Marrying the Soft-hearted Villain Chapter 29 - All the demons and humans that had once been close to him and treated him nicely, as time went on, they would become extremely unlucky. Some of them even lost their lives. (3)

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Chapter 29 – All the demons and humans that had once been close to him and treated him nicely, as time went on, they would become extremely unlucky. Some of them even lost their lives. (3)

Yuan Jue felt as if his eyelids were getting increasingly heavy. Just as this uncertainty appeared in his mind, he heard Ruan Qiuqiu asking embarrassedly, “That’s all I wanted to say… Also, won’t you get cold lying on the ground?”

She really only wanted to say that. A human’s train of thought was truly unique.

He suddenly felt tension leaving him. He didn’t know why he felt that way. He just did. He was so relaxed that he didn’t clearly hear her question.

Ruan Qiuqiu saw him slowly closing his eyes without giving her any response. Thinking of the trail of bloodstains he had left behind while carrying her back, her chest felt tight. She accidentally called out her nickname for him, “Mr. Food Reserve, are you okay?”

Fortunately, the Big Bad Wolf was halfway towards unconsciousness and almost couldn’t hear anything.

Otherwise, if he heard Ruan Qiuqiu calling him Mr. Food Reserve again, he would probably overthink things again. He would probably think, “Ruan Qiuqiu, you’re so cruel!”

However, Mr. Gray Wolf didn’t clearly hear her words.

He only dimly heard her voice. Her voice felt so far away. He did his best to perk up his ears, but he couldn’t hear her words.

Ruan Qiuqiu was truly scared. Disregarding the leg cramps that came intermittently, she stumbled down from the stone bed and stretched her hand out to check if he was still breathing.

He was still breathing, but it was very light.

She knew it! He was so terribly injured. Even if he was a demon, how could he be fine?

She thought of that wolf cub that she saw when she first came here. And now, Mr. Gray Wolf’s figure was much smaller than his adult demon wolf form she had seen this afternoon.

Thus, she came to the conclusion that Mr. Gray Wolf must be able to change his size at will.

She didn’t know why her courage had grown bigger. She loudly said into his big furry ear that was perked up, “Husband, can you become a bit smaller?”

The scent of her grew stronger in the Big Bad Wolf’s nose. He heard her request. For lack of better option, before fully falling unconscious, he thought –

Sigh. Humans are so fussy.

Of course, he could become smaller. He could become bigger too.

If he wasn’t seriously injured, he could increase his size to over five meters…

Seeing that there was no reaction from the gray wolf, Ruan Qiuqiu called out again, “Could you become a bit smaller?”

Why did she want him to become smaller? If he was smaller, he couldn’t block the wind from coming into the bedroom…

This human named Ruan Qiuqiu was very arrogant. Wouldn’t it be giving her too much face if he became smaller just because she asked?

Quickly, get away from him. She was so weak. What if he swallowed all of her life force in a few seconds?

And also, she said that he could call her Ruan Qiuqiu or Qiuiqiu and something else? What was that something else?

Yuan Jue slowly felt his eyelids getting heavier and heavier. Despite doing his best to stop it, he still ended up closing his eyes.

Although Mr. Gray Wolf wouldn’t admit it to himself, his feelings towards Ruan Qiuqiu was slightly different than his feelings for others.

Before losing consciousness, while thinking he was probably the gray wolf that was losing the most face for all of wolfkind, he slowly shrunk down and changed into his human form.

Falling onto the ground, he cut a sorry figure. Struggling with his hoarse throat to speak, he said his first words to her. His voice was raspy and sounded fierce with the despair of ruination, “Stay away… Don’t come close… One meter…”

His voice got quieter and quieter until there was only the sound of heavy and painful ragged breathing left.

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