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Chapter 182 – How come she hadn’t noticed before that Mr. Gray Wolf was so good at acting cutely spoiled? (2)

Qing Ruyi touched her chin, coughed, and said, “If you guys can see through my plans, how can I still have the standing to be your Grandma?”

Ruan Qiuqiu: “…” For a while, she didn’t know how to refute that.

Still, she knew that Grandma Ruyi had good intentions. Ruan Qiuqiu smiled. She slightly lowered her gaze and followed the light reflected on the snow to take a good look at her wolf.

He was still in a bad mood, and his furrowed dark brows looked like a knot that couldn’t be untangled. Due to the flickering torch, the shadows cast by his long eyelashes were also shaky. His cheeks were still pale, and more black spots had spread over his face.

Based on what Grandma Ruyi had told her earlier today, her wolf was already in the middle of the process of the fiend energy taking over.

Ruan Qiuqiu saw his wolf ears looking listless and laying flat on his black hair. He must be in a lot of pain. Her heart ached when she recalled his recent shaky aowu sounds.

When she circulated more spiritual energy and passed it to him, he let out another soft aowu sound.

Ruan Qiuqiu couldn’t understand wolf sounds and didn’t know what he had been trying to tell her earlier. Now that Grandma Ruyi was here, she asked, “Grandma Ruyi, do you know what my husband is saying?”

Qing Ruyi’s expression looked a bit weird after she listened to what Yuan Jue was saying. She didn’t immediately answer Ruan Qiuqiu.

Ruan Qiuqiu thought her silence meant that Mr. Gray Wolf was just making pained sounds and not saying any words, so she didn’t ask further and focused on absorbing spiritual energy from the air and passing it to him to relieve his pain.

A while later, they arrived at the cave. Qing Ruyi placed the wolf down on the stone bed. After a pause, she said while looking at him, “It wasn’t me.”

Ruan Qiuqiu was confused.

Qing Ruyi explained, “That’s what he was saying earlier.”

“It wasn’t me?” Baffled, Ruan Qiuqiu reflexively murmured.

Grandma Ruyi nodded. “He’s remembering his most painful memories as the fiend part takes over, but he’s not completely unconscious. It’ll help if you talk to him.

Qing Ruyi sighed. “Back then, I couldn’t wake up from the nightmare of being disfigured from fiend marks, and I couldn’t control my killing intent, which led to the situation today.”

“Yuan Jue, this little wolf, he’s even more talented in cultivation than I had thought. He’s better at curbing his instincts too. Perhaps, as you said, it’s worth me making a bet with you.” Grandma Ruyi briefly smiled and took a sniff of the air. “I’m surprised. There’s actually spiritual energy stones in your home. Are these the ones you dug up with Little Yu? You’re pretty lucky.”

Ruan Qiuqiu scratched her lower cheek. She didn’t have time to think what Mr. Gray Wolf meant by “it wasn’t me.” She didn’t deny the existence of the spiritual energy stones and only euphemistically said that they didn’t have any extra spiritual energy stones. She stood up and wanted to pour water for Grandma Ruyi, who had worked so hard to bring them back.

Grandma Ruyi waved away the water and patted Qiuqiu’s shoulder. Smiling, she said, “Grandma is leaving. Take a good rest, tomorrow…” She looked over at Yuan Jue, who was lying on the stone bed, and sighed. “I’ll come pick you up tomorrow at noon.”