Marrying the Soft-hearted Villain Chapter 35 - Why was she sleeping next to him?! (1)

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Chapter 35 – Why was she sleeping next to him?! (1)

When the middle-aged wolf demon, Lin Xun, heard the shaman’s question, he shook his head with a solemn expression.

“She’s not dead?” The shaman’s elderly voice trembled. It was full of incredulity. “She’s really still alive?”

Lin Xun hesitates before answering, “I didn’t dare to get too close to Yuan… the former chief’s cave. I just changed into demon form and carefully sniffed nearby his cave. I didn’t smell any human blood. That human, Ruan Qiuqiu, is probably still alive…”

Hearing these words, the shaman felt resentful that Lin Xun failed to meet expectations. He scolded, “Why are you so cowardly? I’ll overlook that you guys were so scared of Yuan Jue in the past. But now, he’s been crippled and blinded. He might already be dead, and you guys are still scared of approaching his cave. So exasperating.”

Lin Xun somewhat timidly said, “Even though he’s crippled, he used to be a strong 5th rank demon. If he loses his temper, I’m afraid…”

“Why are you so terrified? You’re not even as brave as your mate. What kind of male demon are you?!” Although the shaman was old, he still had plenty of energy to scold the Lin Xun.

Lin Xun was scolded so badly that he couldn’t raise his head.

As a 3rd rank demon, Lin Xun was an awe-inspiring figure amongst the other members of the tribe. He was in the top three strongest warriors in the tribe. Even though the shaman was scolding him like this, he had no thought of rebelling.

First, since Yuan Jue was crippled and the Fire Wolf Tribe hadn’t chosen a new chief to replace him, the shaman currently had the highest prestige in the tribe. Second, the shaman was the strongest or second strongest person in the tribe. He didn’t dare to talk back to him.

“Never mind.” The shaman stopped being angry in front of this scaredy-cat wolf demon. He touched his wolf-head walking stick and said in a low voice, “Although you haven’t reached 4th rank yet or cultivated a demon consciousness, your sense of smell as a third rank demon shouldn’t be wrong. Perhaps, that Ruan Qiuqiu isn’t dead yet.”

The shaman lightly sighed. “I’m not surprised that Yuan Jue didn’t eat her, but it’s surprising that he didn’t kill her. That human might be a bit special. Once it’s snowing less hard, have Guo-er go over there. If she really is still alive, let her meet the humans in the tribe and participate in the human’s gathering team.”

“That human can be considered pitiful. Let her have some good days before she dies,” the shaman slowly said.

Lin Xun couldn’t resist asking, “Shaman, if Ruan Qiuqiu dies, should we find another mate for the former chief?”

Shaman shook his head to indicate no. If Ruan Qiuqiu died, that person wouldn’t have the patience to wait until the next human that was willing to marry Yuan Jue appeared.

Lin Xun hesitated for a moment. Thinking of that weak-sounding threatening growl during the daytime, he asked, “Shaman, will this method really remove the former chief’s curse on the tribe?”

Yuan Jue hadn’t always been this hated by the Fire Wolf Tribe.

In the past, the demons of the tribes disliked and feared Yuan Jue, who they thought was bloodthirsty and cruel. Bad luck would inexplicably befall anyone that got too close to him. But, in the end, he was a powerful wolf demon that hadn’t even reached maturity yet. Even though his temper was very bad, under his leadership in the past years, the Fire Wolf Tribe had been able to eat well and dress warmly. No one had starved to death.

Usually, as long as the wolf demons weren’t actively seeking death and kept their distance from Yuan Jue, then they wouldn’t be in any danger.

And so, when the beast tide had ended and Yuan Jue, who was crippled, blinded, disfigured, fell at the edge of the forest, most of the wolf demons weren’t upset about it. They abandoned him there without any medical treatment, but they didn’t burn the food and animal skins in his cave while he was unconscious.

What happened after was because of the shaman’s divination.

After the beast tide had receded, the Shaman’s rarely seen divination had been successful. He found out that the Fire Wolf Tribe had faced the calamitous beast tide because of Yuan Jue.

He wasn’t an ordinary gray wolf demon, but a wolf that carried a curse.

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