Marrying the Soft-hearted Villain Chapter 58 - Was he really worthy of being called her husband? (1)

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Chapter 58 – Was he really worthy of being called her husband? (1)

Ruan Qiuqiu saw that the black spots on Mr. Gray Wolf’s body had stopped spreading and that his breathing had gradually stabilized, so she stopped absorbing spiritual energy from the fiend core.

She had absorbed half of the energy from the water attribute fiend core, and it was now somewhat transparent.

Ruan Qiuqiu let go of Mr. Gray Wolf’s hand. Her body ached even when she did something as simple as lying down next to him. She took shallow breaths trying to ease the pain in her meridians.

Although this body fit her better than her body in the post-apocalyptic world and she could make the most of her water ability, it was hard for her body to bear suddenly absorbing, changing, and releasing so much spiritual energy. She was a weak chicken that hadn’t even reached level 1.

Ruan Qiuqiu thought that her current appearance wasn’t any better than Mr. Food Reserve. She hadn’t washed up after going out, and she was stained with a lot of his blood. Plus, some of her meridians were damaged.

However, this process wasn’t without any benefits.

Her dantian’s capacity had greatly increased, and she seemed close to breaking through to level 1. She even had a few strands of spiritual energy not sucked away by Mr. Gray Wolf.

A thought passed through Ruan Qiuqiu’s mind, and her thought process went a bit crooked.

She turned over and looked at her husband, who was breathing shallowly due to his serious injuries. Her heart felt itchy as if it had been tickled by a wolf’s tail.

“Now that I think about it. I don’t even know your name… Husband, what’s your name?”

While using the strands of spiritual energy to repair her meridians, Ruan Qiuqiu placed her hand on Mr. Gray Wolf’s large and furry tail without noticing.

She had noticed Mr. Gray Wolf’s large tail when they were out in the snow, but she had been too worried about his condition back then, so she resisted her desire to stroke the furry tail and only tugged it a few times to wake him up.

Now that Mr. Gray Wolf’s condition was much better and she had worked so hard, it should be fine if she rubbed his tail for a little bit….

Although Ruan Qiuqiu was still struggling over this decision and she felt this might not be okay to do, it had been so long since she had touched something furry. She couldn’t resist. Mr. Gray Wolf’s big tail was so long and so furry.

Ruan Qiuqiu’s hand followed the somewhat raggedy tail as she stroked it from the middle part down. She didn’t dare to get too close to the base of his tail.

It felt a bit prickly, but as she smoothed the fur out, there was also an indescribable silky sensation. The fur got rougher towards the tip, and it was a bit uncomfortable to touch.

In addition, there was freshly melted snow on Mr. Gray Wolf’s tail. She clutched it for a moment and touched the wolf fur that had water on it.

Ruan Qiuqiu: “…”

It suddenly occurred to her that she could use Mr. Gray Wolf’s tail fur to make a toothbrush.

Once this wolf woke up, she wouldn’t let him pretend to be unconscious again. She had to get his permission to use his wolf fur to make a toothbrush…

As Ruan Qiuqiu thought about this, her eyelids got heavier and heavier. She wanted to stop herself from falling asleep, but she was too sleepy and fell into a deep sleep.

When Ruan Qiuqiu woke up, it was totally dark outside. The darkness made her feel all alone.

The feeling passed, and she sat up and checked on Mr. Gray Wol’s injuries.

The wolf’s condition wasn’t much better than before. Although the fiend energy and black spots hadn’t spread, he was still feverish and his injuries were bleeding again.

Ruan Qiuqiu furrowed her brow and checked on her own condition.

After sleeping, she had pretty much recovered. Several strands of mutated water energy had re-condensed at her dantian. Her condition was very good!

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