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Chapter 38 – They had already reached a relationship milestone of sleeping together on the same stone bed (1)

“… Cough …”

In the dark world, Mr. Gray Wolf suddenly heard her voice coming from less than half a meter away. He was dumbstruck.

She hadn’t listen to his threats;

She wasn’t afraid that he was cursed;

She hadn’t left him on the ground;

She actually slept next to him!

The metallic taste of blood gushed up from his throat and dull pangs came from his chest.

Other than fretfulness, Yuan Jue couldn’t put into words what he was feeling. He instinctively grasped the animal skin underneath him with more force. His claws went straight through the animal skin, causing the originally ten small holes to widen into ten big holes.

His sharp claws touched the stone bed. The stone bed that he had specially acquired. At the time, he didn’t know what emotion had pushed him into getting this bed. Mr. Gray Wolf returned to his senses.

He seemed to suddenly realize how he looked. The tips of his ears, which were hidden under his black hair, immediately became stained with a touch of red.

He instinctively shut his deep, beautiful, dull glassy, gray-blue eyes. His long eyelashes twitched lightly. He pressed his lips tightly together, unwilling to let more of the dirty blood fall out.

He tightened certain muscles to suppress his coughing so that only muffle sounds could be heard.

He had acted so miserable and absurdly wretched in front of her yesterday. Before, he could have said he was testing her reaction, but today…

Mr. Gray Wolf lightly turned his head away. Restraining the feelings that he couldn’t put into words, he shyly and annoyedly thought; never mind that she slept next to him last night, now she was poking his arm with her hand.

Although there was animal skin between them, he could still feel the softness of her touch.

She had anxiously said so many words by his ear. Did she not know that her body was covered with his scent now… She had no sense of shame.

Mr. Gray Wolf didn’t know why, but other than the pain, he also felt something else.

For example, he didn’t know why his face and ears felt hot.

He wasn’t in his demon form, so his body wasn’t feeling hot from being covered in fur… but he felt really hot.

It felt as if his silent and cold heart had been softly poked by that human named Ruan Qiuqiu when she touched his arm. She had almost broken the thick layer of ice around his heart.

Not wanting her to discover that he had made holes in their only large animal skin, Mr. Gray Wolf silently changed his wolf paw back into a wide hand with slender fingers. His slightly prominent gloomy eyebrows furrowed into an obvious “川” character.

Ruan Qiuqiu didn’t know that a few words from her had such a high destructive power on Mr. Gray Wolf.

She worriedly looked at him. His eyes had originally been open while he lightly coughed. He had suddenly stilled for a moment before turning his head away from her. And now, he was stubbornly gritting his teeth and forcing himself to not cough.

From her perspective, she could only see his cold, pale chin. Clots of blood followed the up and down movement of his adam’s apple. Blood dripped down from the corners of his mouth and eventually meandered its way into his long hair.

Ruan Qiuqiu was scared by the amount of blood coming out from him. She struggled into a sitting position. Worried that he had lost consciousness from the excessive pain, she gently pushed his arm and called out, “Husband…”

However, Ruan Qiuqiu didn’t get any vocal response. She only saw him tensing his masseter muscle. He involuntarily let out a muffled cough. When that happened, his hair moved and the tip of his red ear was revealed. His eyes were red-rimmed too.

Ruan Qiuqiu’s hand, which she was going to use to nudge him again, froze in the air. She looked at the struggling Mr. Gray Wolf and made a guess.

He didn’t want her to see him in such a sorry state?