Marrying the Soft-hearted Villain Chapter 36 - Why was she sleeping next to him?! (2)

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Chapter 36 – Why was she sleeping next to him?! (2)

The shaman couldn’t divine Yuan Jue’s ancestry, but it showed him that Yuan Jue’s heart was a first-rate tonic for fiends. Thus, his heart was something that all fiends wanted.

As long as he stayed in the tribe, it would greatly increase the possibility that fiends would attack the Fire Wolf Tribe. And so, the shaman told the tribe that Yuan Jue was cursed.

As a result of the shaman’s words, Yuan Jue, who hadn’t been liked by the members of the Fire Wolf Tribe to begin with, had become hated by everyone.

Originally, there had been some wolf demons that were grateful to Yuan Jue for blocking most of the attacks in the beast tide and saw him as the savior of the Fire Wolf Tribe. But, after they found out the results of the divination, one after another, they regarded Yuan Jue with hostility.

If it wasn’t for Yuan Jue, their tribe wouldn’t have suffered from the beast tide.

And so, when the shaman had proposed following the ancient demon tradition of paying 300 catties of salt for a human that would willingly marry Yuan Jue, the demons that had lost their loved ones in the beast tide exploded in anger.

They wanted nothing more than to kill Yuan Jue with their bare hands.

Moreover, 300 catties of salt wasn’t a small amount. Why should it be used for Yuan Jue?

However, the shaman said that if the demons of the tribe killed Yuan Jue, then the curse would be transferred onto the tribe. If that happened, the entire tribe would be doomed.

He told them that according to the divination, as long as they married a human to him, regardless if she died or not, she would bear the curse in place of the Fire Wolf Tribe. It was only by doing this, that the Fire Wolf Tribe would be spared.

Moreover, although Yuan Jue’s demon core had broken, if he chose to self-destruct, even if all the demons in the tribe opposed him, it wouldn’t be enough to stop him and that’s if he had no curse.

In addition, Yuan Jue had accumulated a lot of influence over the past several years. A lot of the food stored in the caves was from Yuan Jue leading them to hunting those prey. There were a lot of demons that wouldn’t dare to or couldn’t bear to strike the fatal blow on their former chief.

And so, although everyone felt dissatisfied, there were no better options. They reluctantly agreed under pressure.

It was only Lin Xun that remained puzzled why the curse would shift onto other people.

The shaman’s old face shook when he heard Li Xun mention the curse. His pupils also trembled too. He abruptly raised his voice and smacked his walking stick hard on the ground. “Shut up! Why are you asking this? Do you have nothing better to do?”

Lin Xun was shocked by the shaman’s yelling. Although the shaman scolded him in the past, the shaman had never gotten so angry before. He could clearly feel the oppressive pressure that belonged to a 4th rank demon radiating from the shaman. Once he recovered from the shock, he immediately knelt down to apologize. “Shaman, I spoke out of turn.

“Scram! Get out!” Shaman fiercely kicked him.

“… Yes.” Lin Xun was angry about being scolded and yelled at, but he didn’t dare to show it. He could only leave the shaman’s cave with his tail tucked between his legs.

After Lin Xun left, the Shaman’s old face abruptly changed. After a while, he finally slowly sighed.

What he had said about the curse was mostly true. He had only made up a small part of it to fulfill that person’s request.

It was true that the Fire Wolf Tribe had suffered a calamitous beast tide attack because of Yuan Jue. It was also true that Yuan Jue’s heart was a delicious snack for fiends.

But, right now, it wasn’t tatanlzing enough to cause a beast tide attack. It was because of that person.

To use the words of that person, who had used the Fire Wolf Tribe’s well-being to threaten him into making up the curse,

“A wolf that goes mad from the pain of losing his loved one and falls into an abyss of hate and self-blame. A heart that unceasingly twitches and spasms from pain. Ah, that’s the ultimate delicacy.”

“Truly, I miss that wonderful taste.”

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