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Chapter 21 – Ruan Qiuqiu was probably already dead (1)

Lu Ziran was a little embarrassed by their words. He touched his nose, but he didn’t say he was going to give both ermine skins to Rou Yuerao.

If he was going with the plan he had before he went out hunting, he should be giving her the two ermine skins, but things had changed since then.

In the past few days, while he was out hunting, Lu Ziran unexpectedly dreamed about the future.

In the later part of the dream, Ruan Qiuqiu played a role. She was a woman in the tribe who had minor mental problems and didn’t have much of a sense of presence. It felt as if her soul was incomplete. In the dream, she had refused to marry the former chief of the Fire Wolf Tribe for him and was thus hated by all of the demons in the tribe.

Later on, during the beast tide that came when winter was about to end, she was pushed down by a lion demon that hated her. Her pushed body ended up blocking a fiend that was about to sneak attack him.

Because of Ruan Qiuqiu’s sacrifice, he was able to kill that fiend and absorb that fiend’s core. Afterwards, his strength greatly increased, and he embarked onto the path of cultivating to become a demon king.

That dream was very clear. It felt as if the dream was really going to happen in the future.

After waking up, using what he learned from that dream, Lu Ziran led the lion demons to a spot where the two-horn thunder beasts would pass by later and set a trap there in advance. That’s how they were able to successfully hunt one of the two-horn thunder beasts.

Later on, Lu Ziran verified the authenticity of the dream several times. After confirming that whatever happened in the dream would happen for real, his attitude towards Ruan Qiuqiu subtly changed.

He hadn’t liked that stupid Ruan Qiuqiu, but now he strangely though she wasn’t that bothersome.

After all, it wouldn’t be long before Ruan Qiuqiu died for him.

He planned on giving her one of the ermine skins as compensation for her future sacrifice.

When Ruan Qiuqiu found out that he was going to give her something, she would probably be very excited and happy, right?

When the demons saw Lu Ziran touching his nose and not speaking, they thought he was just embarrassed.

Uncle Li very tactfully nudged Lu Ziran, “Alright, enough. You and Yuerao can stay here to chat and leave this pile of prey to us. We’ll handle it. Uncle will send over the best pieces of the meat to you later!”

Hearing Uncle Li’s words, the lion demons agilely picked up the prey and scattered.

It only took a moment for the space to clear out so that Lu Ziran and Rou Yuerao were the only ones left.

Rou Yuerao took a few steps forward and lowered her head shyly like a doe. “Zi-Ziran, you’re back… Are you hurt anywhere? Did the hunting go well?”

Lu Ziran looked at Rou Yuerao’s charming face and gently smiled. “No, it was very easy this time. You know that I’m strong.”

Rou Yuerao said, “That’s good.”

Lu Ziran handed her the larger piece of ermine skin. “This piece of ermine skin is for you.”

Rou Yuerao’s eyes brightened, and she accepted the soft skin. “Ziran, thank you. I like it very much.”

She saw that Lu Ziran was holding the smaller piece of ermine skin in her peripheral vision. Somewhat puzzled, she tentatively asked, “Ziran… that smaller piece, who are you giving it to?”

Lu Ziran squeezed the animal skin in his large hand. After a pause, he said, “Ah, I’ll give it to Ruan Qiuqiu. I remember that you took a red hair band from her. I’ll give this animal skin to her as compensation for that. How come she didn’t come out to welcome us today?”

The smile on Rou Yuerao’s lips faded when she heard him mentioning Ruan Qiuqiu. Somewhat unhappy, she pouted. “Demons from the Fire Wolf Tribe came. They said they wanted to trade 300 catties of salt for a human bride for their former chief…”

However, Rou Yuerao had only spoken halfway when Lu Ziran somewhat excitedly interrupted her. “I know!”

“Ziran?” Finding his response odd, Rou Yuerao looked up and asked, “Uncle Li already told you about that matter?”