, but he accidentally knocked over his wooden bowl. Taking advantage of this, he “accidentally” crushed the wooden bowl with spiritual energy. This way, they only had a wooden bowl.

He didn’t have time to take off the wedding outfit. He had only untied the animal skin belt halfway. In the moment when his Qiuqiu had lifted the animal skin curtain and entered the room, Mr. Gray Wolf only had time to lie on the stone bed and put on a pose of profound mystery.

His pitch-black hair was messy and fell on the half-opened wedding outfit. His pointy, furry wolf ears shook. He waited for her to return.

Translator Ramblings: It feels off-putting that while Ruan Qiuqiu is living out a survival story, Yuan Jue is acting out a romantic comedy. She’s working so hard to improve their life even when she’s sick, and he deliberately breaks a bowl just so that they’ll share the same bowl.

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