Marrying the Soft-hearted Villain Chapter 176 - If one day, the wolf couldn't bear the pain from the fiend transformation period and ran away without telling her, she would 100% be angry (2)

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Chapter 176 – If one day, the wolf couldn’t bear the pain from the fiend transformation period and ran away without telling her, she would 100% be angry (2)

Not only did he think it was nothing to falsely accuse Mo Yu of stealing and to carve the thief’s mark on his face, even if they drove Grandpa Mo’s family into the forest to feed beasts, he didn’t think doing that was a big deal.

The clan shaman and him judge them as a family of weak, old, and young people that were unable to contribute to the tribe.

Lin Xun didn’t think it was worth his effort to continue talking to them. He saw Ruan Qiuqiu and Qing Ruyi rushing over here. Surprised crossed his eyes. “Who’s that old lady?”

Qing Ruyi sneered. She narrowed her eyes and flung her sleeve at the two demons.

Ning Yue and Lin Xun saw something blurry. It looked as if a few willow branches suddenly appeared in front of them. They felt sharp pain on their jaws and arms the next moment. When they returned to their senses, they spat out blood.

Ning Yue was stunned by the studden attack. The pain slowly came. He felt dizzy. With blurry vision, he looked at the pool of blood on the snow. He slowly realized that his fangs had been knocked out.

Lin Xun was stronger than Ning Yue, but he wasn’t able to dodge Qing Ruyi’s attack either, and he was also missing a few teeth.

“You!” Lin Xun covered his mouth. As soon as he spoke, they could hear a lisp. He was so angry that his face changed colors, but he quickly reacted. He wasn’t the opponent of the mysterious old lady.

“You what?” Grandma Ruyi smiled like a kindly elder, but she was very imposing. She smiled as she looked at Lin Xun and the fallen Ning Yue. “Go back and tell your clan shaman that I’ll be paying him a visit tonight. Shoo.”

Even though Grandma Ruyi was smiling, Lin Xun and Ning Yue didn’t dare to say a word. The demons could only shabbily get up from the snow. Ning Yue only dared to glare at Grandpa Mo and the others. With the help of Lin Xun, he ran away with his tail between his legs.

Grandpa Mo looked up, saw Grandma Ruyi, and looked back down.

Little Yu rubbed his red eyes and said in a choked up voice, “Grandma Ruyi, Old Sister Qiuqiu, I didn’t steal anything. I really didn’t.”

Ruan Qiuqiu felt distressed. Her brow wrinkled, and she patted his head to comfort him. “En, I know.”

She believed that he wasn’t the one that had taken the herbs. It felt awful to be misunderstood.

Looking at Little Yu’s red eyes, Ruan Qiuqiu suddenly thought of her wolf at home. She pictured a wolf pup, who was much smaller than Little Yu. The rim of his eyes were red too. He was circled by a group of people, who accusingly stared at him.

The little wolf pup repeatedly tried to explain himself, but no demon wanted to believe him.

She didn’t know why, but as soon as she had free time, she would think about that wolf. The feelings and care she had for the wolf was different from her feelings for other people. Was it because he was her nominal husband, so she would always think about him?

Ruan Qiuqiu was lost in those feelings. She covered her unnaturally red cheeks. After she calmed down, she helped bandage Grandpa Mo and the others’ wounds.

Fortunately, she and Little Yu had gotten a lot of herbs from the cliff last time, and their injuries weren’t serious.

Grandma Ruyi’s mood had obviously become very bad. From the time that Ning Yue and Lin Xun had fled to Ruan Qiuqiu bandaging Grandpa Mo and the others injuries, Qing Ruyi had stayed silent with a stony expression.

Ruan Qiuqiu knew that Grandma Ruyi was mostly unhappy because when Grandpa Mo and the others encountered danger, they didn’t even think to ask her for help.

She could understand Grandma Ruyu’s feelings.

If one day, the wolf couldn’t bear the pain from the fiend transformation period and ran away without telling her, she would 100% be angry.

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